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Chapter 62 Limit Break



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“I won’t let you! <Ground bomb>!”


The earth between the kneeling Glain and Elka who was about to swing down her sword suddenly bursted open.

It was a small explosion, however it was done plenty unexpected; Elka stopped her swing and jumped back.


“Tch, I thought it was settled though.”

“It won’t go so easily.”


Tia rushed over to Glain.

In order to apply recovery magic on the wounds of he who was groaning, she applied force on his wounds with her hands.


“Sorry, because recovery magic isn’t really my forte……”



She could handle an unthinkable amount of magic, however she has only one thing she wasn’t skilled at, which was the recovery magic.

It was a problem of not having aptitude in the first place, but even so she could control elementary level magic and so she would raise the amount of healing with large amounts of magic power.

Even so, elementary level is elementary level.
It was limited to regenerating the surface of Glain’s quite deep wounds to prevent blood from flowing out, without going as far as letting it recover completely.


“You can’t move for a while, so.”

“Tia……going against three people on your own is……”

“I’m fine, I will use that when push comes to shove.”
“……At least don’t do the unreasonable……”


Letting Glain sit in that place, Tia stood in front of the three with an unusually serious expression.


“Hm~? Feeling like doing it on your own? I don’t care even if you die you know?”

“……Chatty person.”

“Tch……even though you’re just a brat, you’re getting on my nerves!”


Chewing down the “You’re one too don’t you think” retort in a gulp, Tia invoked the power residing in those irises, her magic eyes.

Those eyes, which are capable of seeing the streams of the magic power that’s invisible to the naked eye as well as its form, could clearly capture the “something” put on Elka.


“Threads……threads are going inside her body……”

“Gh……So you were a possessor of the magic eye……”


From the wounds that was made on Elka’s shoulder, invisible threads were entering that body.

Those threads were occupying her right half and a part reached her brain.

And then the other side of the thread was connected to Melua’s fingertips.

Threads similarly entered Alize’s body, but unlike Elka, it was laid out on her whole body.

A considerable amount of threads entered her brain as well.


“<Marionette magic> is……a body control magic.”

“……That’s right. My unique magic can directly control a person’s body. It’s a magic where, as long as I can make a wound on them, I can take over their nerves just by letting a thread invade there and make them move the way I wish.”

“It’s not good if there’s no wound?”

“Even though you understand that. That’s how it is. I have to create a wound and put a thread in there on top of it.”


Put a thread in it――――――Tia put that into consideration.

If that thread could move like tentacles, then Glain sitting in the back will end up being controlled.

However there was no indication to that.

She could guess from that that she could not scatter threads.

If that is the case


(Alize’s rapier……as I suspected, threads are coiling around it)


The trick must be when that rapier penetrates the body, the thread will enter from there.

Naturally those threads too were connected to the girl’s fingertips.


“Well I guess you found out about that part too. If I coil the thread around the sword like this, I can put in the thread the moment she makes a wound, isn’t that right? Well if I could make the wound a little larger, then I could’ve let it go in even deeper though……I thought I was a genius when I came up with this, you know!”

“Certainly……a genius in cunningness.”

“Oh, don’t praise me……And then, if I do this it’ll be even better.”


Melua touched Elka’s sword.

The threads swiftly coiled around the sword and in the blink of an eye, a sword that is, in a sense, painted with poison was complete.


“Okay then, can you fight against these two while protecting that person I wonder?”


Melua showed a savage smile and tilted her head.

Beside her were two allies who readied the swords which touching them would spell the end.

Because they’re not even conscious that the threads were entering their brain, persuasion was impossible.

Behind her was the injured Glain.

It was a situation close to being cornered.

At least, Tia had yet to come up with a plan to overcome this situation.

Let alone thinking of a plan, she was just absentmindedly looking at just a single point.


“What? Are you actually escaping from reality? Well, don’t sweat it, I’ll make you just like these two in a minute!”


The two held aloft their swords and leapt towards Tia.

Tia did not move.

Only a single expression spilled out.


“Been a while”

“――――――――Yes, it has been a while.”

“W-!? Behind me!?”


Melua looked back from the voice that came from behind her.

However it was no use.

Because a red knife had already pierced the center of the girl’s chest.


“Surprise attack, as expected of you”

“She was full of openings, so I did it unconsciously you see.”

“Gough……no way……since when……”


Blood flowed from Melua’s mouth.

