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Chapter 106

Conclusions of All



“Your strength increases by anger?”


Satan’s screams resounded.

Yuuhi said in a cold voice, while tightly holding Satan’s head, pressing it on the ground and burning it.


“I’m sorry, but it looks like my flames also have that sort of property. The angrier I get, the more this flame would――――”


――――grow in viciousness.


In an instant, the intensity of the black flames coming out of Yuuhi’s hand became stronger.

It scorched even the dark red aura wrapping Satan’s body, and began to burn his body, his soul.


“No matter how fast you become or how strong your abilities become, none of it matters before me”


Satan’s skull cracked.

Astonishment ruled over Satan quicker than that he agonized from the pain by the unimaginable grip from her slender arms.


“You… Where did you get such power――――!?

“I have nothing to say to you at all”



The intensity of the flames and Yuuhi’s grip reached a remarkable difference in strength compared to before.

Satan too was unable to stop his screams.

Inside his hazy consciousness, Satan felt something at the end that he could not believe.


“Why… do you… have divine pow――――”

“Good night”


The next instant, Satan turned into black ashes and disappeared.

Not even a single dust remained there.



“Id hurds! Id huuuuurds!”

“I knew it, if we attack at places with no mouth, we can injure her”


Shironeko, who had slashed at Beelzebub in the back, told Mineko while withdrawing from that place.


“She’s not as all-purpose as Mr Setsu’s sacred sword isn’t she”

“If it’s like this, then――――”


The two vanished.

They moved at a speed unrecognizable by Beelzebub.

The arm with mouths too made fruitless efforts, unable to follow the swiftness of the movements of the two.


“Looks like we will finish right away -desu”


The two slipped into Beelzebub’s chest.

They swung their arms with sharp nails grown on it and thrust them to Beelzebub’s body.


“Please di――”

“Juust kidding”

“W-!? Sis! Get back!”


Mineko immediately shouted.

Shironeko caught her words with amazing reaction speed, and reflexively took distance from Beelzebub.

Mineko did the same and lined up with Shironeko.


“And I was so close~”

“ …So you could do something like that too -desu?”


A large mouth was opened on Beelzebub’s body.

That mouth, whose tongue was spread out and drool dripped down, was the same as the one on Beelzebub’s arm.

If they had continued to thrust their arms, their arm would have been bitten off.


“I’m so hungry, I’m already… at my limiiiiiiit!”

“She’s coming -desu!”



The two separated left and right, avoiding Beelzebub’s approaching arm.

Due to naturally having two arms, they split in two like that and chased after Shironeko and Mineko.


(So fast!)


Mineko was surprised.

Beelzebub’s arm was moving roughly at the same speed as the semi-animalised Mineko.

It could not catch up with her speed.

However, Beelzebub’s arms was not a “simple” palm.

What moves around like a rope from her shoulders was entirely Beelzebub’s mouth.

If she were to end up getting surrounded, then she would no longer have any way out.


(I have to move carefully――――”

“Mineko! The second arm is-!”



It was Shironeko’s scream.

By the time Mineko noticed it, it was already too late.

Surrounded by both arms, her situation turned into one where the palms would attack from left and right.

Shironeko, who had become free as she was no longer chased at, ran towards Mineko, However, she could not be in time.


“Thank you for the meal!”


By the two hands, Mineko was crushed――or not.

The body of Mineko which was eaten by the hands, blurred and disappeared.

The arms, which had lost its destination, stiffened on the spot.




Beelzebub looked like she did not understand what happened, tilting her head.




Shironeko caught Mineko, who had appeared beside her.

Mineko’s legs were tattered and could barely stand.


“Shadow Cat is a technique you can’t use if you’re not in your completely animalised body -desu! If you use it semi-animalised, your feet would…”

“I didn’t have … the time to animalise you know”


Mineko said while breathing faintly.


Shadow Cat――――

It was a secret technique that the two had thought out, which would undo their leg’s limiter and move at ultra-high speed.

It was possible for them to move at a speed to leave behind after-images, and this time she succeeded in not letting the surrounding arms recognize just the fact that she leaped over them.

Originally, this technique was one to perform with an animalised body.

They would not even execute it in their flesh and blood.

In the case one used it semi-animalised, the muscles on one’s feet would be torn to pieces and, if severe, one’s bones would break.

