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Chapter 63

The Hero retries




I looked at Savers silently piercing my chest.

I only felt rather than pain.

I was then attacked with uncontrollable nausea and I vomited large amounts of blood from my mouth.


“The moment you parted from your position as a Hero, you can no longer win against me”


Strength filled Luke’s arm.

If he’s going to twist Savers like this, then I doubt I’ll be able to recover from the damage I receive.




I could hear Leona’s shout.

The next moment, I saw her leaping towards Luke in the corner of my sight.




Luke pulled out Savers and at the same time clicked his tongue.

Heat and nausea attacked me the second time.


“Get blown away!”


Luke blocked Leona’s drop kick with Savers, but was pushed back with great force and was forced to move far back

I looked at them in my fading consciousness and, being held by Eleira who approached me before I was aware of, I broke away from the frontlines.


“Mr Adel! Sir Gidara, can’t you do something!?”

“I say you have received one in an unpleasant place haven’t you… Now wait!”


Gidara pushed his hands on my wounds.

Upon doing so, the air blurred and covered my wounds.


“I stopped the wound space magic! Now, pour a potion in his mouth!”



Eleira took out a wound healing potion from her pocket and poured it in my mouth.

A warmth that’s different from temperature-like thing soaked in my body and relieved the pain on the wounds on my chest.


“Sorry… I screwed up”

“Don’t talk and just do your best in your recovery. Leona! We’re retreating this once!”


Leona, who bought time in the form of a clever surprise attack, withdrew towards us the instant she heard those words.

Cold sweat went along her face, and I could see how she was straining her senses.

Even a seasoned adventurer being in this state increasingly brought to the fore how much Luke has improved his skill.


“It looks like you only have brains to move restlessly don’t you!”


Luke released a flying blade towards the place we were at.

Who protected us against that was Silvar, who squeezed himself between us.

Silvar used his absolute defense and stopped the flying blade.

His opponent may have been the sacred sword, but it seems his magic was effective.


“ … You are a nuisance”

“I am a king after all”


Eleira carried me on her back and strived to retreat from the public square with all her strength.

Following up on that, Gidara, Leona and then Silvar began their retreat.


“A wise judgement for a dejected loser. Adel! We will be waiting in the demon lord castle. If you still intend to go against me, we will welcome you at any time. But this woman’s execution will be tomorrow. It will do you well to remember that!”


Luke’s voice, which no longer sound uncomfortable, hit my ears.

Throughout my fading consciousness, I hear the sounds of my companions fighting around me in order to cut through the walls of soldiers again.

I have to help them too, I thought and tried to move, but I couldn’t even move my fingers freely.

While hearing Echsdarc’s voice frantically calling for me, I completely lost my consciousness.


“ …Is it fine letting them get away?”



Sadore asked Luke as they remained in the public square.

Luke laughed away his question scornfully and opened his mouth.


“Truthfully I thought about dealing with all of them here though. But, it’s a different story when Adel is here. I don’t have good sentiments towards him, you see. I’d like for him to despair until there’s nothing left of him”


The corners of Luke’s mouth slowly turned up.

A cool-headed smile that scared even Sadore who was an evil person.

Sadore perceived an emotion that can be certainly called pure malice.


“For that sake I need this woman. First I will kill the demon lord in front of Adel’s eyes the instant he comes back before me with hope. His companions too, I will kill them gruesomely one by one. And then at the end, I will slowly kill Adel who would then be alone”

“ …Well, I don’t mind it if there are no hindrances in our plans though”


The instant Sadore said so, the sacred sword Savers was drawn to his neck.

Nobody being able to catch Luke’s movements, cold sweat ran along Sadore’s cheeks.


“You should be silent and obey. I don’t need comrades who harbors doubts in my plans”

“I- I understand…”


The instant Savers was moved from Sadore’s neck, he took a breath

Luke put away Savers and turned his back to the public square.


“Now, how about we return! To our castle that is”




I woke up from the sensation of water drops falling on my cheeks.

I opened my eyes and I looked around me, I understood that this was a back alley somewhere.


“You are awake. How are you feeling?”

“Gidara… I see, I remember I lost”


When I rose up, pain ran on my chest.

There was a scar on my chest.

This seems to be the trace of where I was pierced by Luke.


“The bleeding has stopped with a potion, but the internal damages haven’t recovered yet. It would be better to refrain from moving immediately”

“ …Alright. First of all, thanks for saving me”


I’m saying that to everyone, but I noticed that none of their expressions were clear.

Of course I understand the reason for their serious expressions, but this atmosphere is quite uncomfortable.


“――――It’s a trap, you know”



I reflexively choked on my words from Silvar’s voice.


“That man is clearly waiting for you. He’s someone you have lost against, you will be killed if you fight him again. You do understand that, don’t you?”

“ …”


When I was stabbed in the chest, I was afraid I would lose my life.

That fear was left inside me as something I will never be able to get rid of.

But, if I’m finished with that, then I would’ve been long dead.


“I’m going. I’m going to save Isvel”

“ … Then I shall accompany you. My retainer’s matters are my matters”



Silvar separated from the wall he was leaning on, and stood in front of me.

Following that, Leona raised her voice next.


“Then I’d have to go along with you too, right? Adel’s problems are my problems”

“Even you Leona…”

“While I am charmed with your strength, I consider your way of life desirable too. Straightforward enough that you won’t lie regardless of merit… I’d like to to support that”


Leona said, and showed a face full of smiles.

This may have been the first time that I’ve been told something like this.

I see, I never had companions I could call companions.

The three who had fought the demon lord with me only accompanied with my title as the Hero.

There was this sense of isolation that I couldn’t express with words there.


“You two… Thanks. I’m grateful”


“No problem. We’re definitely going to go home alive. Along with that girl!”

“Yeah, that’s exactly right”


These two I will be able to trust from the bottom of my heart.

I was convinced of that.


“Ahem. Excuse me for interrupting you in the middle of this, but are you not forgetting us?”

“We may not be able to become genuine companions to you Mr Adel, but… we have similar objectives”

“We cannot let them do as they wish after all. We will be cooperating with you to the end”


A sense of security swelled up within me from the words of the two.


“――I understand. Okay, let’s go”


The time limit is one day.

In order to rescue Isvel and retake the country, we decided to advance our preparations.

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  1. I kind of wonder how Adel is going to win. Although if he knocks Saver out of Luke’s hand he kind of just wins but it definitely won’t be that easy

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