Second Summon Sequel Chapter 6

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Sequel Chapter 6


“How cheeky”


I swung Kuromaru and blew away the magma.

However, while my vision was blocked for a moment, Endou went around towards my back.


“Lava Fist”


Endou seemed to have clad his fist in magma and tried to punch me with that.

I tried to defend against it with my arm.

But immediately after, I felt burning pain and was then blown far away.


“It’s hot!?”


I recovered my posture in mid-air, and dropped my gaze at my arm that was hit.

There I saw a clear fist-shaped burn was made on that part.

I knew that they have divine powers in the fight with the other guys, but theirs were exceedingly weak and did not have enough to injure me or Creasyl.

But it looks like it is different for Endou.

I saw he executed a fusion of magic and divine powers.


“To think that the man who tried to be a god even as a joke, has received a wound from this sort of foolish person. What a terrible joke”

“Oh shut up! Just keep your mouth shut and watch!”


Driving Creasyl’s rebuke out of my ears, I once again set up Kuromaru.

I can’t be careless.

If I were to get covered with that magma, though I won’t die, it would end up creating a big opening.

If that happens, at best Creasyl should kill me――I mean, seal me out of revenge.


“Suzaki, we’re not the same as us at that time anymore. For our lord, we will kill you if you get in our way here”

“Lord? The guy who turned you into something like this, huh… Don’t tell me, you’re talking about the sanctuary association aren’t you?”

“I have no reasons to answer you”

“At least have a conversation with me here”


I stopped Endou, who came charging at me clad in magma again, with Kuromaru.

The reforged Kuromaru won’t yield from just this.

I forced him back and released a flying blade while I was at it.


“Magma ball!”


Endou released a ball of magma towards that, but.


“Don’t think it can be stopped with something like that”


The flying blade cut up the magma and directly hit Endou’s torso.

What I was surprised about it here was that it didn’t cut him in half.

The wound that stretched from his right shoulder to his left leg joint looks to be quite deep at a glance.

But it doesn’t look like I could beat him with just this.

He’s surprisingly sturdy.



“ …Go back already, you all. Don’t do things like this. As for the gods… well, I’ll somehow talk it out smoothly”


I showed off the difference in our strengths.

His fighting strength has gone down a lot too.

Gods don’t like to directly get involved in the situation of humans too much, so if they retreat here, then they’ll end it without chasing them too far.

As long as they don’t rise in revolt towards us with that, then there may be a way somewhere to turn just the remaining guys back.

It’s not like I have any particular emotional attachment to my classmates, but I just want to stop the disgusting things like being controlled to hunt down other people after the obvious remodelling of their human bodies.


“――Endou, let’s retreat”


Who tapped the groaning Endou’s shoulder was a muscular man who appeared out of nowhere.

Well, I do remember him too.

It’s the sports-oriented guy who was often together with Yuuhi and Kouma, Kondou Jirou.

Jirou, while expressionless, suddenly pulled Endou’s body.


“I, I’m not done yet!”

“We can’t win as we are now. We’re going back”

“…Damn it!”


Endou cursed.

Please, do just that.

Who do you think would have choose to mass-kill you all?


“What are you saying? Your deeds merits certain death. Death penalty to all of you, that has been decided.


…Well, I guess that’s how it is in her perspective.

I saw Creasyl take a step forward and I slowly pulled back.

If she’s going to do it, then I’ll let her.

It means I don’t have to attack them myself and I have no reasons to protect them either.


“Disappear… Banish”


From Creasyl’s hand, the light that annihilates all creation was shot.

――However, that light was obstructed by a flame wall that appeared suddenly.

Banish did not reach them, and it lost its effect after erasing that flame.


“Don’t let your guard down, you two”

“Sorry, Mitsuki”


This is yet another face I knew of.

Asakura Mitsuki, a girl who was in Kouma’s group.



“ …What is it?”

“I’m sorry, but please tell Kouma the next time you meet. That there’s no longer any need to search for us”


“…Let’s go, Endou, Mitsuki”


Jirou disappeared as if he melted into the air.

That phenomenon equally happened to Mitsuki and Endou.

I’m fully aware that I’m doing something like letting them escape, but I’m leaving them alone without making a move.

They don’t have any significant information either way.

Furthermore, they would simply commit suicide if they’re caught.

That’s what it means to be controlled.


“ …There ain’t no next time”


At the end, Endou glared at me once, and the three completely vanished in front of me.

The other remaining people disappeared somewhere before I was aware of, and silence covered the celestial world.


“Why would you not kill them? You seem to be acquaintances, but you could not mean to overlook them for such reasons, could you?”

“That’s not it … They’re probably lurking in your world. At any rate, no matter how much we beat up the guys right now, we won’t find our way to that lord guy. That case, it’ll be better to have them become grounds to search for their headquarters”

“ …Hmph”


I don’t know how she thought of my opinion, but Creasyl didn’t mention anything since them.

The entire thing called sanctuary association are probably pulling their strings behind the scenes.

――I’ll crush them, before they expose the world to danger.


This is too much to handle for my friends; when I judged it so, it didn’t matter anymore that I’m a god.

I’ll beat them up personally.

That’s what I’ve decided.

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