Mineko’s feet, though not broken, had been given serious damage to the nerves.

She must have become nearly useless in battle.


“Mineko, go rest -desu. I’ll do the rest”

“No, sis. I’ll do my best a little longer… I’ve got a strategy”



Mineko whispered into Shironeko’s ear.

Beelzebub, who had finally noticed that Mineko had avoided her at this time, once again moved her arms.


“I’ve~ found you!”

“Let’s go! Sis!”

“I will go with your strategy -desu, Mineko!”


The arms stretched towards them.

Mineko decided to go on all fours and use her arms as well to move around.

Considering the original body functions of a cat, this manner was easy to move around with.

However, due to her legs that are naturally bearing the role of her hind legs being worn out, she could not possibly put out the speed from before.


(That’s why I will――――gh!)


Mineko mustered her strength with her whole body, and strongly kicked the ground.

Due to her disappearing into the sky for an instant from her excessive jumping strength, Beelzebub lost sight of Mineko.

By process of elimination, her attacks went towards the remaining Shironeko.


“One of you disappeared, but… well, doesn’t matter, as long as I can eat her later. Right now I’ll eat you~!”

“Come at me -desu”


Shironeko’s face was calm, but she felt impatience in her mind.

In this strategy, Shironeko had to finish her preparations until Mineko comes down.

For that reason, it would be a match against time from here on.


“I have no choice, but… to do it -desu!”


Shironeko made a great starting dash.

She dashed through the ground with speed incomparable from before.

Beelzebub’s arms could not catch her as they were chasing her, despite attacking with two.


“Uugh~! So fast!”

(About now -desu…)


After looking up for a while, Shironeko concentrated her consciousness on her own body.




The running Shironeko’s body underwent changes.

A giant white cat.

That was the current Shironeko’s figure.

She had gone through training since then and her size during her animalisation had become twice of that from before.

It was at the level of being able to flatten a human being with one arm.


What Shironeko performed after becoming a cat was――――.


“<Beast Cannon>!”


When Shironeko approached in front of Beelzebub, she opened her large mouth and breathed out a lump of voice.

Turning into a large lump of power, the beast cannon headed towards Beelzebub.


“So I’m gonna eat such a strange thing, right!?”


However, such an attack should naturally not work on Beelzebub.

In fact, Beelzebub tried to attack it with the arm where she let mouths appear.

At this rate, the beast cannon would end up getting eaten.


“It isn’t something that simple -desu”


There, the beast cannon changed its trajectory.

Immediately after it suddenly lowered its angle, the beast cannon hit the ground.

Thunderous roar resounded in their vicinity.

The violent shock ran through the ground and it splendidly blew out a cloud of dust.




Beelzebub was surprised.

Because the ground at her feet was suddenly blown away.

Being blown into the air, Beelzebub calmly gazed at the ground.


“You may be trying to deal damage to me by throwing me to the ground, but it won’t be effective on me. That is a story if that is the case!”


Beelzebub stretched her arms towards the ground from the sky.

The two arms firmly supported the ground, and Beelzebub stabilized her body.


“This time I will go eat you alright――――”

“I think that’s already impossible”




That time, a voice resounded from the air further above Beelzebub.

Mineko had returned.

Mineko, who had invoked animalisation and turned into a black cat, struck Beelzebub with her arm, large enough to crush people flat as well.

Due to it being a sudden happening, Beelzebub did not have the time to open her mouth and so she received the intense blow as is.


“Cat Hammer!”


While being trampled down by Mineko, Beelzebub fell down.

Beelzebub was then crushed at the center of the hole.

Being struck to the floor and, to make matters worse, crushed, Beelzebub could no longer move, possibly because all of her bones and internal organs had been destroyed.

Silence visited the vicinity. 


“I’m glad you’re now able to control it -desu”

“I’ve been practising you know. But still, I knew she couldn’t eat up something bigger than her own body’


The strategy Mineko had thought of was first for Shironeko to destroy her footing.

In doing so, Mineko would end it by crushing her at the center of the crater after falling down from right above her.


“I’m sorry, but we know of a much more dangerous sacred sword -desu”


Seeing off the glutton disappearing without saying anything, the two went back while dragging their feet.


With this, all the keys to the barrier had been successfully destroyed.

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