BFTG-NT Companion Chapter 3-1

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Companion Chapter 3-1

The tales of adventures of Cloud the B rank adventurer (1/5)


My name is Cloud. I’m a slave of my master Jin-sama.

Currently I am active as a B rank adventurer and playing a leading role in Kastal queendom capital.


Speaking of B rank adventurers, they are called expert adventurers and one is needed to pass a difficult exam to reach it. Of course, there is compensation corresponding to the difficulty and how you’re treated is very different from C rank and below. Sometimes you receive the treatment corresponding to a noble depending on the location.

I’ve once been called to a party that was organized by a noble, but I felt very uncomfortable. The food created by Mio-senpai or the girls in charge of the mansion’s cooking were several times better too…


I went a little off-topic, but legally speaking B rank adventurers can’t become slaves. That’s natural of course; after all, it’s generally impossible to give a slave the treatment that corresponds to a noble.

In that case, why did a slave child (12 years old) like me become B rank adventurer?

I am not going to explain in full detail here, but it was “thanks to Jin-sama” to put it simply. My master is out-of-standard after all…


[If we complete one more commission of B rank or higher, then we’ll be given the permission to establish a clan.]


I conveyed to Jin-sama that the clan establishment was drawing near.


[That went faster than I thought.]


A clan is what we call a form of adventurer group, a group that would be larger in scale than a party. In other words, a faction or an army corps.


I was ordered by Jin-sama to create a clan and become its clan leader. There are several requirements to create a clan, but we have already satisfied most of them.

And the last remaining requirement is just to complete a specific number of B rank commissions. which we finally fulfilled it at last. To put it simply, it means we lack a track record.

It hadn’t been long since we have become B rank adventurers, so in a sense it’s reasonable.


[Coco and Roro has been enthusiastic, so…]

[I see, I guess have to praise them this time.]

[I think the two will be pleased with it.]


Coco and Roro are two of my female companions, and they declared that they love Jin-sama.

Because the 2 wanted to be praised by Jin-sama, they undertook more B rank commissions than the other members. They will be overjoyed if they learn that he would praise them.


[Also,  we successfully made sure that the B rank and higher commissions aren’t interrupted with “Portal”.]

[Well of course it would go quicker than expected then.]


Jin-sama nodded in consent.

The dangers and difficulties of B rank commissions are naturally incomparable to commissions of C rank and below.

Thinking about it normally, it’s not that there are so many of such commissions remaining. If there are guilds with many commissions of B rank and higher remaining, then I think you could say that area is in a critical situation.


For that reason, the number of B rank requests completed is usually the most difficult requirement for a clan establishment.

However, we wanted to create our clan as soon as possible, so we have decided to cheat just a little.

We moved to various places by making use of the transfer magic that Sakura-sama had created called “Portal”, and looked everywhere for B rank commissions- it’s an unconventional cheat that ordinary people can’t do…

Of course, we used all sorts of tricks so that we won’t be found out, but it’s dangerous to make use of it too much, so this will be the first and last time.


[Yes. And we found our last B rank commission already . It seems to be a “Vampire Subjugation”.]



Jin-sama showed a complicated expression. Did something happen?


[What’s wrong?]


[Nah, it’s nothing important. We undertook a “Vampire Subjugation” commission in Estia kingdom too.]

[Oh, now that you mention it, I remember hearing it from Sera-senpai. That’s right… if I remember correctly, Mira-san is a vampire, isn’t she. …Should we better give up on this request?]


Mira-san is Jin-sama’s vampire follower monster. I’ve seen her doing maid training in the mansion in Kastal. Uhm…., she was a woman with very big breasts.

I doubt it that us subjugating vampires like Mira-san would sit well with her.



[Well, I don’t think it’s a problem though. Shall we ask Mira just in case… “Summon” Mira.]



Jin-sama used “Summon”, a magic to summon his subordinate, to summon Mira who was in maid uniform. Jin-sama does as he pleases like always.


[Master~? What business do you have with me~? Summoning me so suddenly~?]

[There’s something I want to ask you. It’s quicker to summon you than to communicate telepathically after all.]


Since everybody is aware that Jin-sama would do whatever he likes, Mira-san would not raise any voice of protest in particular.


[And so~, what is it that you want to ask~?]

[Right, it looks like Cloud is going to fight a vampire for his B rank commission, but what do you think about that?]

