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 Vol 9 Chapter 17

Bulletin board chapter 

Yuuji, uploading the video of the subjugation battle and a picture of the elf part 2


[In the middle of subjugating] I kind of got to another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 42 [the juice actors] 


238 : Yuuji

Alright, everyone, thanks for waiting!

Elven girl, Riese-chan, age 12

Ah about her clothes, I’ve already gotten permission from Sakura



239 : Anonymous NEET

IT’S HEREーーーーー!


240 : Anonymous NEET

A beautiful girl ain’t she!


241 : Anonymous NEET





242 : Anonymous NEET

Brb gonna go get caught by a truck.

You can go to the other world that way right?


243 : I love huge breasts

She sure is cute!

Well, no breasts means she’s not in my strike zone though!


244 : YES Lolita NO Touch



245 : Anonymous NEET

I’m afraid of the silent pervert


246 : Anonymous ETNE


I just noticed something serious…

Yuuji, where did you take this?


247 : Anonymous MEAT



248 : Dr Acorn



249 : Infra worker

Yuuji, you little…


250 : Anonymous NEET

The background is Yuuji’s house

No matter how you think about it, he took it in his garden


251 : Anonymous NEET




252 : Cool NEET

Yuuji, you let the elf in your house?

What happened with the mysterious barrier?

No wait a sec

You saved her in the monster village and

The guild master who’s in charge and the adventurers were there and yet

Why did it result in Yuuji’s house and not the city?


253 : Anonymous NEET


You’re unusually confused!

Of course you would be though!

Tell us right away Yuujii!


254 : Yuuji


The elven country didn’t reveal their location and

Something is necessary to enter even for elves

But Riese lost it and can’t go back to her country

She can do something about it by getting in contact 

with the elf in the royal capital, but 

Snow is piling so decided to stay somewhere until spring

The feudal lord and guildmaster would protect her, but the city may be dangerous

Also it looks like elves have a different language from the human race and beastkins

Living would be inconvenient.

But for some reason only I was able to communicate with words

And if it’s the pioneer land, then there won’t be people coming and going when it snows so it’s safe.

Alice and Riese held each other’s hands, but

They just passed through without objections and entered

When I asked about it afterwards, she seems to have lost it when she was kidnapped

She wasn’t holding a weapon


255 : Anonymous NEET


There’s too many places to retort to!

But for now Yuuji, go die!


256 : Anonymous NEET

Cool guy, it’s your turn!


257 : Cool NEET


Everyone, don’t panic

Let’s check it, one by one

Let’s set aside the location of the elven country, 

the important something and the elf in the royal capital

The royal capital elf’s information on the prediction of the location

And the lost article will be checked carefully later

We can expect and understand that the city 

would be dangerous for elves, so this let’s do this later too for now

There are two problems

  1. Why can only Yuuji communicate with words?
  2. The situation when she went through the mysterious barrier


258 : Anonymous NEET



Your Honor, we are missing the case that Yuuji is trying to spend 

the winter with Alice-chan and the elven girl under one roof!


259 : Anonymous NEET

>> 258

I didn’t want to notice that…


260 : Anonymous NEET

I, am going to stay in Hojo house site from today on

Gonna contact Gunji-sensei


260 : Anonymous NEET

Curse Yuuji!


261 : Anonymous NEET

I, have noticed.

The fact that a real elf would wear clothes we

designed for our sake.


262 : Anonymous NEET



263 : YES Lolita NO Touch



264 : Artist

You serious!?

My creative urge is getting excited!


265 : Anonymous NEET


Artist, you should just shut up and lurk!


266 : Well informed NEET

Calm down

Let’s settle it one by one.


Yuuji, please answer 1 and 2


267 : Yuuji


  1. I’ve said it before, but Elves have a different language they said But, when I talk to Riese, I would seem to speak in elven language Everyone said they didn’t understand what I was saying Ah, I can understand her words without problems As a test I had her write in elven language, but I couldn’t read it
  2. When she held hands with Alice, she could enter the plot normally There was that conversation with Mr Kevin before too, but Weren’t the conditions “the resident lead you by hand”, “You have no weapons” and “You have no hostility/malice”? Is what Mr Kevin said I still haven’t tried it with the other people

Something like that I guess…


268 : Cool NEET

One of the situation is that it’s similar to the fact Yuuji could understand the local language I guess

I’d like to verify it by trying out other languages though…

1-1.  You said the goblin made gugyagugya sounds and the orcs made fugofugo sounds, but you don’t understand those words?

1-2. I’d like Yuuji, Alice and the elven girl to try out a ‘shake’ or ‘wait’ on Kotarou with each of their respective language         Can Kotarou, who has gone together with Yuuji, understand the other world language?

2-1. Yuuji, have you decided whether or not you will let the pioneer citizens into the plot in a crisis?

