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Hello readers! Jun here with your weekly chapter of Second summon. I’m somewhat late-ish, but still early enough. DId you know I prefer 3rd person narration? It’s because I have more options on the writing style that way. 1st person needs you to keep in mind the narrator’s personality, which limits how many fancy words I can use etc.


By the way, I changed Grein’s name to Glain and Eruka to Elka. Names makes more sense this way I think.

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48 Threat of the battlefield


A few hours before the fight started between Setsu and the wolfblade Ruga in the beastmen continent.

Inside the castle of the human continent’s kingdom of Destinea, the research institute of Tia Amarette aka the magic scholar.

Within were figures of three people.

One was the owner of this chamber, Tia Amarette.

The other Elka Versoe.

And the last was Glain Armony

The three were standing on a large magic circle――――――a transfer magic circle to be accurate.


“He has finally come out of this formal castle hasn’t he……”

“I am able to perfectly percept Touma’s magic power. This castle had served its purpose with this.”

“You are relentless aren’t you two? I am getting quite attached to this place however.”


Thus, with the existence called Touma appearing on the front stage at last, their objective, the confirmation of Touma’s existence has come to an end.

Since it had come to this, they had no need to collect information using this castle as a base.

In other words――――――it meant they have become able to move freely.


“If master Setsu is here then I can feel attached to any place, you know?”

“In other words, if there’s no attachment because he’s not here, then……”

“That is how it will be.”


It was Elka who declared so with a firm expression, but as a result of the contents of her words having substance, Glain turned exasperated and let out a sigh.


“If Setsu is here then anywhere is fun. That’s why, let us quickly go to Setsu’s side.”

“Tia, you are also nearly always like this……But I suppose I am of the same opinion on that point.”


The transfer magic circle began to shine.

It is on standby for invocation and it was a signal that it could immediately fly.


“For now we participate in the war, arrange the extermination targets for the human soldiers, discover a gap and recover miss Yuuhi. Don’t forget, okay?”

“I know. It would be nice if master Setsu is there……”

“No problem. Even if Setsu couldn’t come yet, I will go with the resolve to end it before he does.”


Glain forced a smile towards the reliability of the women’s camp.

It couldn’t be helped that he ended up wondering why despite being a man, he doesn’t have any dignity like this and that the women were strong.


“Now then……Mister Setsu must be depending on us as well, so……shall we go?”


Now, three strong people went towards the battlefield.

It was not that Setsu could use telepathy with them.

And yet, they had a long and close relationship and they are connected to him strong enough to understand what they desire from each other.

The military strength that can shake the world were all present in the demon continent.

◇ ◇ ◇

“Fuuh……Setsu really hasn’t changed.”

“Have you finished making your appearance, oh lord of mine.”

“Yup, thanks for waiting, Kagerou. Everyone.”


Above the enormous cliff where large drops of rain were falling, were standing in a line seven men and women wearing black robes.

At the heart of them was Touma.

He had the same appearance as the thought body Setsu had seen some time ago.


“The beastman really was useless as expected……To embarrass master Touma……”

“Now now, calm down Luna. I don’t mind it after all”


“You’re all useful to me, aren’t you?”


He asked and all of the black robes nodded deeply.

There were even people among them who showed a smile from being relied on.

They love Touma that strongly and have pledged their allegiance to him, to the point that they would die if they were told to die.


“Let’s see……Now, shall we go then……people who have been rejected by the world.”


Now, in accordance with Touma’s command, the six reapers were released in the battlefield below the cliff.

While displaying the fight for supremacy between the human and demon soldiers, the death agony of the demon soldiers began to reverberate.

Just about this time, the battlefield in which its balance had been maintained, finally began to show an inclination.


“Now! Trample them down for me please! My adorable toys!”


The laughter of the maddened Hero, reverberated through the battlefield.


On this day, rain was falling――――――

 ◇ ◇ ◇


“So, so strong! Somebody stop her! Stop this girl!”


Why――――――am I here?


“You bastard! That skin and horn should be of a demon! Why are you attacking us!?”

“This brethren murderer is gyaa――――――”

Why――――――did I stab one of the same race?


“We can’t stop her! Surround her and kill――――――”

“Private first class!”


I pierce the crown of the noisy man.

I burn down those soldiers in my surroundings with magic, draw out the rapier continuously and stop his breathing.


“I- it’s a redhaired woman! A redhaired woman holding a Rapier! She has a scar on her shoulder! Bring her down with maximum priority! Don’t let her go right after her Majesty!”

“I, I can’t stop her! Gyaa!”


What――――――in the world am I doing?


My consciousness is blurry.

Whatever I was thinking about since a while ago, I can’t bring it together.

Where is this place?

For whose and what sake am I fighting?

Why does my arm continue to thrust out my rapier?

Another person died.


Help me.




Someone please――――――

“――――――STOP ME”


A redhaired demon woman suddenly started breaking into the battlefield.

Smeared with the blood of the same race, the girl whose whole body was completely dyed red loitered alone on the battlefield.

What was in her vicinity were corpses, corpses, corpses――――――


Loitering around with no expression, with a vacant expression, the girl shed red tears.

The blood on her body ran down from the rain and those tears vanished before long.

Or perhaps――――――what was flowing from those eyes of hers may not have been tears.

It’s because she was changed so she could not harbor those emotions anymore.

Even so, she cried and screamed.

From her heart――――――from a deep, dark and confined place somewhere.


“She’s here! It’s that woman!”

“Brethren murderer bitch! Die here!”

“What’s that guy beside her!?”


Preys have turned up once again.

Her body moved naturally.

For the sake of those, to kill them.


Besides her were soldiers standing unnoticed.

Those bodies were twice the size of hers, soldiers who were wearing unrefined armor and numerous magic circles.

<Magic Soldiers>――――――It’s the name of the arms of war to be handed down in the world afterwards.

“――――――LET’S GO, RAMELL”


The girl muttered.

As if in agreement to that, the magic soldiers began moving.


Around the time the black robed reapers appeared, a different threat began moving at the corner of the battlefield――――――



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