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Chapter 35.5 Resurrection



[Sakura, your MP has increased significantly now; do you have enough for the resurrection spell yet?]



We acquired a lot of MP from Cloud and the other adventurers who have been subjugating monsters. As I had heard the cost from Sakura before, I thought that it should probably be enough.


Now that we have a base and a stable lifestyle, I think we can try to resurrect the dead soon.






I transfer all the MP to Sakura.



[Err, yes. I think it is enough. I think I have about 150% of the required MP cost right now.]


[……So it is about time to ask about this, is it really OK to create this magic? It seems like the ultimate taboo though……]



When we first came to this world, Sakura vomited just from seeing a bandit’s corpse. It’s normal to have an aversion to resurrecting dead people. Me? I don’t mind it now.



[It’s fine. Actually, I also think that a resurrection spell is necessary now.]


[……Is that so?]



It’s my first time hearing that. Has her usual fear of the dead flown away somewhere?


[I only made my first friend when I came to this world. The number of close friends is increasing too. And above all, Jin-kun is here. Life is finally fun now. I don’t want to die and I don’t want my important people to die either. And for that purpose, I want to create the resurrection spell in case anything happens. This is my special power after all.]



Sakura’s eyes are shining brightly with a strong will. Is her desire not to lose her happiness stronger than her fear of the dead?



[……Okay. Then, I will leave it to you.]





A magic formation appears at Sakura’s feet. It usually vanishes immediately, but it doesn’t disappear this time.






Sakura’s face looks a little strange. When I check her MP, about half of it is gone already. Oy oy, didn’t you say that you had 150% of the required mana?


While I was thinking this, the spell’s consumption exceeded 100% and just barely reached 150%.



[<Magic Creation> [Ankh]!!]



Sakura collapsed as she declared the completion of the magic creation. Most of her MP was gone and she fell unconscious. It’s rare to faint if you are accustomed to using magic, but consuming a huge amount of magic in one shot like this is another story.


Let’s ask Sakura why she used so much more MP than planned when she wakes up. For now, I will just lay her down on the sofa.



<Original Spell> [Ankh]


Resurrects the dead. Cannot be used on heroes from other worlds or people with special powers. Cannot be used if the corpse is too damaged.






It looks like Sakura woke up.



[Oh, you’ve already woken up? How is your physical condition?]


[I’m fine. I think it is just a bit of anemia.]



She wobbles a little dizzily as she gets up.



[Just lie down for a while.]





Sakura collapses back onto the sofa.



[That looked very difficult, why did it consume so much MP?]


[Yes. It isn’t enough if it is just 100%.]


[Not enough?]

[Yes, it will only become a moving corpse if I cast it at 100% power. It would be the same as necromancy.]


A dead person can be revived by Necromancy, but not brought back to life. It will simply be a moving puppet with a lifeless expression and neither knowledge nor intelligence. Reviving in that state would be a failure since it wouldn’t serve our purpose.



[At 110%, it could physically revive. But it would be nothing but a living doll.]



Still not good enough.


[At 120%, they will regain some knowledge. But the most you can do with this is interrogation. The living doll will be in the same state as when they died, and will still be unable to act or talk on its own.]



That might be useful. Let’s try it with the demon Romarie’s corpse.



[Above 150%, it is possible to revive with full consciousness. I think this would just barely meet our needs. However, its memory will start to fade after death; the longer between death and resurrection, the more memories will be lost.]


[Is it not possible to fix that with magic?]


[There is no way to. It seems that my magic creation can’t make spells affecting memory or souls. I don’t know if it is my imagination lacking, or if it is an entirely different problem.]



Sakura’s <System Window> only shows her information; it doesn’t help her to understand it.



[I see, it seems there are unexpected drawbacks. But, why it can’t it be used on heroes from other worlds or people with special powers?]



For people with special powers, this is like an unfair handicap for them.



[It is due to insufficient MP. Probably it will need around 300 – 400%.]



That’s absurdly excessive. I guess we can say it’s impossible for now. Well, this is a different matter.



[There is one more problem……]


[……What is it?]


[The resurrected person will lose most of his status and skills.]


[So, a death penalty.]


A death penalty. It is normal in online games like the ones from You will lose some experience, money, items, etc. upon death. Because of the memory loss mentioned earlier, I did think this was a possibility…



[You will need to consume about double the amount of MP to avoid that.]


[It can be avoided…but, yeah. That’s pretty difficult huh.]



We barely have enough for the resurrection as it is, and we would need double the amount of MP to avoid the death penalty … this is another problem for the future.



[But it will be enough just to revive the dead.]



That’s true. As I mentioned earlier, resurrection of the dead is the greatest taboo. If the body, mind, and memories can be recovered, that is good enough.



[But, it doesn’t work on Jin-kun and myself, so please protect me. And please don’t die, ok?]


[Yeah, I will protect you and I won’t die. Please don’t worry.]



A space is created for just the 2 of us here. Naturally, we ignore those other heroes. No, I don’t know about them~~



[It’s a waste of the skill, but I think I want to revive Yurika.]

[Yeah, I understand. But if we resurrect her at 150%, she might revolt against us due to her ego, so we should use at 110% or 120% and force her into a slave contract first.]



Sakura unexpectedly declares something dark like this.



[Can we do that?]


[Yes, since this magic can be overwritten, we can use the 150% on her later.]


[Wow, it is convenient…]


[Yes, by fine-tuning the MP consumption, I managed to somehow get that function.]



Sakura nods with great satisfaction. It seems there was a great battle going on somewhere I couldn’t see.



[Then, let’s start with 120%.]



