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Vol 10 Chapter 9

Yuuji, having a briefing session with his sister Sakura and other people


Late at night when Alice, Riese and Kotarou were sleeping.

Yuuji was facing the PC on his own.


What was reflected on the monitor were two screens.

One was Yuuji’s sister Sakura. The figures of her husband George and his friend Lewis as well as the elderly husband and wife could be seen behind her. The time on the other side of the monitor was 10 am. It appears that there was a time difference between the world Yuuji was in and Los Angeles.

Reflected on the other screen was Gunji. Beside him, another person, a middle-aged man, could be seen. On their side it was late at night, similar to the world Yuuji was in.


Yuuji moved his hand while looking at Sakura and the others reflected on the monitor.

As usual they could not make out each other’s voice. He seems to be communicating by typing on the keyboard. On a side note, it was in japanese. Yuuji’s proficiency in english was hopeless after all.

Sakura interpreted while chatting in Japanese with Yuuji. Sakura’s proficiency in english after living in the US for about ten years was at a native level.

It served as the difference between these siblings.


The topic of tonight’s video conference was an introduction.

No matter what Yuuji, the american group or Japan’s attorney duo would try to say, there would be no final decision on the course of actions.

Taking that into account, it has been arranged so that Yuuji would make an appearance.

That was the achievements of Sakura and Japan’s side for understanding the abilities of a ten years shut-in NEET with no work experience.


“Nice to meet you, and send. Yeah, I really can’t get used to doing conversations this way after all. It feels like I have to type quickly”


While grumbling, Yuuji typed his greetings on the keyboard. Unlike the bulletin board, he seems to be inexperienced in chat-type video conferences.


“Oh, for some reason George-kun is being unusually excited. Uh? Could the man next to him be an acquaintance of his?”


George and Lewis of the american group making notes behind Sakura were dancing in joy from mere greetings. On a side note, it was Yuuji’s first time seeing Lewis.


“Ooh, the japanese side is going pretty crazy… This person must be Gunji-san. Even though I was told I met at the time in relation to my inheritance, I really don’t remember him…”


Yuuji showed a somewhat bitter smile.

For ten years, Yuuji had confined himself in his house. After his parent’s death, he supposedly had met Gunji with receiving of their inheritance and insurance payout, and Sakura also pointed out that fact. However, Yuuji’s memories were fuzzy.


In spite of such Yuuji, the state of progress on Japan’s side had been typed by the attorney that Gunji had found. He was fast. Even the group in America felt somewhat drawn back from his typing speed.


“Calm down a little… Aah, so Sakura said it. That’s right, yup, it was supposed to be an informal gathering either way”


What illuminated inside the dark room was only the light of the monitor. Yuuji muttered late at night.

It was as if he returned to his shut-in days. However, it was different now. Less than four years since he freed himself of being a shut-in NEET. Yuuji was at present a pioneer leader, defense captain and a village chief.


Was it Yuuji’s voice or the sound of the keyboard?

Her ears twitching, Kotarou slowly woke up. She had a worried face that said what’s wrong, Yuuji. Kotarou too may have recalled Yuuji from the olden days after all. She was a gentle woman. Though a dog.


Incidentally, Alice and Riese were sleeping in Sakura’s room. Ever since Riese had come, Alice had gone to sleep in Sakura’s room together with Riese. She was distancing herself from Yuuji. Well, considering her age of nine, this may have been just right. It would not be strange for it to be called a concern if a little girl were to become a young girl and sleep with an old, non-blood related man.


“So these people are the producer and scriptwriter, huh. They somehow seem to be quieter people than I thought. I thought they may be a bit more dazzling people”


After all, Yuuji was an ordinary person. When he heard of the hollywood movie producer and scriptwriter, he could only have a somewhat dazzling party people kind of impression. He had a poor imagination.

While grumbling, Yuuji typed “Nice to meet you”. It had been a long time since he had talked to himself. 

Perhaps worried about Yuuji being like that, Kotarou approached him and gently placed her head on Yuuji’s thighs while he sat on the chair.


