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Chapter 41

The Hero Proposes


“ … Are we really going to go with this?”

“Of course we are! Are you ready for this?”

“I’m okay with it though…”


I am currently on Leona’s back, with her body stooped and on all fours.

I have my own feet around Leona’s body and rode on her in a straddling form.

Her strategy is to obtain mobility and offensive ability at the same time like this.

Our appearance is the very stupidity itself, but thanks to Leona, I’m able to move freely on the waves.

It makes sense, for the time being.


“Leave the minor details for later! Let’s go!”

“Ah, right!”


The giant tentacle headed straight towards us.

We dodged that by jumping to the side and then we ran off towards the body while warding off the splashes.

However, even if I dodge one, there were still seven left.


“They’re coming from left and right, you know!”

“Okay! Hold on tight then!”


I put my hands on Leona’s shoulders and strongly grasped them.

The next instant after I felt an impact like my body was thrown on the wall, we went past the tentacles.

Oh I see, that now was air resistance I guess.

By the time I noticed that, I was already at another place.

Leona is moving quicker than I thought she would.

Meaning I could finally follow her with my eyes.


“You did well, being able to move so much with me riding on you”

“I’ve got some experience after all, you see. Well, let’s talk about that another time”


Leona’s expression as she cut off the conversation was just slightly cloudy.

Something difficult to talk about may have occurred.

In that case, I have no need to pursue it and so I concentrated on what’s in front of me now.


“I will maintain this mobility so go with everything you got! I’m leaving the attacks to you, alright!?”

“I know!”


We first avoided a tentacle that came to attack us again.

And then, when I avoided that tentacle, I released a flying sword with Echsdarc.

However, putting in a cut was all that hit could muster; it was unable to dismember it.


‘As I had thought, an instantly released flying sword would not sever even its tentacles…’


Echsdarc muttered.

It’s at this level even with a legendary sword.

This octopus, wouldn’t it be able to destroy at least one country if it were to fight honestly?


“I’ll be needing some time to accumulate it then. Leona, can you buy me some time?”

If it’s just keep avoiding so you don’t take an attack, then that’d be simple. It’s not that the tentacles are slow, but they won’t be reaching my feet”

“Alright. Then five seconds around a tentacle please. If I have that much, then I’ll be able to cut one entirely”

“Sure thing! I’ll steadily dodge them all, alright!”


It must have thought of us as annoying.

The octopus sent four tentacles directly at us. 

Leona made the best use of the springs of her body; she jumped, occasionally ran and occasionally kept stopping.

In doing so, she succeeded in avoiding everything, just like she said.


“This much would be…!”



Once we dodged three more tentacles, I released a flying sword at the one remaining tentacle in a way that I pass by it as we jumped.

This time it’s a flying sword packed with five seconds of magic power.

The slash, which was incomparable to the one from before, hit the tentacle.

The slash slipped into its flesh in an instant and severed the tentacle like that.

The dismembered tip fell on the sea, raising a sheet of spray.


“Alright, that’s the first――”

‘Milord! Underneath you!’


Together with Echsdarc’s words, I drop my line of sight to the sea surface.

I was able to see something squirming from under the sea.

I had a bad feeling about that, so I brought down my head at once.

Once I did so, that thing suddenly rushed out of the sea and grazed my cheeks.

Even while feeling the heat on my face, I switch my gaze to the thing that rushed out.

That was the small tentacle that tried to pull in one of the Greed Tiger members in the water before.


“This is not good, you know!”

“I know!”


I saw that several tentacles of similar sizes were wriggling at the same time when the tentacle pulled back.

This octopus, it looks like it has uncountable amounts of small tentacles beside the eight large tentacles.

While it holds the characteristics of octopi, it is a monster around there after all.

It undermines common knowledge with an unconcerned look.


“Magic Barrier!”


I pushed out my arm and formed a wall of magic power to cover us.

The next instant, countless number of tentacles rushed out to try skewering us.

They were repelled away, unable to penetrate the wall.

However, their attack did not stop with just that.

They haven’t broken the barrier, but it could not endure it as I expected, so it slowly began to crack.


“Hey! It’s not holding it anymore is it!?”

“I, I know that!”


I’m originally not good with black magic.

It’s not that I don’t have talent with it, but it’s more correct to say that “it’s not my cup of tea”

Even the magic barrier, the basis of defense, is in this mess, probably because I’m not used to it.

But, this would hold the water surface.

As long as I have footing, it’s possible to break away even with Leona’s speed.


‘Milord! This time it is above!’



We were covered by a shadow.

What drew near right above us was a giant tentacle.

It’s already too late to avoid it.


“Barrier――Full power!”


I aimed my arm at the giant tentacle and raised the strength of the barrier at once.





The moment the tentacle collided with the barrier, we were hit flying towards the sea surface with a strong impact.

I’m glad we didn’t take it squarely until now.

If we continue to take something like this, then we would get overwhelmed, be it me or Isvel.


“I give up. This is the first time going up against this kind of monster, even for me you know”

“You could say that again…”


Having been struck to the sea surface, we set up our posture while breaking away.

Thanks to the magic barrier, the damage itself is exceedingly scarce, but the situation is not good.

Those innumerable tentacles are too much of a trouble.


“Can’t we get Silvar to cooperate with us?”

“It won’t work. Only Silvar could protect the ship from this guy and he knows that, so he can’t assist us either”

“ Ugh… You’re right I guess. There’s also the fact that my subordinates are there, so I guess no choice but to leave them to him”


The ship has escaped quite far away.

However, I don’t know when the octopus, which is now aiming its interest to us, would go start its attack on the boat.

There’s no choice but for Leona and I to do something about that.


“――Come to think of it Al”

“What is it?”

“We’ve been able to move on the water for how long again?”

“ …Now that you mention it”


I confirm the remaining time of the black magic that is clad on my body.

That confirmation brought about another cause of my impatience.


“ … It’s ticking. It may not hold even a few minutes now”

“I knew it… This is genuinely bad, but what will we do?”


――It’s not like I don’t have any ideas.

It’s just that the success rate is exceedingly low and if my reading is off, then our worst situation will be forced into an even bigger hopelessness.


“No, this isn’t the time to be considering failure is it?”


“I have one idea. If it’s impossible from the start, then tell me it’s impossible please. But if it’s feasible――”

“Try telling me. You trying to talk to me first means that there’s a part of you that believes in me right?”

“… Yeah. First, there’s something I want to ask of you”


I told Leona the best strategy I thought of.

Having heard that, Leona raised the corners of her lips before answering.


“――Al, you can also be quite crazy don’t you? But, that strategy is interesting”

“Can you do it?”

“I’ll do it. If it’s your request, then I will just respond to it”

“Alright. Then… please”



We firmly stood on two legs and glared at the octopus as it examined us.


“Come, we’re gonna punch it in the face”

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