The two who were controlled stopped their movements on the spot and crumbled down.

The owner of the red knife, Brad pulled out the knife from her body.

Blood flowed over from the wound and Melua fell forward.


“I noticed Brad coming from behind, so……in order to make sure you don’t perceive his presence the whole time, I continuously emitted weak magic power. You looked like you were immersed in puppet control, you were splendidly mislead.”

“Gough……no, no way……”


Brad swept away the blood on the knife.

Seeing that, Tia bore a question.


“? Not going to put in the finishing blow?”

“No……this woman can no longer be saved. Her magic viscera is also destroyed. Now there is only death awaiting her.”


Magic viscera――――――an essential bodily function for refining magic power.

It is said that a human has one in their chest, the demons have them throughout their body and the beastmen has it assimilated to their heart and it is said that the reason that magic were a demon’s forte was because they have many of those magic viscera.

There seems to be some differences between people, but Melua’s magic viscera seemed to be in the typical chest.

If that were to be destroyed, then one will become unable to refine their magic power successfully and they won’t be able to use magic as long as they don’t let it get treated by somebody.

Having her magic viscera destroyed in this situation, it won’t even be an exaggeration to say she was already dead.


“There is no need for me to deliver the final blow. If you have some resentment, then how about you take a stab?”

“……I’m fine. More importantly, we have to cure the bodies of the two.”


Tia approached Elka and Alize and checked their conditions.

Brad too went near the two after glancing at Melua.


“Gah……gough……You think I can die……”


However, he reflexively stopped his feet by the suffering voice.

Tia also responded and looked at Melua. She who was lying in the center of the puddle of blood tried getting up while gasping.

Blood poured out from her chest each time she put strength into it, her body was heading close to death.


She had reasons to not be defeated.

For the sake of Touma, who was her leader.

For the sake of being at his side until the end, as his game piece.

She would do anything if it was Touma’s command.

She infiltrated the brainwashed village and continued to show a forced smile she did not want to show.

For the village, she even pretended to be an adventurer.

She even lowered her head to that man she couldn’t resist to kill, to Setsu.

Because he told her to do it like that, because everything was the leader’s command.

Even now that was how it was.

Because he told her to kill, Melua can not lose.

She has to take everyone’s life, even by sacrificing herself.


“-haha……I’ll kill……everyone……gh! Gahah……Li- limit……<Limit Break>!”


The voice full of madness resounded in the vicinity.


“Hey hey, is that all!? Oh mister Kagerou!”



He should’ve known that it is going to end up like this.

By the time Kagerou noticed, I had already come out in the offensive and cornered him.

This guy even has the nerve to challenge me with this level of strength.

Is what I think as I look at the guy who’s been blown away each time he struck Kuromaru.


“Hey……How about you give up by now? Go back and call Touma here, fighting with you anymore than this will only get troublesome.”

“Fuh……hahaha! That’s right, I’ll give up. Fighting like this against a formidable enemy like you is sheer stupidity! Let me go against you with all my strength!”


What’s that?

Suddenly breaking into a laugh……what’s he scheming?

Setting up his black sword, Kagerou shut his eye and started kneading his magic power.

What in the world is he going to do……I even feel like wanting to watch it for a bit――――――――――――


“I shall give you darkness as well――――――――――<Limit Break>!”



Wait wait wait wait wait!?

He can use <Limit Break>!?

That was unexpected……!

I firmly set up Kuromaru and take a vigilant posture.

<Limit Break>――――――――the ultimate weapon that would allow only humans to destroy one’s own limits.

By grandly opening up the magic power circuit that is spread from the magic viscera to the whole body several times, one will come to be able to control large amount of magic power in one go.

Upon using it, the outrageous magics that you generally can’t use become temporarily usable.

Of course, the burden on your body won’t be the usual because of the magic circuit being forcibly opened, but in part the acquired strength is tremendous……it’s originally supposed to be a technique you can finally obtain after continuing a blood sweating effort for several years though――――――――who is he really?


“This is the second time I’ve had this form ……Originally this form isn’t supposed to look like this, but to fight you, I’m prepared to even shave off my life!”


Magic power blew out of Kagerou’s body, covering the guy.

The magic power that began to gradually hold a dark form became a jet black armor and it was completed.


“<Skia Armure*> ――――――――Shall we go for our second round then, you monster.”


* (影騎士団の鎧; armor of the shadow knight’s order)  




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