STOS Sequel Chapter 5

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Sequel Chapter 5


“You… So you managed to get confined in a place like this?”

“Hmph, so you have come to settle your fight with me?”

“Ah? Why would I? That was my victory though”

“Wha-! Do not jest! It is impossible that I, one who is above humans, would be defeated!”

“Huuh!? That you’re here and I’m outside is good proof――――gh”


A thunderous roar resounded that shook the entire sanctuary, as if to erase my shout.

The attacks of those guys have actually gotten even more violent.


“What is happening? Answer concisely”

“Why you… acting all arrogant”

“What are you muttering about? I am more distinguished than you”

“You really have the nerve to be saying that so shamelessly, hey. Tch… people who I don’t know well have come attacking. In this sanctuary that is”

“What scoundrels… That they would invade mine castle”

“It ain’t yours, okay!? More importantly, the hell are the other gods doing?”

“Who knows. I have no knowledge over that as I am captured in prison”

“Actually, I heard you had restaurant duty you know?”

“Today is a holiday”


Don’t go giving criminal gods holidays, you celestial world…


“――*sigh* can’t be helped. For this occasion, you help out too”

“What? This I, be your help? What joke is this?”

“I don’t wanna ask you either. But in addition to this number, these people can even use divine power. If you play an active role here too, then your punishment may get lighter you know”

“ …Unavoidable”


Creasyl stood up and began to loosen her body.

This woman, I can see she’s become much rounder with her restaurant duty after some time.


“You stay out of this. I alone is sufficient”

“You’re kidding me. I’m also monitoring you at the same time you know”

“What an unpleasant person. I will erase you beforehand”

“That’s my line you idiot. ――Let’s go”


We leaped out of jail at the same time.

We approached those near us at high speed and kicked them flying first.

It doesn’t matter anymore that they were my classmates.

They’re already history.

I immediately knew once I looked at them again.

That they’re already beyond the point of going back to human… of regaining their reasoning.


“In that case, I’ll have to make it more comfortable for them…”


They’re more than acquaintances to me.

For that reason I will bury them in one attack.

So that they won’t be made use of by anybody any more than this.



“Do not order me”


I repelled several light balls and handed over this place to Creasyl.

Creasyl held out her hand towards several classmates who stopped moving.

Divine powers that could send the shivers… I honestly don’t want to go against her ever again.


“Do not move from there, you blasphemers”


Said Creasyl, and the heads of those she held her hand towards suddenly burst open.

From the place where their heads were originally at, a large stone tumbled down.

It’s the power of [Creation] from coordinate designation.

When I was fighting with her, I had to at least move around.


“What are you being absent minded for? I will erase you as well if you do not move”

“Oops, now that’s impossible”


I kicked the air and with even higher speed I cut off their heads.

I’ve gotten familiar with the way to use this body that has been altered into one of a god.

If I put my fighting style I originally fostered together with this body, I don’t feel like I will lose as long as my opponent isn’t by far a high ranking god.


“Did you actually watch me properly?”

“Keep prattling”


When I inclined my head, a stone appeared at the place my head was just a moment ago.


“Are you trying to kill me?”

“Had you died from just this, I would not have permitted you to be equal to I”

“You reaally are arrogant!”


We turned aside at the same time.




We unleashed banish towards the each enemy who approached our respective backs.

It’s a divine skill that deletes the target from this world.

I was still low in skill when I fought with Creasyl, but now it’s as you can see.


“Do not imitate me”

“That’s my line”


The people who basked in the light of banish disappeared.

We took down half of them in these few seconds, but it probably seems like we’ve defeated no more than mass production types.

There are a few guys with especially big presence still in the back.

Before long, one of them slowly moved towards the front of us.


“You guys retreat. I’ll do it”

“Gh… Long time no see huh, Endou

“Yeah, long time no see, Suzaki”


Who was there was Endou who once bullied me.

I don’t know why this guy has his senses.

However, when I saw magma boiling up from his palm, I knew that this isn’t the time to be thinking about that.


“I’m sorry that this is right after we met, but… die”


Boiling red hot magma spread over my entire field of vision――――


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