“Hm? Aah, do you want to watch it too, Kotarou? Look, it’s Sakura~”


Yuuji grabbed Kotarou on both sides, lifted her up in one go and put her towards the monitor.

Kotarou was held under both her forelegs and stretched her hindlegs loosely. Her belly was fully exposed.

Kotarou softly barked and struggled. Oh my Sakura, long time no see, hey Yuuji, put me down, it’s embarrassing, is what her movements were saying.


Kotarou placed her hind legs on Yuuji’s thighs, her forelegs on the desk and peered into the monitor. It gave the impression that Kotarou too was participating.


“Err, what’s happening? Aah, yeah, face reveal and personal info reveal are no problems anymore, and enter. If there is someone who knows something, then I’d like them to make sure to take information from them. I guess I’ll tell them just in case”


Yuuji easily accepted the face and personal info reveal. Well, this was as he had conveyed to Sakura, so it was a little too late at this point. Yuuji did not hide his face at all in the images and videos he uploaded to the bulletin board. He was foolhardy. No, he may have been careless because he was in the other world, however.


Perhaps because she saw Sakura moving for the first time in a long time, Kotarou was in a good mood. She was rapidly swinging her tail. With little space between Yuuji and Kotarou’s bottom. 


“Hey- Kotarou, you’re tickling me. Calm down!”


Unusually, Yuuji calmed down Kotarou. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since it was just me and Kotarou. When Yuuji thought about it, people had gathered around Yuuji. 


“Err, yes? You want me to tell you what people said in all the videos I’ve uploaded until now? I don’t mind it in japanese, but I can’t do english though… There’s quite a lot you know”


Yuuji knitted his brows at the request from the group in the US transmitted through Sakura.

That was not surprising. Each one was short, but there was a reasonable amount of uploaded videos. Though it was winter, the pioneer land was busy. He was no longer the same as the shut-in NEET who doesn’t know what to do with their time.

Yuuji showed his disapproval, but immediately changed his attitude.


“Eh? While they were considering it, we get this amount of money just for refusing others!? And in the case it is adapted into a movie… Oh, seriously… and on top of that they charge extra for the work of typing what we say, in japanese…”


Yuuji greatly bent his back, cracking his chair. The number that Sakura heard from the producer and typed with shaking hands had many zeroes lined up.

However, a comment came in from Japan’s side.


“Eh? … The decision isn’t final with this price? Consider it a rough estimation because there’s a chance it can go up?”


Yuuji opened his eyes wide. He no longer had a sense of reality. No, the other world had no sense of reality or anything either though.

Kotarou twisted her body, looked back towards Yuuji and barked. What’s wrong, are you okay? What’s so amazing? is what she seemingly wanted to say. It would seem that Kotarou had no sense of money. She was an animal after all.


“Alright! I guess I’ll do my best in typing it in japanese then. I guess I have to record various things too! That’s right, I’ll go record various magic from Riese!”


Yuuji was in high spirits after hearing the amount of money.



“Eh? You can’t use any of the videos in the movie? We- well, it’s a commercial camera, so it must be outdated already… Can’t be helped, right…”


Yuuji dropped his shoulders in dejection. 

He had been pointed out by the residents of the bulletin boards, but he has finally been told by the producer who was thinking about adapting it into a movie. “So my hardships until now has come to nothing” Yuuji said disheartened, but that was inevitable as well.

However, the continuing words ignited Yuuji once again.


“Eh? You’ll make the videos I’ve taken until now and in the future into a documentary or television drama and then a movie adaptation with the footages you make from there? A separate contract? Se- seriously…”


Being called out by the producer, Sakura stared in wonder.

The information that Sakura typed brought about a surprise from Yuuji.

Similarly to Yuuji, the two attorneys from Japan’s side were also amazed.


Yuuji’s tale will be adapted into a movie in Hollywood.

Such story would become even bigger.


Yuuji, as well as Kotarou, Alice, Riese and the pioneer citizens.

It appears that they would have their television debut in a far distant, no, in a world that was not here.

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