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Chapter 2

The Hero sells the sacred sword



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The destination I transfer to is the largest town in the human territory, the imperial capital――’s slum quarters further in the outskirts.

The reason I came to a lawless area where, other than poor people, criminals and the like conceal themselves in is for disposing of my partner the sacred sword.

No matter how much I say I quit, as long as I hold the sacred sword I’ll be recognized as a Hero.

I’ll quickly part with this sort of cursed equipment.


“I’m certain it’s beyond here…”


While walking, I put on the hood that was on the robe so my figure can’t be seen.

I advance the road with rundown shabby houses lining up and turn several alleys.

And the destination I arrive at is a merchant store that buys any kinds of things and sell off any kinds of things.

Any kinds of things means those identified as stolen goods or articles with a shady history.

They deal in those things, which is why they are obviously being managed so that information on the customers won’t be leaked or tracked.

That’s the reason I am going out of my way to sell the sacred sword in a place like this.


“ … Welcome”


Upon entering the store, a shopkeeper like man came to greet me.

It doesn’t look like there are anyone in the store beside me.

I guess this is my chance.


“I’d like to request the sale of a weapon.”

“Riiight, special circumstances?”

“More or less. But the thing is too valuable, putting it on sale in public won’t work. It’s easily traceable after all.”

“That so. Shall we first take a look at the goods then?”


I take out the sacred sword that’s on my waist belt and put it on the counter with the scabbard.

I sense the shopkeeper caught his breath.


“It’s the Hero’s sacred sword. Will you purchase it from me?”

“Wa- wait! First is whether it’s a genuine one…”


The shopkeeper’s assessment began.

Over a span of a few minutes, he looked over and over all the way until the tip as if he was licking it all over.

Once that was over, the shopkeeper came back with a face that could not hide his excitement.


“ … I’ve never seen a sacred sword and all. That’s why I can’t see if this is a genuine sacred sword. But you know, it ain’t a mistake that this is some ridiculous quality goods. You seriously plan on selling this?”

“Yeah. I got my hands on it by chance, so I can’t use it. It would be more beneficial to turn something like that into money, am I right?”

“Well, that is true, but…”


Not in the slightest did the shopkeeper think I was the Hero I guess.

There’s no way that a Hero would sell the sacred sword no matter how you think about it.

The sacred swords is a weapon of legend that can only be used by a Hero.

You can’t possibly put a price on it.

But if it’s a ‘Sacred sword stolen from the Hero’ then it will be a different story.

Purchasing this sword means you’re able to force a sale to the Hero himself.

Even if you don’t, there should even be aristocrats who will stubbornly desire it as an ornament.


“ … If this really is the sacred sword, then the greedy aristocrats would take out however much it will cost. Even if it is not the sacred sword for example, this much of a quality good should immediately find itself a buyer.”


After thinking about it, the shopkeeper raised his fingers of both his hands and pointed them towards my way.

There were eight fingers.


“How’s eight thousand gold coins sound to you?”

“Eight thousand, huh?”


Among the currencies that were copper coins, silver coins and gold coins, the gold coins are of course the highest denomination.

One copper coin is a single grilled skewer.

With five of them you can eat a meal a day.

And ten of them becomes a silver coin and ten silver coins will turn into a gold coin.


Eight thousand gold coins, it’s a number where I can build a house and still come back with a change of about 3000 coins.

I basically intend to retire in a deserted village in a mountain recess where they don’t even know me, so my life should become self-sufficient.

If I have three thousand coins left, then I don’t know whether I could even use it up in my lifetime or not.

Let’s carefully save it, as insurance for when it is needed.


“I can even go much higher, but you know… Even I can only go with this amount of price because of me not being able to declare that this is the genuine sacred sword. I say this, but other stores may add an even higher price.”

“No, I’ll sell it here. By the way, if this is a genuine sacred sword, how much would it be then?”

“Oh really? Well… it could easily be about twenty thousand gold coins I guess”


It was more expensive than I thought.

But even if I receive something like that, I won’t have any use for it.


“In that case, could you keep the difference of 12 thousand coins as hush money? I want you to never ever reveal my existence. In the end it’s national treason isn’t it?”

“If it is something like that then that ought to be an easy task. I should have been able to raise it much higher, but only being able to afford this price is an error on our side. This store will never sell you out, okay?”

“ … It’s a done deal then. Eight thousand gold coins if you please”

“Sure thing”


Like this, I let go of the sacred sword and secured a large sum of eight thousand gold coins.

As one would expect, I can’t take such large amounts of money in my hand.

