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Chapter 40

The Disadvantaged Hero


“*sigh*, it doesn’t seem like it’s around here”

“ … Looks like it”


While walking around the sea and matching the movements of the ship, we’ve yet to discover the giant silhouette.

I ended up wondering if the talk itself about being witnessed was a mistake, from the fact there were no signs of it.


“This is likely to become an absurd search doesn’t it?”

“Yeah it does… The ship is moving again, let’s move”

“Sure thing”


While being vigilant to our surroundings, we began walking at the same time the ship began to go forward.

It seems that the greed tiger members have already gotten tired of it; I ended up hearing sighs and such from time to time.

This would make fewer people be properly vigilant.


“Heyhey, you rascals! If you’re being that listless, you won’t be able to fight when it’s time to fight!”

“But, sis. If we haven’t found it this far, then couldn’t it have been a mistake? Or could it have gone somewhere already?”


Said one of them, and then the people around him began to state their unhappiness to the present condition one after another.

It would’ve been different if it was just unhappiness, but, perhaps because it was a difficult view to deny enough to be able to strongly refute it, Leona herself did not seem able to lay fault in them.


“ *sigh* … but this too is our work after all. We have the duty to report if we could not find them. We’re gonna focus our mind to search this entire day, you hear!”



There’s no ambition in their attitude like I thought.

That scene rang alarm bells inside my head.

Something feels wrong as it is.

My crisis perception ability, fostered during my time as a Hero, had told me so.


“Everyone, brace yourself! Something――”


Just when I spoke up there, something suddenly appeared from the sea near my vision.




That something coiled around a nearby Greed Tiger member.

A tentacle――it matches such word I guess.

The tentacle that had coiled around his body tried to go back into the sea to pull him in.

This is bad. Our body’s in a coated state so that we won’t sink in the water.

Trying to pull him in there would mean――


“Oh… gah… I’m, I’m getting torn――”


The tentacles for dragging him into the water, dug into him as he was struck to the sea surface.

No matter how much he drags him in, he won’t sink into the sea.

In other words, it means that its attack with the tentacle will continue until his body is crushed by the sea surface.


“Leona! Cut that guy’s tentacles!”

“Gh! On it!”


The same time I let out instructions while shouting, Leona disappeared.

If we want to help him out of trouble quickly, then Leona, who excels in high power, would be qualified of course.

The sea surface shook a little and she, after approaching him in a single breath, brandished her sharply grown nails.


“This is gonna hurt a bit! Bear with it alright!”



When Leona swung down her nails, the tentacle was severed along with an unpleasant sound.

Because they were at most nails, it looked gouged rather than cleanly cut, but he was freed this way.


“Tha- thanks for helping me sis!”

“I accidentally scraped off a bit of your stomach, but there’s no problem right!?”

“It hurts like hell, but I’ll be fine!”

“Good, we’re retreating!”


Perhaps she had a hunch that a pursuing tentacle would come attack them; Leona ran through the sea in the blink of an eye and went back on top of the ship.

It should be fine if they’re in that state.

The problem is us who are left in the sea.


“Gh! Everyone, return to the ship!”


Simultaneous to my shout, the quick witted ones willingly ran off to the ship.

However, the lots who were distant from us and in disarray could not start moving immediately. 

And, aiming for such targets, tentacles that were similar to that one some time ago, simultaneously appeared from the sea.

The tentacles, which were in such large quantity that I lost my motivation to count, was wriggling.


“What are you doing! Run this way!”


Perhaps finally having recognized their situation by Leona’s shout, the greed tiger guys ran off to the ship.

Even so, due to being late for the first move, several people ended up caught before they could reach the ship.

I knew it, I have no choice but to remain on the sea.



‘Ugeh! I want to cut no such revolting things!”

“Don’t complain about it!”


I drew out Echsdarc and simultaneously released a flying sword.

The slash that flew in a scattered manner had cut off the tentacles that tried to attack them.

This will earn me some time.


“Al! Behind you!”



A silhouette spread around me as a spray of water was raised.

What raised up behind me was a gigantic tower.

No――――it’s a gigantic tentacle.

And together with that one were a total of eight tentacles of similar size.

The eight tentacles spread to the sky as if to enclose me.


“What… is that”

“ …It is too enormous”


Leona and Silvar’s voices did not reach me directly, but I understood what they wanted to say.

Beside the eight tentacles, the tentacle’s real body slowly made its appearance.

It was the head of an octopus; one gigantic enough to appear as a castle.

High waves broke out and tried to swallow me down, but thanks to the black magic, the water was repelled and I didn’t sink into the sea.


“A kraken… No, would that be an octopus…”

‘No, it is too large in any case…’

“Can you cut it?”

‘Who do you think you are saying it to! … is what I would like to say, but it would be impossible with one attack. No matter how sharp my edge, we lack the opportunity first of all. I can only put a cut into its surface you see‘

“Preparations for cooking…?”


Even Echsdarch won’t assert she can cut it, I see.

Moreover, the flying sword, which has no need for opportunities, would likely not get to the point of cutting it.

Cutting even the thick tentacles would be doubtful.


‘If there is a possibility, then… you may be able to kill him by aiming directly at the real body if it is a full powered flying sword, enhanced with magic power to its limit’

“No other choice but that, huh. But before that――”


A tentacle began to move near my field of vision.

When I thought it would be a slow attack due to its size, its movement went quicker than I imagined.

On top of that, another tentacle came attacking at the place I jumped and dodged towards; just making sure I don’t get crushed is taking my all.


‘With this speed, size and numbers, even you would not hold out, milord’

“I know――gh!”


The instant I stood ready to prepare against its pursuit, the surface shook greatly under my feet.

It’s due to the waves springing forth whenever a tentacle had struck.


‘Milord! Above you!’



By the time I noticed, the tentacle immediately drew this near.

This unstable footing isn’t even suitable to jump right away.

I thought I won’t be able to avoid damage despite how it looks, but that instant――

I escaped from below the tentacles, with my body being carried by someone.


“That was close isn’t it, unusually”

“Leona…! You came down!?”

“You appeared to be in a somewhat unfavorable situation you see. It’s impossible to move like you used to with this footing isn’t it?”

“It’s true that it is, but… but Leona, even you――


When I said that and looked at Leona, I felt some sense of discomfort. Leona was supporting her body by putting both her hands and feet on the sea surface.

Like a quadrupedal animal.


“I’m a beastkin after all you see. Footholds like this is easier for me.”

“ … Oh I see”


So that walking technique because blood of animals is within her. If it’s like this, then her posture would be relatively difficult to break even on unstable footing I guess.


“It’s just that I can’t deny the lack of firepower if it’s me. I have a suggestion, but would you hear me out?”

“Yeah, if you have a strategy, then I’d like to hear it”

“Sure thing. That said, it just slightly changes how we fight though”


And so, the strategy that Leona spun was a strategy I’ve never had hit upon.

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