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Vol 7 Chapter 15 Yuuji, welcoming the adventurers who have come for the goblin and orc investigation



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“Okay, kind of like this I guess. Alice, you’re good to go!”

“Okay, Yuuji-nii! Mr. Earth, go down a bit!”


The spring of the fourth year is over and it is about time for the early summer.

Yuuji went to the edges of the area planned for pioneering and began setting up the posts and creating a fence. Since the pioneering range had already been covered with a fence, it will become a double fence once it is complete.

Alice was single mindedly creating a dry moat by hollowing out the earth outside the fence Yuuji created with magic. Although she was using magic, the workload for the eight year old Alice was bigger than the 33 year old Yuuji. Well, it is the usual however.

Kotarou was guarding the working two. Sometimes *Sniff sniff* sniffing and at times looking at the distant circumference.


Yuuji’s slave, the dogkin Marcel and his son Mark were doing farmwork on the field they finished clearing.

Of the house sitting adventurer party, two men were doing the logging of any trees.

The catkin Nina and the lone woman of the house sitting adventurer party, the archer Eleine, went out hunting.

The men were for pioneering and farmwork and the women for hunting. It seems the pioneer land has turned into quite the wonderful assortment.


The former adventurer party with emigration plans and the woodworker Thomas were loitering in the vicinity in order to search for and cut down trees to turn into building materials.

Thomas had already constructed three tents. One was Thomas’ own house and workshop, another was for the two men among the former adventurers. And the last was for the former adventurer couple.

Nobody wanted to live together with a newly-wed couple. Of course nobody would. Yuuji swallowed down the words “explode” many times over. It’s because Alice could use explosion magic. It was not a laughing matter. However, maybe it’s because they held the same jealousy, but Yuuji became fast friends with the sole bachelor of the former adventurer party. Yuuji had made his first other world friend.


Incidentally the house sitting adventurer party of three stayed in their own tent. They seemed to have decided to wait for Kevin for the time being, but they declined having a permanent tent built for then. “No, we may end up settling down somehow, so we’re gonna have to pass!” so refused the man in gaudy armor, Hector. Raised in a farm village, they had completely fit into this living.


“Hum hum hu~m” While humming, Yuuji proceeded with the creation of the fence. With the increase of people the pioneering was doing favorable. They were able to produce enough food for Yuuji and Alice, as well as the beastkin family to pass the winter. Moreover with the craftsman here, the house where the beastkin family will live was also coming in sight. Yuuji was in a good mood from that.

The voice of Alice going “Ei! Ya~h!” using magic could be heard from behind the humming Yuuji. The place he was creating a fence of was currently south of Yuuji’s house. Since there are animal trails there, let’s prioritize the defense on that side, was the unanimous opinion of the pioneer group.


“Oh, I can see it now. Mi~ster Yuuji!”


Yuuji looked over to the voice that called him. It appears that the peddler Kevin, no at present he is company president Kevin, had arrived.

Incidentally, Kotarou, who separated from below Yuuji and Alice before anyone was aware of, lead the group. Noticing the sound and scent, she seemed to have gone to meet them. As ever the hard working and attentive woman. She’s a dog though.


“Ooh, Mr. Kevin! I’ve been looking forward to you!”


Yuuji and Alice stopped their work and lead Kevin’s group to the house. On the way, the loud voice of the large built man of the house sitting adventurer party, Joss calling Kevin resounded.


“Ah! That is…… err. …… My apologies. I forgot all about you……”


Kevin who locked eyes with Joss, gave an honest apology without making excuses. It seems that he really did forget giving instructions on what the three should do.

As if to say “Geez, you’re useless”, Kotarou pointed an icy look towards Kevin. It was an unusual situation. Woof, barked Kotarou. Well, it is the first time so I’ll forgive you, is what she seemed to be wanting to say. Looking down on him like always. Even though she’s looking up from below.  


Accompanied by Kevin’s group, soon everyone gathered in front of Yuuji’s house which also served as a lunch break.

In front of the gate where once the two of them conversed with Kevin sitting on the outside and Yuuji sitting on the inside, has several stumps placed and has now become a place for simple meetings. The field Yuuji cultivated for the first time could be seen right next to it.


“Now then, Mr Yuuji. These are the adventurer gentlemen who have accepted the goblins and orcs investigation commission this time.”


Keeping in mind the people that have gathered, Kevin introduced two adventurers. Kevin took control of the field at once. Of course it should be job of the leader of the pioneer group of this pioneer land, Yuuji to bring everyone together.

That Yuuji was a carefree one, going “Is that so, I look forward to working with you.” He himself didn’t seem to think of bringing everyone together.

Kotarou too didn’t say anything to such Yuuji. No, Kotarou couldn’t speak though.


“We’ve gone up from rank 4 to 3 some time ago, we’re the adventurer party “Dusk wind”. My partner is a scout and I am a fencer in charge of hit and run attacks. We’re good at spy activities, so please leave the investigation to us. I look forward to working with…… eh? Senpai?”


The former adventurer party “Dark green wind” grinningly stared at the two adventurers “Dusk wind” who stood up and did their greetings.


“Ooh, you’re third rank you say, so you’re finally rivaling us. Well, do it properly eh.”


Standing up with all four of them, the former adventurer party encircled the two adventurers.

While smirkingly putting his arm on their shoulders, the former adventurer party leader looked towards the active adventurers. The man struck their shoulders with a clap. The sole bachelor lowered his back in front of the two who have accepted the request and grinningly raised his eyes. He’s being a hoodlum who is picking a fight with young men regardless of how one looks at it.

Escaping from their senior group who obstructed their line of sight, the two adventurers watched the client Yuuji.


“Uhm…… are we, needed in this?”


Yuuji tilted his head. Alice, perhaps she found something interesting about it, imitated the bachelor, squatted in front of the two adventurers and looked up with a friendly grin. Kotarou struck the squatting Alice’s back with her front paw. Alice, this is bad manners so it’s bad to imitate him, okay, is what she seemed to have wanted to say.


Baffled by the state of Yuuji and the others, the two adventurers forcibly turned around and looked at Kevin.

“Yes, certainly. I will pay the commission fee to the adventurer’s guild, so please do your best. Aah, the investigation commission will take time, so we don’t mind it if you make your base here,” informed Kevin with a smile.


Former third rank party of four, fourth rank worthy Kotarou and Alice and on top of that one guard who came together with Kevin this time and two active third rank adventurers who have come for the commission.

The defensive strength of the pioneer land have become more and more excessive. No longer does it seem that Yuuji even had the role of a meat wall.




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