2-2. If you’ve decided to let them in, then you ought to ascertain in this opportunity including the inspection         When the time comes and you can’t let them in, it’ll be useless Provided that you go with Kotarou, you let them in up to the garden, one person at a time, making sure to lock your house


269 : Anonymous NEET


My excitement that went up from the elf is… 


270 : Anonymous NEET


I know, I know that!

Mine’s also cooled down…


271 : Anonymous NEET

We got infected by the calmness, huh…

Well, it is sure enough an important situation for now, so

Let’s put that part in order right away

Answer it quickly Yuuji!

If you don’t do it quickly I’ll catch a cold you know!


272 : Anonymous NEET


Put on your clothes already… 


273 : Yuuji

1-1. I don’t understand the language of the goblins and orcs!

Mr Kevin doesn’t seem to know either if they have a language

1-2. Got it, will try that out!

She definitely did appear like she listens to what Alice says!

2-1. If they increase from now on, then I’ll think again, but

I’ve already decided to let the current pioneer citizens in when the time comes

2-2. Alright, I’ll try this out later too!


274 : Anonymous NEET


The end, we’re done with this, right?


275 : Infra worker


Wait wait, don’t be in such a hurry

Let’s await the entries of the intellectual criminals


276 : Anonymous NEET

Right, be quick about it!


277 : Well informed NEET

There’s too little precedents for me to say anything about the languages

Seeing the clips, the leader of the orcs and fellow goblins seems to be giving out instructions.

If we were to build a hypothesis like that, then:

It could be that he “Can understand communicable languages except certain ones” 


“Can understand communicable languages among the races”

Or it could be

“Can understand what could grow to be called a language”

in the first place

For example, Orcas is considered to be communicating in their pod, but 

They can’t communicate well with a different pod

If the goblins and orcs are like this

Then their cries can’t be called a language I guess

Well, the point is, we don’t know anything at this point


278 : Anonymous NEET

Re- really, is that so


279 : Anonymous NEET

( the useless info’s a little annoying)


280 : Anonymous NEET

In short, it means we’re not sure I guess!

Alright Yuuji, what’s left is our instructions for you to try out later!

Elf-chan’s pictures, quick!


281 : YES Lolita NO Touch

Several photographs of Elf-chan 

solo and with Alice-chan



282 : Overwhelmingly dog person

Also photos of Kotarou and Elf-chan too!


283 : Yuuji

I’ve tried out various things, so

First I’ll upload as many photos I can take!





284 : Clothes group B

So this is a beautiful girl… 


285 : Anonymous NEET

Modern day clothing won’t suit elv…


It works I guess!


286 : Anonymous NEET

I’m about to go crazy from being too jealous of him!


287 : Camera Ossan

Yuuji, you’ve improved haven’t you


288 : Anonymous NEET




289 : Anonymous NEET


There’s also the choice for Yuuji to bring along the elf 

and Alice-chan and go back to Japan


290 : Anonymous NEET


Fucking retard!

I won’t be able to escape from reality like that don’t you think!?


291 : Anonymous NEET



I have too many clothes I want her to wear!

Yuuji, first let her wear a mini skirt and knee socks please

If Sakura-chan doesn’t have any, then make some quickly



I’m gonna stay over at Utsunomiya for a bit

If Yuuji has gone there then even I can!


293 : Artist

I have the clothes I want Riese-chan to wear!



294 : Anonymous NEET


This guy, he’s too strong hearted isn’t he…


295 : Anonymous NEET

Alright Yuuj, full operation on the seamstress!

Or rather, if you’re already resolved to let them in the plot

Let them use the sewing machine!


296 : Anonymous NEET

T h e  g e n i u s  a p p e a r e s!!


297 : Anonymous NEET


We’re gonna accelerate the manufacturing speed

Alice-chan’s clothes and Elf-chan’s clothes beyond transcendence!


298 : I love huge breasts


The feudal lord’s wife’s clothes too!


299 : Kemona Lv. MAX

Wait wait, first the beastkin household!

They’re senior pioneer citizens you know!


300 : My hobby is Cosplay

Everyone, I finished the design of the dress Mr Kevin will give~



301 : Anonymous NEET


O- ooh!


302 : Anonymous NEET


Wonderful isn’t it!

Let’s go with this!


303 : Anonymous NEET


No, but you really do have sense!

He’s gonna beat her hands down if it’s this!


304 : Anonymous ETNE

( Hey, somebody tell them this ain’t the time for Kevin’s bride )


305 : Anonymous MEAT

(  Idiot, how much time do you think they took for this )


306 : Infra worker

Ri- right, next will be the pattern right!

I wonder if there’s anyone here who can make a dress!

I hope Mr Kevin would be delighted with this!

( You guys, put some more feelings to it! )

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