What comes in handy for this is the magic bag whose capacity becomes larger depending on the owner’s magic power.

I myself have a lot of magic power, even as a Hero.

This bag too is influenced by my magic power and has enough capacity to put in several houses.

Something like eight thousand gold coins can be put in with no objections.


“You’ve given me a good deal. If there’s anything again, you can count on me for favors aight?”

“Sure. I’ll depend on you then”


We exchange a light farewell and then I leave the the store.

My body’s gotten somewhat lighter.

I have no doubt I’ve become lighter material-wise, but I may have lost lot of my emotional burdens.

As for the rest I shall have time heal it.

I secured the funds for the sake of retirement.

I will build a house in the mountain recesses and live by growing crops and hunting monsters.

If there’s a situation where I need money, then I can probably work secretly as an adventurer.


Now, let’s steadily depart towards the village in the mountain recesses that I have my eyes on.


“Whaat!? The Hero fled you say!?”


The ‘Empire’ that was holding the territory of the humans.

In the castle in which the ruler is residing, an angry roar fluttered about and chaos sprung forth where everybody busily ran around.

The cause of that was the Hero who was deprived of the name of the hero and had deserted after arriving in front of the demon lord.


“Such matter is unheard of!”

“Oh minister, settle down a little”

“But my Liege! This situation is――”

“I said settle down”


The current emperor, holding his white beard in his hand, rebuked the brainless minister who could only scatter his shouts since some time ago.

The minister who was scowled at by the highest authority, could only turn down his face down like that and be silent.


“ … Continue, knight Luke”

“Yes, Your Majesty! After Hero Adel overlooked the demon lord, he left us in the demon lord castle and transferred to some place by transfer stone. The demon lord used the fact the Hero disappeared as a good excuse to torment us three… and although we found the opportunity and succeeded escape, this is the truth.”

“Hum, it has been a misfortune for you I see. I have put you through trouble”

“Your words are wasted on me… And then, may I say one more thing at the end?”

“Tell me”

“――Hero Adel was a dangerous man. Keeping a man like him alive as a Hero… or even before that will cause damage to the empire”


The knight Luke lightly matter of factly about his former companion.

Those eyes of his carried hatred, even the emperor felt enough hatred to make short of his speech.


“I- I understand… If you say this much, then let us take countermeasures. I shall tell the citizens who have seen the appearance of Adel to report to us.”

“You have my gratitude. If you learn of Adel’s whereabouts, then please by all means, tell me first. I want to show him hell where even death is lukewarm.”

“I shall remember that. Retire now and rest your body.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”


Knight Luke left the royal chambers.

Knight Luke gripped his fist enough for his nails to pierce the palms of his hands and clenched his teeth enough that his teeth may seem to break.

Seeing him off with such appearance, the emperor faced the minister while shedding cold sweat.


“What has become of him… I have never seen the figures of knight Luke dyed in so much hatred”

“He is the sole highest military strength of our country and I thought granting his request to the fullest extent possible would be…”

“I know that! However… To think that Hero Adel turned traitor to us”

“I had considered him to be an obedient dog to the empire however”

“ … Well it is fine. We shall not be doing a genuine search for the moment”

“Are you certain?”

“The Hero had the meritorious deed of having subjugated the demon lord before. We may have depended too much on Hero Adel”


The ruler looked up to the ceiling of the royal chambers as if thinking about the bygone days.

There were only six years between the death of the previous demon lord and the appearance of the current demon lord.

In the meantime the Hero fought monsters for the sake of the empire, for the sake of everybody. He must not have had time and so forth to rest his mind.


“This will be a brief period of rest for the Hero Adel. From what I have heard in the conversation, the current demon lord seem to be bearing a considerably severe wound as well. Before they can wield their power again, our side will prepare new military strength.”

“Certainly my liege. I shall call out to the strong men in our empire”

“I am counting on you. If circumstances permits… I will pray for his return”


I do not know how much damage will be caused if the Hero harbors animosity and rampages by forcing the him to fight.

Now that it has come to this, we could only wait for him to return by himself.

Instead, we can only be glad to have no damage.


――Such conversation between the ruler and the minister from outside the chambers and one person had listened attentively to it.


“Tch… I wish they can quickly discover and capture him”


That man was knight Luke, who reported a mixture of facts and fictions to the emperor.

He was a man who was burning flames of hatred towards Hero Adel.


“Adel… It will trouble me if you don’t die for me in the end. In order for me to rise as a Hero”


Luke showed a wicked smile and left that place.

There were still none who knew of his true character.


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