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Chapter 62

The Hero is pierced

The man called Palette and the woman called Campus leapt at us.

Who responded to them was Silvar and I.

We went forward and stopped the caught the swords of the two.


(I should’ve been able to easily stop it before…gh!)


Although it’s good that I’ve stopped Campus’s attack, I was being pushed back little by little.

Her being strong herself played a part in it, but as expected I couldn’t put in strength as I wished.

I can reduce the cost of magic power and gain great benefits if I use Echsdarc’s power, but it’s very risky and difficult to use for the current me.


“Adel! Get down!”



When I went down while holding down the sword, Leona’s roundhouse kick passed above my head.

Campus received that on her side and was blown far away.


“We’ve got the other one restrained as well!”


As for Palette, Gidara seems to have restrained him with space magic while Silvar was pinning him down.

This made the road to Sadore easy to pass through.

We had no time to fight a formidable opponent in a naive and honest way.


“I’m cutting through”


Eleira broke through the wall of remaining soldiers by blowing them away.

We immediately ran off towards Sadore.


“Return Isvel to us!”

“Tch… useless people”


I approached Sadore until I was at a distance where I could hear his abusive language, and brandished Echsdarc.

However, my attack was caught by the blade of a man who suddenly cut in.


“ …This is strange. Why are you here?”

“Hey, it has been a long time. You too, I did not expect you to have come here at all either”


Who stopped Echsdarc was the one I had been with for a long time in my journey to subjugate the demon lord, knight Luke.

And the sword Luke was holding was one I knew very well.

The sacred sword Savers.

It was the sword who was once my partner.


“So it’s you who have her?”

“Yes, this one is very easy to use, you know. And very powerful”


As soon as a flash of light ran past me, I was blown away towards the back.




Leona responded immediately and caught me.



“Is he an acquaintance of yours?”

“Yeah. He was once an ally”


I stood up while supported by Leona and met eyes with Luke who was just laughing at me.

Savers was shedding divine light in his hands.

Savers seems to be a sword to act as the opposite to Echsdarc.

She’s close in terms of ability and also has the ability to convert the injected magic power to many times the energy.


“Is it not embarrassing to be supported by a woman? A man who is a Hero that is”

“What are you saying? We’ve been supported by women ever since we went on a journey didn’t we?”

“That is wrong. Who had been supporting us was me. It’s because all of you had been useless. And we would have finished the battle quickly without sustaining damage if I had this sword in my possession from the beginning”

“ … Really now”


――I’ve been coping with this calmly, but deep down I received a big shock.

Simply speaking, it was too unexpected that Luke was here.

I thought that even if I’m not here, the human country would be peaceful if my three companions including Luke were there.

That was the current situation.

I’m supposed to have been on a journey with Luke for quite a long time, but it seems I didn’t know anything about him.


“Aren’t you forgetting about us?”

“If our enemy is a human, then we would have less and less of a reason to hold back”


Eleira and Gidara approached the stage together and then Silvar commenced his attack.

However, Luke who was supposed to be at the center of them, merely held up his sword.


“I have no business with you all”


The sacred sword’s light burst open with Luke at the center.

The three who were swallowed by that was blown away and thrown to the ground.


“Tch, it’s a troublesome power”

“Guooh… It’s cracking my back”


The three were just blown away and did not suffer much injury.

When I was relieved about that, Luke came down from the stage when I noticed him.


“The only one who can fight me is Adel. Well, it is impossible even for you to win against me though”

“ …”


I silently put up Echsdarc.

Sure, the only thing that could oppose the sacred sword Savers should be the magic sword Echsdarc.

No choice but for me to do it.


“Adel, you can’t forget that your body is at its limits, okay?”

“I know. I won’t overdo it here”


The crucial moment is when we can rescue Isvel with certainty.

Right now Sadore is near Isvel.

In this situation where Luke is here as well, it would be difficult to rescue her without sacrifices.

We have to overcome this either by evacuation or by driving away our enemies.

I’d like to create a situation where we can escape immediately when push comes to shove.




I felt the sign of acknowledgement and then returned my consciousness towards Luke.

The amount of magic power itself hasn’t changed much from before.

Just by obtaining the sacred sword, his magic power efficiency in combat skyrocketed.


“Echsdarc, I’ll use a bit of your powers”

‘ …It cannot be helped. After all, your opponent is your partner’

“Please adjust the output so I can’t overdo it”

‘Leave it to me!’


I poured magic power in Echsdarc.

Black aura gushed forth and granted me strength.

Simultaneous to that, dull pain ran through my joints

So there’s this much backlash with this…


“You don’t seem to have much leeway”

“It’s just your imagination that I appear like that”

“Well, I’ll know once we try”


I put in even more magic power in Echsdarc and held her up high.

Luke too held up Savers.

It looks like we’re thinking of the same thing.


““Flying Blade!””


The black flying blade and white flying blade collided.

An impact that could split the air ran past the soldiers who were standing around us and blew them away.


“Haven’t you grown dull? You won’t defeat me with just this!”



Luke swung his sword once more, putting a second flying blade on top of it.

That instant my flying blade was erased, and the slash headed my way.




I barely caught it with Echsdarc, but I couldn’t hold it back.

I reluctantly warded it off in the air due to not being able to kill off its force as it is

Making sure to attack in my opening, Luke approached in front of me.


“It’s unfortunate, Adel”


What Luke unleashed was a swift thrust.

It’s a technique he is the best in, and I remember that stopping this was next to impossible, even for me during my heydays.

Impossible for the current me.

I was made aware of that, after the cold blade pierced my body.

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