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Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 Earth God Gaia



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“Now, what to do.”


The fight with Kouma’s group is over, so I’m thinking about what to do next.

My current objective is to crush the black robed bunches, but I ought to go to Yuuhi for now I guess.

I spent a little too much time in this and that girl should be fine, but I can’t make light of unique magic users.

Shall I just wait and see for now?




The moment I took a step towards Yuuhi and the other, I perceive a hint of something flying with great force from behind me and leap to the sides.

Upon doing so, the place I had been standing until now was struck by something.

Judging from appearances, it looks human shaped, but……isn’t this the same thing as the raincoats Kouma and the others were wearing?

His hair is black and short and from his good physique, it should be a young man.

……This appearance, he might be a classmate.

Why I don’t have proof of that is because this guy’s face doesn’t have trace of its original shape.

It’s smashed……must be struck many times over.

He’s not breathing like one would expect.


“Hmph……Just when I was going around to kill fools who were escaping from the battlefield, I come across an interesting guy.”


A voice called out to me when I was checking the corpse.

What is behind me is a young man.

I have never seen his face and I shouldn’t have seen that appearance of his either, but only that voice I do know.


“Are you Kagerou?”

“I don’t know who you heard that from, but……that’s correct, Setsu.”

“Properly wear a black robe please, I got confused for a sec, you――――――know!”


I kick the ground hurriedly during my words and approach Kagerou.

And then I strike with Kuromaru in a surprise attack sense.



“I’m different from before you though……I’m being underestimated.”

“……ugh, really now.


Kagerou stopped Kuromaru with a black sword.

I thought about settling it with this attack, but it doesn’t seem like I can do that so easily. Now that I think about it……I do recall this guy at the wedding ceremony being a clone body.


“Gh! Or rather, are you disguising that black sword or something as Kuromaru!? I’m gonna wreck that thing!”

“Try it if you can! With that swords that’s only big!”



I took some distance and swing Kuromaru through centrifugal force.

Kagerou proceeded to parry that with the one handed black sword.

I’ve put quite some power into it, but it splendidly diverted.

Tch……You mean I really can’t go with ordinary methods if I go against these guys?


“……You’re a man I can’t get along with.”


“Why do you bastard, despite having this much strength, care about other people?”

“Huh? You’re saying things I don’t quite understand.”

“I’m asking why you are protecting the weak!”


Kagerou used the momentum of my sword curving and struck back with his sword.

When I lightly kick the ground to avoid it with a backstep, Kagerou shortened the distance, not allowing me to escape.

The swords once again got together, turning into a fierce competition.


“The weak you say……What are you talking about.”

“Since a while ago you bastard have been pointing your consciousness behind you. There’s something……someone which would be bad if it’s found by me, isn’t there?”

“……Now let’s see here.”


Strangely perceptive, this guy.

I’m sure I laid down Kouma and the others behind me.

It’s about this guy who’s killing the fleeing classmates, he may just kill them while he’s at it.

I already squeezed out the information, so they already served their purpose, but……


“Well, if I lose these, then my important girl will be sad. My bad for ya, but you’re gonna let me take on ya while protecting them.”


Even if I say it like I’m giving a clear explanation, Yuuhi would feel sad if Kouma and the others die.

There’s no need for me to purposely make her sad.

Besides, a handicap of this level is like nothing.


“Important girl……so it’s for the sake of your comrade.”

“Hah! For the sake of comrades, you’re making me laugh! I move for my sake. I don’t want to see her sad face, that’s why I’m protecting them.”


In order to not see that, I have to protect the lots behind me.

If that’s the case then it’s a cheap price, I’ll protect them anytime.

An idea that’s far away from something like a knight in shining armor, or a Hero.

Those things are more suitable to guys like Kouma who thinks of their companions, are honest and shining.

That’s why I don’t have to be a Hero or a knight in shining armor.

I don’t even want to be a great hero who saves everyone.

It’s just, I’ll only protect the guys whom I’ll be troubled with if I don’t have them around.


“And so, I can’t get along with you punk. That’s why I’ll beat you. That fine right? Being self-centered.”

“Hmph……Only that part……isn’t something I don’t understand!”


Our opinions met and then diverged.

His and my sword once again noisily collided within the rain――――――



Together with the sounds of explosions, two women covered ground. One who continued raising explosions and one who continued dodging them, the two never stopped those movements until they were at a nearly deserted location.


“How obstinate, you……and I even have to deal with that man.”

“I can’t just allow that you know? I have to crush poisonous insects who aim for Yuki-kun.”

“I’m a poisonous insect you say……!?”


The seething anger from being disparaged boosted Luna’s magic power tremendously.

While calmly looking at that scene, Yuuhi turned on the calm flames on her hand.


I am an exterminator! One who kills that damned insect……a messenger of justice, do you understand!? In the name of master Touma, I will crush you as well as that damned insect altogether!”

“……I’ve decided. I will seriously kill you.”


The battle between the woman who released violent anger and the woman who calmly burned the hellfire of wrath had begun.



“This presence……!”


Desastre reflexively rose from the throne. That face of hers was not like the serious look until now; it was covered in joy.


“You’re finally here Setsu. I can see it even from this range.”

“Yes, moreover his former companions and even Roa……”


“She is an important friend of mine. She is very strong you see.”

“Really……That’s reassuring.”


The face of the two who were inside the demon castle turned very bright.

With just them being here for them, the situation of the war was already in the process of changing.

It was certain that the demon’s side was approaching victory without end.

Perhaps because they believed that……the two were unable to notice someone quickly approaching.

Suddenly, a hole was made on the floor of the throne room.

Fragments of the broken floor scattered about inside the room and dust flew.


“W-!? An enemy attack!?”

“Uhehe……lucky! Quite lucky aren’t I, discovering the two of you altogether!”


What appeared from the hole was a young, green haired girl.

By no means did it mean she was not tall, however that innocent facial expression looked very young.

Furthermore, a tattoo is put under her eye, which brought about even more of a mismatch.

Ominous――――――――that is how she was if one were to express it in a single word. Finally, the black robe put on her body made clear that she was an enemy.


“I think you understand, buut……I’m going to have you let me bind your bodies, so there!”

“Hmph……quite pretentious are you not, despite having a human body. Just try it if you ca――――――Levia?”



Levia was looking at the young girl with a surprised look.

And simultaneously she clenched her fist so hard, blood would seem to permeate out of anger.


“Why……are you on that side……Earth god.”


“Eeh? It’s my choice which side I take right? Right……? Miss Sea god and miss Sky god.”

“I see……so this one is the earth god.”


Having been called the sky god, Desastre spoke that name with a look like she chewed on a bitter bug.


“That’s right, I’m the earth god Gaia. So, nice to meet you, my big sisters.”


Said the young girl who called herself Gaia, while showing a lovely smile.




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  1. Thanks for the chapter

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    1. It’s the first time it’s mentioned in the actual story. The vol 3 illustrations showed her being titled Sky God though.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. As interested as I am in that other novel… I know you’re busy and can’t request it. You already have your hands full as it is.

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