Hiki-NEET Vol 7 Chapter 16

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Vol 7 Chapter 16 Bulletin board chapter

Yuuji, consulting the bulletin board about the protection of the village



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[Chase the mystery] I’m kind of in another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 36 [of the many encounters!]


1: Anonymous MEAT

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Is this really another world? How did he make them? This is the thread to verify it.

Yuuji finally returned from the city.

He is together with four former 3rd rank adventurer and a woodworker you know!

4th rank worthy little girl Alice and dog Kotarou,

and on top of that the adventurers seem to have come for the investigation of the forest.

Chase the mystery of the goblins and orcs that have become frequent in the forest!

Is there a female knight there!? How about a princess knight, or an elf!?


Reproduction is not allowed okay!?


The NEET landing on >>900 is to open the next thread!

478 : Yuuji

Mr. Kevin and the adventurers that have accepted the investigation commission has arrived!

He said the two 3rd rank adventurers are good at covert operations

Looks like they were juniors of the former adventurers of the pioneer land.


479 : Anonymous NEET

Ooh, again huh Yuuji!

I made a mistake

Again huh Meat wall!


480 : Anonymous NEET

“Meat wall” sounds weak though

He seems useful as the “main shield”


481 : Cool NEET

Adventurers are stronger and more reliable in lower numbers

Here we have 6 rank 4-1 adventurers whose numbers are about 40 in the city

Kotarou and Alice-chan are also worthy of 4th rank so a total of 8.

Don’t we have an excess amount of fighting power for exterminating goblins and orcs?


482 : Anonymous ETNE


Wait wait wait!

Pops, you’re not thinking about attacking them already are you?


483 : Anonymous NEET

It’s an investigation I tell you!

First an investigation I tell you!


484 : Anonymous NEET

The cause of increase in Goblins and Orcs…

Everyone already knows about that right?


485 : Anonymous NEET


It’s a female knight right!

No, judging from the pace of increase

Is it a female knight order?


486 : Anonymous NEET

No wait, it could be an elven village


487 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji and the others discovers the settlement and attacks it

In there are a lot of female knights however!

For some reason the female knights are cooperating with the orcs

Is as far as I can see.


488 : Anonymous NEET

Quick Yuuji!

I’m going to catch a cold you know!


489 : Infra worker


Too early!

First the adventurers should investigate

and then discover it right?

Yuuji, always walk while holding your camera, okay?


490 : Well informed NEET

Investigate a vast forest

Doesn’t this take quite a few days?


491 : Anonymous NEET


Such quest is bound to end immediately don’t you know!


492 : Anonymous NEET

It’s a fantasy world too

Isn’t there something like a convenient magic or something?


493 : Yuuji


They will make a base in front of the house and explore the forest

It looks like it will take 2-3 weeks at the shortest

They will search if they made a village,

stand watch if they discover it and

examine the general population and habitat

They report after that.


494 : Anonymous NEET

It surprisingly takes time I guess


495 : Anonymous NEET

Who was it, the guy who said the investigation

commission was aimed for beginners


496 : Anonymous MEAT

Aren’t we glad Yuuji

That a 3rd rank or something high-ish people have come!


497 : Anonymous NEET


Well that too is Mr. Kevin’s

FINE PLAY conclusion though


498 : Yuuji

An investigation is good

Is it better to think about

the pioneer land defense after all?


499 : Anonymous NEET

Right now it’s only a fence and dry moat huh

Wouldn’t it be fine if you have bows and arrows and even bowguns for now?


500 : Anonymous NEET

Make a stone wall!


501 : Anonymous NEET


Where the hell are you going to get that much stone!

A counterplan for vermins should be electric fence don’t you think!


502 : Anonymous NEET


You think they have machine parts for an electric fence or something?

For now it’s that

Develop firearms

Go invite a dwarf!


503 : Anonymous NEET

Wait you all

It’s base defence you know?

Rather than firearms it’s artillery jk


504 : Anonymous ETNE

You bunch of fools!

It should be the ballista here after all!


505 : Anonymous NEET

What will you do by drinking delicious coffee? (TL: Ballista=barisuta=barista)


506 : Infra worker

Not gonna retort, I’m not gonna retort you know!


507 : Kemona Lv. MAX

Buy lots of beastkin slaves!

If Kotarou is here then their loyalty will also be MAX!


508 : Anonymous NEET


You only want to look at them don’t you!

But I can’t deny it…


509 : Overwhelmingly dog person

No, dogs or wolves instead of beastkins!

There should be some inside the forest!

You can make Kotarou their boss!


510 : Anonymous NEET

These guys are too faithful to their desires…


511 : Cool NEET

If you think about what to do after this

Then certainly it’s better to think about defense rather than extermination


512 : Anonymous NEET



Why is this guy this full of intention to attack?

I knew it, there are no proper fellas in this thread!


513 : Well informed NEET

A protective wall is necessary

Ideally out of stone or concrete

On top of that you’ll want to be able to walk on it, but

let’s consider a wooden fence to be good for starters

I’d also want a moat, but just like the first it should be OK with dry moat

That part can go on as is

What’s important are watchtowers and arrow slits

Bowguns for emphasis in power and longbows for emphasis in range

For the sake of unobstructed view and range

you’d want to cut open enough room in the forest.


514 : Anonymous NEET

These guys, what do they think they’re fighting with…


515 : Anonymous NEET


If you talk about defense battles

In order to bring out fighting power for diversion and

an escape route when push comes to shove

a secret path is necessary

Dig a hole from your house to the outside Yuuji!


516 : Anonymous NEET

A defensive battle huh…

Water is OK so there’s preserved food!

You got foresight huh Yuuji!


517 : Anonymous NEET


You’re right about that!

You don’t mean Mr. Kevin had anticipated this far

and asked about preserved food…?


518 : Anonymous NEET


Do you even think he did that!?

…he didn’t do that right?


519 : Anonymous NEET

Wow, I’m getting goosebumps

That’s too scary you know!

…Could he really?


520 : Cool NEET

Is he on top of the palms of Buddha?

That’s obviously a coincidence don’t you think


521 : Anonymous NEET


Somehow this guy lost his persuasiveness

This one also had the idea of attacking the other side

So I end up doubting his statement


522 : Yuuji

As expected even Mr. Kevin

didn’t anticipate it that far I think…


523 : Anonymous MEAT


And then you also get it from Mr. Kevin!

…I’m already carrying them


524 : Infra worker



… he isn’t, is he?





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