Hiki-NEET Vol 7 Epilogue

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Vol 7 Epilogue



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“Bows and arrows -su? Well, if you’re fine with a simple one then I can make them, but…… ”


“Mr. Yuuji…… I think it is fine to think about defense, but we currently have plenty of fighting power you know? We will prepare when we come bringing along pioneer citizens that can’t fight. More importantly, building houses and cultivating the land takes priority.”


The next day after Yuuji consulted the BBS regarding the protection of the pioneer land.

Yuuji discussed bows and bowguns with Kevin and woodworker Thomas, but responses were unfavorable. It appears the two were thinking that it will work out with their existing fighting power.


“Is that so……  I haven’t quite experienced it personally, but with our current environment and fighting power including me, about how many can we take on? When you talk about many goblins and orcs appearing, about how many can everyone repel safely?”


Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou could escape to the residence grounds where there is a barrier. He’s not prepared to actively invite them, but Yuuji thought about letting the beastmen family enter the garden for now, in the case they are attacked by a number of monster too large to win so far.

However, Yuuji was now the leader of the pioneers. It is an official position. Including the former adventurer party of four, he had to think about the safety of the settlers that may increase from now on.


“That’s right…… Shall we ask the person themselves for a moment?”


Saying thus, Kevin called the leader of the former adventurer party and asked how many goblins and orcs they could go against in this environment.


“Hm…… Can I include the beastkin family to our fighting power? If it’s just to protect this pioneer land, then 100 should be doable if we’re up against goblins and orcs.”


Yuuji was at a loss for words towards the number that were beyond his expectation.

Alice went “Mister and the others are amazing right!?” and was all smiles. The praised leader broke his appearance and showed a slovenly smile. A boy is nice, but a girl is nice too, shall I do my best a bit? No, right now is an important stage, and such was he murmuring. The sound of Yuuji grinding his teeth resounded.

Kotarou went *pon pon* striking the foot of the leader who said 100 is doable with her foreleg. Never mind your love affairs, a little more details on that part, is what she seems to be saying.


“The ones who can use bows are my wife and the scout, and also the Mrs Nina the catkin. The three of them will devote themselves to shooting from behind the fence. Me and the other man will keep killing outside the fence. Even if they slip through the sides, they will be killed while they’re fairly slowed down by the dry moat and fence. We can deal with it even if they come with 50/50 on both sides. That’s the 100 part.”


So the leader of the former third rank party “Dark green wind” responded, brimming with confidence. It does not seem like the title of third rank was just for show. Incidentally Yuuji once again ground his teeth at the my wife remark. He’s a pioneer leader of small caliber.


“Ah…… That reminds me, I forgot to tell you. Miss Kotarou has the equivalent fighting strength of a fourth rank and Alice-chan has power equivalent of a fourth rank as well or so it seems. Here is the guildmaster’s certificate.”


Thomas and the leader opened wide and startled their eyes towards Kevin’s words.

In order for Yuuji to be added to the former adventurer’s morning practice, his abilities were known. However, they were not aware of Kotarou and Alice’s fighting power.

“Fufun” went Alice and she puffed out proudly. Kotarou, looking like she was putting on airs, scratched the ground with her forelegs. A woman can’t speak of her own secrets, is what she seemed to be wanting to say. She can’t even speak.


“You mean this tiny girl and pup!? Ow, ah, ow, sorry, I said sorry.”


The leader who ended up speaking out of reflex from astonishment spoke words of apologies after he was pinched by Alice who puffed her cheeks and after he received Kotarou’s foreleg punch.


“If that’s the case then… We will be able to deal with it from three sides and if we’re facing goblins and orcs then shouldn’t we be able to handle 150 of them? No, we can also go in shifts, so we can handle even more?”


Yuuji finally felt the meaning of the words “Are we needed in this?” which was said by the two adventurer men of “Dusk wind” who accepted the forest investigation commission.


It appears that the current excess in the pioneer land’s military might was more than Yuuji thought.


The farmwork continued with the dogkin Marcel and Mark.

The four former adventurers and woodworker Thomas continued felling trees and creating building materials for the sake of building houses.

The catkin Nina and Kotarou were in charge of hunting and Kevin who became the head of his company made round trips to the pioneer land and city, accompanied by an escort.

The professional adventurers had also begun investigating the reason of the frequent appearance of the goblins and orcs Yuuji and Kevin were worried about. Yuuji would join the former adventurers on their early morning practice and then build a fence and create dry moat together with Alice.


Yuuji has visited the first city in this world, no, the first city in 14 years.

Having safely finished the registration of pioneers with Kevin’s cooperation, or rather Kevin’s ability, Yuuji reached the point where he could enter the city brazenly.


Does one get an official position because of skill, or does the position raise the person?

Yuuji, who went from farmer to pioneer group leader, has come to care about the safety of not only Alice, Kotarou and himself, but also the pioneer land and citizen.

Well, without even thinking about it, it is a fact that the official position had raised Yuuji.


Early summer of the fourth year since his house transferred to another world.


From a shut-in NEET to NEET, via magician of the forest to farmer and then to pioneer group leader.

As a result of having written the petition accurately, pioneer group leader Yuuji was written even in the official documents now. It was an unexpected position. He was a leader of an organisation.


In any case, pioneer group leader Yuuji spent his everyday doing well like this.



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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Kotarou isn’t a pup! She’s old for a dog. Of course her leveling made her look younger, but not where she can be mistaken for a puppy.

    1. Presumably, she’s smaller than the dogs of this world, which are probably closer to wolves. As such, she could be mistaken for a puppy. Maybe.

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