Hiki-NEET Vol 10 Chapter 6

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Vol 10 Chapter 6

Bulletin board chapter 

Yuuji, moving towards reception of the second pioneer group


[Nothing to do in winter] I kind of got to another world along with my house when I went out of my house after 10 years part 43 [come, spring!]


1 : Anonymous NEET

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Is this really another world? How did he make them? This is the thread to verify it.

Yuuji and co have finished the subjugation of the goblin and orc village!

They also took in an elven girl!

The pioneer land has become safe, but it’s winter outside!

They won’t move until spring so there’s quite a lot of spare time!

Reproduction is not allowed!

[From Gunji law office]

In the case that images/videos that are uploaded in this thread are used without permission, in any media or circumstances, I will take legal actions.

For information and inquiries, please contact Gunji Law Office.




The NEET landing on >>900 is to open the next thread! 


2 : Anonymous NEET


Ominous words are in the OP’s copypasta…


3 : Anonymous NEET

It’s that, right?

It’s fine as long as you look, right?


4 : Cool NEET

The verbal message from Gunji-sensei was like this

There’s no problem as long as you look at it yourself

Spreading the images and videos seems to be NG

There’s no use arguing about it, so seriously be careful.

It’s not a laughing matter


5 : Anonymous ETNE


Well, got nothing to do with me so whatever!


6 : Former talented salesman


So lightly, hey!


7 : Well-informed NEET

I’ll advise you all as well

Really stop with it

It’ll likely go as far as bankruptcy by indemnities after all


8 : Anonymous NEET

Err… could this be a pretence?


9 : Anonymous NEET


Farewell MEAT!

We won’t forget your gallant figure!


10 : Anonymous NEET

He was a lovable idiot, isn’t he…


11 : Anonymous NEET



12 : Infra worker

Let’s check whether or not they’re pretending for now

With other unrelated people that is!

Here, sites that reproduced without permission




13 : Anonymous NEET


As expected of the winners in life!

They’re capable and wicked aren’t they!


14 : Anonymous NEET



But go work, Infra worker!


15 : Clothes group member A

Hey, all of you, this is terrible

Please help

I got the e-mail address from 

Sakura’s friend

What should I send her?


16 : Anonymous NEET


Something sleazy I guess?


17 : Clothes group member B


Quit it!

It’s her isn’t it?

Ms. Divorcee from the you-know-which clothes shop right?


18 : Anonymous NEET


It’s a festival~~~~~~!


19 : Anonymous NEET


First make the address public

We’ll talk from there


20 : Clothes group member A

I won’t do sleazy or making it public, okay!?

But seriously, what should I send her?


21 Anonymous NEET

Well your

obscene pic I guess…


22 : Anonymous NEET


You’ll get arrested you know!

Or rather, isn’t it a mistake to ask it in this thread?


23 : This is Gunji

Dear Infra worker

Thank you very much

Our side will deal with it at once


24 : Anonymous NEET



25 : Anonymous NEET



26 : Anonymous MEAT

Ain’t he a diligent guy!

That was clooooose!

GJ Infra worker!


27 : Anonymous NEET

What’s this?

It’s going well with Gunji-san and Clothes group member A

Is this really a day of festivals?


28 : Anonymous NEET


I’ll go do some proper patrolling!

Ah, Clothes group member A, go explode!


29 : Anonymous NEET


I’ll go around too!

We’re team schadenfreude!

The tears of others will taste like honey!


30 : Anonymous NEET


Declaring that so majestically, this low-life!

I’m joining you too!


31 : Clothes group member A

He- hey, excuse me somebody…


32 : Sakura’s friend


I understand how you feel, but

you’re too quick to ask for advice!

Send her your introduction for now!


33 : Anonymous NEET

Oh, yes, that’s right

I do think you should introduce yourself

Like favorite attribute or something?

Ah, mine’s the big sister type


34 : I love huge breasts


You don’t say that in your introduction!

Your favorite cup size or something?

Ah, I like F!


35 : Anonymous NEET


You’re not even listening!

How about favorite attire?

Mine’s maid clothes!

I like long skirt and a maid headdresses!

Tsubaki** coffee shop is nice, isn’t it


36 : NEET Unicorn


Wait, the things you should ask in the beginning is…

Ah, that’s not necessary


37 : YES Lolita NO Touch


Things you should ask in the beginning…

Definitely if she has children…


38 : Anonymous NEET


Go lurk with your sexual perversions!

Ah, I’m lurking, okay?


39 : Anonymous NEET


Don’t post the store name!

You can’t exclude favorite hairstyle, don’t you think!

I like the looks where they simply tie it up to the back


40 : Infra worker


Take a break already, you all…

First off


That Sakura’s friend-san told you her mail address

Your name, age and the general area where you live

I’m wearing the clothes you bought

And I’m glad the clothes I bought are like this, thanks, or something like that?

As for your hobbies, well it should still be better to stay silent about it I guess


41 : Anonymous NEET



42 : Anonymous NEET



43 : Anonymous NEET

You understood, don’t you?

Those among the winners

are meant to become winners.


44 : Anonymous NEET


Yes sensei…

It’s cruel…


45 : Anonymous NEET

Forgive me for living…


46 : Sakura’s friend


Isn’t that good?