[Vampire~? Please do it quickly~. There’s no value in letting bad vampires live after all~]


Mira-san easily said that as if it was not her concern. Even though she is also a vampire…


[Mira used to be human, you know. She was turned into a vampire without wishing for it because of a vampire.]



Jin-sama added, as if he read my thoughts. It’s not like I heard it in full detail, so I didn’t know that much..

If she was turned into a vampire regardless of her volition, then it’s natural that she doesn’t have any familial link towards vampires. It would be understandable if it moves more to having a grudge towards vampires.


[That’s how it is. You don’t have to worry about the vampire subjugation at all.]

[Understood. Thank you for your concern.]

[Please do your best~ I will be rooting for you~ Oh, could you let me hear about it in detail after you have defeated it?

[Yes, I will.]

[Thank you~]


Mira-san, she really hates vampire…


The next day, the 4 of us – Coco, Sicily and Yuria and I – headed to the adventurer’s guild in order to accept the vampire extermination commissions.

Knot, Adel, Roro and Iris are not participating in this commission, as they are in the middle of another commission.

In the beginning, the 8 of us undertook commissions mostly together, but nowadays we often go off on our own. Well, only Sicily is always together with Coco though.


Arriving at the adventurer guild, we went to the reception desk holding the “Vampire Subjugation” form.


[Ah, Cloud-kun, are you going to accept the vampire subjugation commission?]

[Yes,we will be able to establish a clan if we are able to succeed in this commission after all. We will do my best.]

[Please take care. The guild master will give you the full details, so…]



Guided by the receptionist, we headed to the reception room.

The guild leader appeared after a while.


[Sorry for being late.]

[No, it’s fine.]

[Good, let me give you the full details on the commission at once.]

[Yes please.]


The guild leader said, and spread the map he was holding.

It appears to be the map of Kastal’s area.


[First of all, the aforementioned vampire is inside the forest along the road to Estia kingdom.]

[It will take around 3 days with a carriage from here.]


Yuria-san calculates the approximate travel time from the distance on the map.

If I were to be honest, we could make it a one day trip if we care about it, because we have “Portal” nearby.


[Yes, I recall you guys have a carriage, don’t you?]

[Yes~, we bought one when we become B rank~]

[It’s not an expensive one though]


Like Sicily and Coco said, we bought a cheap carriage when we became B rank.

I heard from the A rank adventurer, Kuuga-san that your area of activity will suddenly spread, so you will have a hard time if you don’t have a carriage. Kuuga-san acts solo, so he moves by horse and not by carriage though…


[And so, how is the damage caused by the vampire?]

[Hmm, it’s about that…]


Guild master was hesitating to answer my question. It must have caused quite a number of casualties.


[None of the common people have fallen victim to it.]



Everyone raised doubtful voices towards the unexpected answer.


[I said none of the common people have died. Apparently, this vampire is not interested in killing ordinary people. Up until now, many B rank adventurers have challenged it, but all of them had their tables turned and moreover many returned alive. From what I’ve heard from those people, it stood before them and challenged them to a fight fair and square]

[Fair and square…?]


A word that’s not suitable at all for using it on a monster appeared.


[Yeah, it introduces itself before the fight and tells those who won’t fight to step back. Of course, he won’t start fighting those who said they won’t fight.]

[It is really fair and square.]

[It also lets you go if you surrender. Several adventurers who chose to fight to the end have died though…]


If you think about it normally, there should be nothing but death if you lose a fight with a monster.

Losing against a B rank monster and yet, surviving when you surrender is an abnormal treatment.


[It’s just that he would attack those who would start attacking from behind him despite having said they won’t fight, without mercy. Several casualties have appeared from that situation.]

[Well, of course it would get angry if you dirty a fair and square fight.]

[It would seem so, if they have pride in battle. From those words, my impression on this vampire would be that it is a “Battle junkie” or “Seeker of truth”]

[I suppose so.]



It’s a vampire, so it must have an advantage in a dim forest.

You wouldn’t choose challenging one in a fight head-on without surprise attacks in that situation, unless the person wants the fight itself.


[However, though harmless in nature, it doesn’t change the fact that it is dangerous just by being called a vampire. We are commissioned by the citizens in the area to drive it away.]

[Huh? It wasn’t a subjugation?]

[It is a monster isn’t it? I could understand if it was driving away wildlife, but…]


Coco and Yuria-san raised their voices in doubt towards the guildmaster’s words.


[Ah, so I haven’t told you that. There is the fact that there were no damage to the general public, so this time you could either  “Subjugation” or “Drive it away”]


It seems that adventurers are not included in the damage. It’s a tough world.

