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Chapter 59 

The demon castle whirls in ulterior motives 

TL. I hate the title. I either missed what it actually means or I don’t know what to change it to.


“Huff… huff…”


In the room where the demon lord’s throne was in were Isvel and Phantom.

The two bore wounds on their whole body and were gasping.


“My goodness! Even if it is you, milady Isvel, this is all you are if you do not have the demon lord’s heart like I thought” “Gh! Sadore!”


Isvel fired a lump of ice towards Sadore.

However, that lump was cut in half before it reached Sadore, fell on the floor and disappeared.


“――I’m not impressed. That you would disregard me of all people”

“Why!? Why are you bastard joining forces with Sadore! Answer me, Knight Luke!”


Before Isvel and Phantom stood Sadore and another knight.

That knight’s name was Luke.

He was the man who worked in order to subjugate Demon lord Isvel together with Hero Adel up until the other day.


“It has been a while, demon lord. By no means have I thought of you to be a girl this lovely”

“Hk! You’re annoyingly loud! I’m telling you to answer me why you are joining forces with Sadore!”

“ … Understand your own position. Despite being a pitiful loser for overlooking us”


Luke poured his magic power into the sword he held.

In doing so, a white aura began to hang in the air around the sword, increasing his magic power.


“Flying blade――”


When Luke swung his sword, a white flying blade was unleashed from there.


“Lady Isvel!”


When Phantom carried Isvel and jumped, the flying blade passed beside them and destroyed the interior wall.

The two, having managed to avoid a direct hit, was blown far away by the after-effects of the flying blade.


“Are you alright, milady demon lord”

“Guh, thank you… Phantom”


The two tried to stand up, but the damages have shown to have accumulated, causing them to fall to their knees.

Seeing such appearance of theirs, Sadore and Luke laughed at them.


“Ku ku ku… how unshapely, truly. How about it? If you were to present your body and become our love toy, then we could overlook you, lady Isvel”

“Don’t screw around! I won’t become such a thing even if I were to die!”

*sigh*, so you’re still energetic enough to be able to state that so confidently”


Several Onettes appeared around Sadore.

Those were all connected with a bluish-white thread coming from Sadore’s fingers, which was a mechanism where Onette’s movements were linked to the movements of Sadore’s fingers.


“Though I say that, it doesn’t seem like you can no longer stand up”


“I will have you restrained here. Please spend some time in fear in prison”


The Onettes surrounded Isvel and restrained her body.

Isvel tried to struggle, but it was impossible to brush them off in her current condition where she could not show sufficient strength.


“Let go of me!”

“I will not. Because from now on, we will have you come out in front of the populace as a criminal who tried to overthrow this country”


“And then I, who has put a stop to the lord’s crime, will be recognized as the true lord. We will have you executed while bearing all of the crimes I have committed”


Sadore laughed out loud in front of the shocked Phantom and Isvel.

After laughing for a while, he returned to Luke while dragging along Isvel.


“I am here in order to build a good relationship with Sadore who will become the next king. After all, it would be more convenient one way or another were he to lead the demon lord army. I am assisting him for that purpose, you see” “Convenient…?”

“That is a matter being discussed in private. Now then, I don’t need the demon over there, so I will dispose of him. You properly restrain Isvel, alright?”

“Please leave it to me”


Sadore held Isvel and left this place.

The remaining Luke walked in front of the similarly remaining Phantom.


“That you would jump into the fray so simply like this, you truly are foolish. Because you are foolish,  it has resulted in your death”

“I suppose so. I do think it was truly foolish to challenge to a bout all of a sudden”

“It is fine if you have understanding of it. You may die like this. I will bury you with this sacred sword Savers


What was in his hand was the authentic sacred sword.

It had the power to convert magic power into a dozen times the energy if one were to pour in vast amount of magic power.

The magic power that Luke poured in instantly swelled up, and a white aura began to drift around him.


“I managed to get my hands on it in the black market auction. You might as well become my opponent to test this sword on”

“ … Be gentle with me”


Luke swung the sacred sword.

That swing cut up Phantom’s body, making him spew blood from his chest.

Luke dealt a kick to the staggering Phantom in pursuit, and he flew far away, falling outside from the whole that was created by the flying blade from a while ago.

Luke, after seeing off Phantom until he was no longer there, once again laughed and sheathed the sacred sword


“I have better skill than Adel, don’t you think?”


“You’re a sword and yet, you’re opposing the qualified? …Well, it is fine. I will eventually master you. When that time comes, I will be the genuine Hero”

“――Master Roy”

“ … Haven’t I told you to call me Luke here?”


There was a person who began to talk him.

In the room where nobody should have been there until now, stood a man wearing an orange robe and a woman wearing a violet robe before anybody was aware of.

The two went on their knees and hung their heads like they were pledging allegiance to Luke.


“I apologise, master Luke. I, Violette, have arranged my preparations”

“Similarly, Orange’s preparations are done”

“Hey! Orange! Show some proper respects to master Luke!”

“Do I have to? It’s difficult, you know”


Luke sighed once to the idiotic exchange between the two.


“Enough with the nonsensical exchange. I can take those preparations mean that you have taken the magic stone into your body, no?”

“Yes. The two of us have succeeded in adapting to the magic stones you have granted to each of us”

“That is most splendid. Soon a party of demon tourists will come. It appears that human adventurers are there as an extra, but――Well, it is fine. I will have you intercept them”

“Certainly. This Violette shall display the heads of our enemies in front of master Roy”

“Heads ate scary, you know~”

“Shut up! It was an example! ――Now, master Luke. We will be on our way”


Violette and Orange once more lowered their heads and disappeared.

Once again alone, Luke looked down on the castle town spread in front of his eyes, before the hole in the wall that he opened himself.


“Soon, this place too will become mine…”


Luke’s loud laughter resounded in the room.

He laughed happily from the bottom of his heart.

All the while not noticing the fact that Phantom, who should’ve bore a serious wound, had disappeared below the castle――



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