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Chapter 105

Soul-Heart Blade

“Hoh, your appearance has become showy hasn’t it?”

“――――Here I go”


Kouma set up his sword and leaped at Lucifer

Lucifer, without even putting on his guard, merely looked at him.




Kouma shouted, and the nearby two collections of swords floating in a circle spread out widely.

All of those were pointed at Lucifer and simultaneously flew out.


“Did you think I would react to that level of attack?”


Without even taking a single step, Lucifer stared at the swords from the front.

As if it was natural, the swords slipped through Lucifer and stuck to the ground behind him.


“I don’t think I would… Burst scatter!”



Once again Kouma’s instructions soared.

The next instant, the swords stuck on the ground illuminated and caused an explosion immediately after.

The scale of the explosion was fairly large, large enough to produce a crater on the ground with a single sword.

Dozens of explosion of those was caused at a fixed interval.


(Even if attacks aren’t effective, how about a situation where you can’t breathe by the explosions!?)


After being swallowed by the explosions, Lucifer showed no signs of coming out of the explosion.

Kouma looked at it while shedding cold sweat.


Soon, the explosions stopped.

Smoke wrapped up the vicinity because of the explosions; Lucifer was nowhere to be seen.


“――The idea itself is not bad… but. It is meaningless to me”

“ … So it didn’t work after all”


The smokes were blown away in an instant.

Lucifer appeared to have blown it away by swinging his arm.

There was not a single dust on his body, let alone wounds.


“Give up. I am already tired of this”

“No, wait… I haven’t started yet”


Kouma was forcing a smile.


“I didn’t really want to use it, but if I’m not resolved to die, I won’t be able to take you down”


Putting above him his hand holding his sword, Kouma muttered.


“<Limit Break>”


Suddenly, a flash took place that filled up one’s field of vision.

Lucifer reflexively narrowed his eyes.


“―――― <Soul-Heart Blade – Meikou>” (命光; meikou; life/destiny light)


The flash lessened, and what was grasped in Kouma’s hand, the source of the light, was a sword shining in gold.

That sword felt divinity, but Lucifer felt a sense of discomfort.


“Hum… That sword, I can’t feel any sort of pressure from it, but what do you plan on doing?”

“You will understand that soon”


Kouma held aloft the sword.




His command resounded.

As he did, the dozens of swords from floated from the ground from around Lucifer and returned to Kouma.


(So they did not get broken during the explosion…)


Even while thinking, Lucifer did not try to move.

What is Kouma doing? Lucifer himself had become curious.


“There is one thing I’d like to say”


“This technique, even if it does not hit without you recognizing it and even if you did recognize and react to it, I will no longer be able to move. It’s literally an attack with everything of me put into it”


Kouma closed his eyes once and then opened it.


“However, it will be my victory if it hits. That is all I will say”

“――――Hmph, interesting!”


A smile floated on Lucifer’s face.

He spread far his arms and exposed his body to Kouma right in front of him.


“Try to make me recognise it! Oh, weak human!”


――――that would help me out.


Kouma muttered in a voice silent enough for Lucifer to not hear it.

This technique, which would release all of his powers, meant he naturally ought to fear the fact it could be dodged.

Hence, he said he would take it head-on for him, which is why one of Kouma’s worries had disappeared.


(Next would be if it gets recognized… No, I guess it’s useless thinking on that point)


Does Lucifer think he can accept the attack or not?

I won’t know unless I attack him.

Kouma resolved himself


“Here goes!”


The swords floating around Kouma shed a dazzling light.

And then he fused them with the sword he held aloft, one by one.


(! … Just by fusing one sword, its pressure became several times stronger I see)


Lucifer calmly saw through it.

The swords that lined up in several circles, were fused to the sword one by one even now.

And then, the final sword fused.




The golden light once again filled Lucifer’s sight.


And then――――


“Wh… at…?”


The light ceased.

And then, Lucifer’s body crumbled down.

One line ran from his right shoulder to his left foot and immediately after, it slipped.

Sound of flesh falling on the ground was made and Lucifer who was split in two looked up to the sky.


“Gah… haah… haah…”


Kouma, who had swung his sword, went on his knees while out of breath.

Using the sword he pierced the ground as support, he looked at Lucifer.


“So it means I unconsciously… recognized it. Your technique”

“Is… that so? I’m not sure about that though…”


Lucifer laughed, while feeling that his own body was crumbling.


“Hahahahaha! I have been defeated! This Me!”

“What… are you laughing for…”

“No, no such thing as me being defeated by mankind has ever happened after being created by Lady Creasyl, you see. I am tasting a new feeling!”


Lucifer was laughing heartily.

It was an area of conversation that Kouma could possibly not understand, and he no longer even want to hear Lucifer’s voice.


“You have my gratitude, Kouma was it? In the end, even I have lost my pridefulness”

“ …”


Leaving behind those words, Lucifer vanished.

While silently seeing off Lucifer as he turned to dust, Kouma recovered his shaking arms and legs.


“――――If you had fought seriously from the start, then the key to the barrier here would’ve been a hopeless cause”


With fatigue remaining in his body, Kouma left that place.

He took one last look at Lucifer’s remains and went ahead.


“To not do any proper attacks even once, you were too prideful, you know”

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