Hey you all!

You’re all taking too much damage!

Make sure to be able to do at least this much normally!


47 : Clothes group member A


That’s a bit too high of a hurdle-su…


Thanks Infra worker!

I’ll try to send her a mail with this!


48 : Yuuji


Is now a good time?

I’m not in a hurry so I could visit again though…


49 : Anonymous NEET

What’s wrong Yuuji!


50 : Anonymous NEET

Consult anything with us, Yuuji!


51 : Anonymous NEET

It’s the savior who will change the thread flow!


52 : Anonymous NEET


You all…

Pretty proactive aren’t you when it comes to your field of expertise, huh

Come with everything you got Yuuji!


53 : Anonymous NEET

Aren’t you the same!?

So, What’s up, Yuuji?


54 : Yuuji

The second pioneer group will come in spring, but

are there things that would be better to give priority in

creating before we welcome them? That’s what I was wondering

That’s all…


55 : Anonymous ETNE


I guess so Yuuji!

Preparations are important isn’t it!

It should be houses after all!


56 : Former talented salesman


Calm down already…


Wouldn’t it be better to put in a question so it’s easy to get a mail back?

No wait, it’s an introduction, so the other side would send back their introduction

Please forget this


57 : Anonymous MEAT


As expected of a self-proclaimed talent!


At any rate, cutting down trees in order to construct houses!


58 : Well-informed NEET


Water is essential

Is there enough with the Yuuji house-provided reservoir?

For the sake of the future, an irrigation channel is top priority

Next should be the establishment of the road to the city

Seeing that there are materials we can’t produce

traffic should increase as the number of people increase


59 : Cool NEET

Yuuji, do you have enough land for houses, farmland and a smithy?

Wouldn’t it be better to cut down trees to expand the pioneer land area

and create a third protective wall?


60 : Anonymous NEET


A third?

We had that many?


61 : Professor acorn

The mystery barrier on Yuuji’s house is the last line of defence

First protective wall is the one where Yuuji encircled up to the “place where water can reach” with a wooden fence.

The second one is where he accepted pioneer citizens and fought the large-scale defensive battle

If they make another one, then that would be the third protective wall


62 : Anonymous NEET


Thanks, bug eating chap!

You can replenish your fine quality source of protein!

With burgers that is!


63 : Kemona Lv.MAX

I’m looking far too forward to even more people!

I wonder what will come next~ 


64 : Anonymous NEET


No, they’re not necessarily beastkins you know?

They should be focused on seamsters and farmers too




That aside, I look forward to the elf in the royal capital.

Yuuji, more importantly, get more information on the village!


66 : Yuuji

So I guess an irrigation channel, road, spaces to build houses on

and if it’s not enough, a third protective wall?


67 : Anonymous NEET


Yuuji, start the lumbering and creation of the wall right away!

A wooden base would be fine, but if it’s now…

You can reinforce them with your infinitely multipliable gate right?


68 : Anonymous NEET



69 : Anonymous NEET

Once in a while there are geniuses in this thread, aren’t there!?


70 : Anonymous ETNE

It’s the wisdom of crowds thing!



71 : Infra worker


If you’re not confident in it, then don’t say it!


72 : Cool NEET

The final line of defense is Yuuji’s house

Yuuji, create a food storage and an armory in your plot

It doesn’t matter if it’s from existing buildings though


73 : Anonymous NEET

Like always, what is he going to fight, this guy…


74 : Anonymous NEET

Providing is preventing!


75 : Anonymous NEET

Always be prepared!


76 : Anonymous NEET

The scouts would appear at times, huh…


77 : Anonymous NEET

Well the gate can multiply infinitely…

You don’t have a smithy, so no choice but to use it as is


78 : Anonymous NEET


Even so, they can reinforce them pretty well can’t they?

Well, I don’t know though


79 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji, clear enough trees for the smithy too!


80 : Anonymous NEET


Yuuji, aren’t you busy enough this winter?


81 : Anonymous ETNE

We’re busy too you know!

It’ll be the offline camp once it turns spring after all!

Right now I’m researching a way to create a high wooden stage for the offline camp

Also dancing


82 : Anonymous NEET



That enthusiasm of yours, wouldn’t it be better to point it towards job hunting?


83 : Clothes group member A

Mail sent!

This is bad, what should I do if she doesn’t reply…


84 : Anonymous NEET

I’m looking forward to the offline camp!

Clothes group member A too, let her wait until the offline camp at least!


85 : Infra worker

A date in Utsunomiya with just Clothes group member A going off on his own, huh

Would be pretty harsh if you don’t have a car…

Aah, there’s miss shop assistant’s car


86 : Anonymous MEAT

This time we’ll be holding the offline camp in the forest park

so we have binoculars I guess!


87 Anonymous NEET


That’s right!

We have to do some bird watching!


88 : Anonymous NEET

Awright then, another extra group from last year’s organisation I guess!


89 : Sakura’s friend


Do it secretly…

Just watch over them secretly from a distance, okay!?

I’ll bring the car for the stalking squad!


90 : Infra worker


Well ain’t you in high spirits!

You even call it the stalking squad!

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