With that, I put Yurika’s corpse on the bed. I take “Ankh” from Sakura and start chanting.

…Too long. No, it might be natural. “Revival” took 10 minutes to cast, so it isn’t strange that this spell will take a longer time, but this is a bit too long. Finally, it was done after 30 minutes. It used a lot of MP, but it is an insignificant amount compared to what was used in creating the spell.





Yurika’s body shines with the magic activation. This isn’t any different from “Revival”. When the light faded, Yurika opened her eyes but there is no sign of life in them.



[Did it succeed?]





Yurika doesn’t say anything nor move. I know she is alive because she is breathing.


Let’s question her for now.



[Err, what is your name?]





Oh, she answered properly. It seems to be a success.



[Tell me what happened just before you died.]


[I don’t remember.]



I’m not sure if she’s just lost her memory, or if she wasn’t aware of her own death.



[Right now, what is your most shameful memory?]


[Eh, why are you asking such a thing?]




[I was defeated by a slime and managed to escape, but my clothes were melted and I had to return to town stark-naked.]



I can only say that’s inconsequential.



[What is your job?]


[I don’t remember.]



This is definitely memory loss. If you forget your job, I think the loss of memory is quite significant. It has been a while since she died.



[Do you remember our faces?]


[Not at all.]


[Do you remember your parents?]


[I remember, but I can’t recall their faces nor their names.]



After that, we asked a lot of question to probe how bad her memory loss is. She lost most of her memory and does not remember being an adventurer, but oddly enough, she still remembers events during the request.


To be honest, she’s not in a state to continue that lifestyle. The only thing she can do after being enslaved is to stay at this residence as maid.



[I will make a slave contact. Show me your back.]





Yurika turns her back to me obediently. Come to think of it, at 120%, she might not need a slave contact at all. Since Yurika is weak.



Shortly after the slave contact casting ends, we will use “Ankh” at 150% power.


Once more, I chant for 30 minutes to cast “Ankh”. 150%’s “Ankh” consumes a lot more MP. Well, that’s obvious …







Yurika is wrapped in stonger light than earlier. She collapes before light finishes fading away.

She woke up a few moment later.



[Where am I? Who am I?]


Memory loss’s template again. Yurika ponders a little before saying something similar again.


[I don’t know where this is. My name is Yurika.]


Oh, she remembers her name after all.


[Who are you?]


She tits her head and asks. Her impression is completely different from before she died. Her tone too, it is like she is low-spirited or lacking energy… it is as if she is a completely different person.


[My name is Jin, this person is Sakura.]

[Why am I here? What am I?]

[This is my house. You have become my slave.]

[Slave, what? …Oh, a slave crest is engraved here……]


Yurika looks at her back and talk indifferently. I guess memory and knowledge are different, since she remembers the details about the slave crest.


[I don’t know anything about you. What do you remember?]


I asked her a few question, confirm she is really her.



[I don’t know. There are some things like memories, but they are fragmented so I don’t know when, where, or who these are of.]


It seems that if the memory loss is too much, it is difficult to recover it. And yet, she was able to answer questions at 120% resurrection. I wonder, is this like some kind of hypnotism? If she is in a hypnotised state, she could remember information unconsciously or something, like on television. Perhaps recalling the memories is being hindered by consciousness.



[That’s right……, You are going to work as maid at this mansion from now on.]


[Okay…., understood.]



By the way, Yuruka’s skill have all been lost, and her status has also decreased by 80%. It will be necessary to give her a few points of status as she would likely die shortly after we left her on her own.



[By the way, is there anything you wish for? Or any rule you live for?]



Let’s confirm this once.



[No…I don’t have. …No, there is one. Just only “I want to have a long life”. Can you grant me this wish?]



She smiles wryly. This feels pretty ironic. The only wish for her who had died and resurrected is “a long life”……although her memory is fragmented, it seems that the shock of “death” itself has remained in Yurika.



[Yeah, I will let you live as long as possible. In exchange, will you work hard for me?





Next, I thought to cast “Ankh” at 120% on Romarie to resurrect and interrogate her. However, I don’t think it is possible, since there is the gaping hole in her stomach which was made by my belly punch.


Let me explain. “Ankh” won’t heal any damage. “Revival” does not restore HP. If you resurrect someone with a hole in their stomach, their HP will decrease. Romarie has only 1 HP left since her status was taken, and I can’t give status to corpses.



Conclusion: She will die as soon as she was resurrected. It is impossible to cast “Ankh”, “Revival”, “Heal”, and transfer status in time.

In the end, we will have to increase the MP consumption of “Ankh” until it can also fully heal wounds.



Thus, our first resurrection ended up with 1 success and 1 failure. And there was still a bigger problem than I had imagined …


It will be necessary in the future to earn more MP and increase the power of “Ankh”. At least, until it is able to resurrect Sakura and myself …


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  1. [But, it doesn’t work on Jin-kun and myself, so please pretect me. And please don’t die, ok?]

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    1. Well, considering her life before transferring to this world and meeting Jin was pretty much hell, it was pretty obvious that’s all she’s going to want for now until she feels more confident and stronger etc?

  2. The 1st step to Godhood: Control Life and Death – Checked.
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    3. Oh well, let’s just wait. MC thinks the memory loss is some sort of hypnotism, part of the death penalties. Ankh can be used on the same target over and over with differing levels, so it’s likely possible to use the version that restores memory later after they’ve developed it. I think MC believes it’s some sort of hypnotism due to the fact that Ankh can restore memories anyway. It just needs more MP for development. Since that comes from a special power, it’s like a solid confirmation, I think.
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