Well, it’s certainly true that it’s their own responsibility…

If you have a certain amount of ability, then you should have the option to ascertain the difference in ability and surrender quickly afterwards.


[What should we do for proof after driving it away?]


Yuria-san made a sharp point.

She’s right that you can confirm it with the guildcard in case of subjugation, and you’re able to show the corpse, but it is extremely difficult to prove that you chose to “Drive it away”.


[Well, we could only do a direct visual confirmation by a staff member. In the first place, this was commission submitted by the adventurer guild near the aforementioned forest. But due to the B ranks near that village having a crushing defeat, it went all the way to the royal capital. So I want you to go to that village after you subjugated or driven away the vampire. If you subjugate it, then show them the corpse, or if you drive it away, then they will arrange for a guild personnel to go check on the forest.]

[Although it’s after we have the report, isn’t it dangerous to let the guild personnel to go to the forest? The vampire might go back too…]

[Cloud-kun is right, I believe “driving it away” is temporary. What will happen to that situation?]


The guildmaster nodded to me and Yuria-san’s question and then said.


[It’s about that, but that vampire said something like this. “If I’m able to have a good fight and that opponent wishes so, then I shall leave this forest”.]

[Oh dear~…]

[This is ridiculous…]

[In other words, the vampire is saying that he would leave on his own if we give them a fight even if we won’t defeat it?]


The guild master greatly nods at my confirmation.


[Yes, that is what it means. Properly speaking, we would not be able to accept what he said without questioning, but there have been 0 casualties besides a few adventurers, you see. It’s my hunch, but I don’t think it is lying. …And besides, the retaining fee would go down if they put driving it away in the condition.]

[Meaning a pretext for not revealing something…]

[Adults are underhanded….]


Yuria and Coco showed their unpleasant feelings on pretexts for not revealing something.

It seems the condition will be easier and the retaining fee will be lower for “driving it away is acceptable” than for “kill”.

The vampire going to another place won’t solve the fundamental problem in the end though.

[Understood. We will think about whether we subjugate it or drive it away after we meet it. If the guild personnel will go to the forest, then we can just escort them.]

[Yes, please do so.]


We asked a few questions after that and then we decided to depart after gathering a certain amount of information.


[Please take care.]

[Do your best. Cloud-kun!]

[Have a good day!]

[Yes, see you later.]


While being seen off by the guild master and the receptionists, we departed from the royal capital.

On a side note, the business in the adventurers guild seems to have been delayed due to the receptionists having come to see us off.


And then 3 days later, we arrived at the town that submitted the vampire subjugation commission.


We didn’t use “Portal”, so it’s inevitable that it took some time.


This town is bustling normally, making it seem like there is no powerful vampire living in the nearby forest.


It seems it is true that there are no actual damage. But still, I doubt having an existence nearby who could easily injure them would be settling.


First let’s head towards adventurer guild tell them we accepted the vampire subjugation commission.

As we enter the adventurers guild, the adventurers gave us the usual suspicious looks. We do always get involved with adventurers whenever we go to an unknown town. It can’t be helped.

The girls in our group are used to this too, so they don’t seem to be bothered by the glance of those adventurers.


[We have come to this town to accept a commission. Here, our B rank adventurer guild cards and the commission ticket.]

[Here you go.]


[I look forward to working with you~]


At times like this, the only way is to quickly show our social status.

We showed 4 guild cards and a request ticket to the receptionist.


[Co- could you be Cloud, the famous youngest B rank adventurer from the royal capital!?]

[Yes. And starting today we will either be subjugating the vampire or driving it away.]

[We will do our best~]


Receptionist-oneesan looks at our guild card and raised a surprised voice.

Truthfully, receptionists must not leak an adventurer’s information, but it will keep our surroundings in check so let’s forgive her.

It doesn’t feel like the surrounding adventurers would think about meddling with us, though they are noisy.

Actually, due to getting involved in fights several times and having beaten the adventurers that came attacking up until now, I ended up receiving a strange nickname like “Rookie-killer killer”, so I don’t like anymore trouble than this. 


We safely finished the report and headed out of the town.


[This is strange~ I thought Cloud would get involved in some fight though…]

[Well, Coco. I don’t get into fights that often, okay?]

[You do, you know~]

[No, I told you…]

[I think this time is a rare case.]

[…I give up.]


I feel a little hurt.

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