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 Vol 9 Chapter 16

Bulletin board chapter

Yuuji, uploading the video of the subjugation battle and a picture of the elf part 1


[In the middle of subjugating] I kind of got to another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 42 [the juice actors] 

(TL: I translated 汁男優 as juice actors, but they’re actually male AV actors starring in… well, you’ll understand when you read the whole thing and you’re aware of the many nsfw materials floating around everywhere)

1: Anonymous ETNE

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Is this really another world? How did he make them? 

This is the thread to verify it.

The Goblin and orc village subjugation has begun at last!

But I have a hunch that it’s easy victory because they have Kotarou and Alice-chan!

Yahoo~! Garbage will be disinfected~!

For now there’s nothing to do if Yuuji doesn’t come back!

Ah, reproduction is not allowed okay!?

The NEET posting >>900 is to open the next thread!


124 : Yuuji

I’m back!

It’s been a week I guess

We’ve got a major event


125 : Anonymous NEET

You’re unusually fanned up~

So, ‘sup?


126 : Anonymous NEET

This flow

The second time since three years


127 : Anonymous NEET

Old timer discovered!

Get a job NEET

He sheltered Alice-chan since then right!?


128 : Infra worker


You’re just as much an oldtimer ain’t ya

So what happened?

Or actually, how did the subjugation go?


129 : Yuuji

I’m now in the middle of processing the subjugation video for upload

Everyone is safe!

I found an elf in the forest


130 : Anonymous ETNE



131 : Anonymous MEAT


It’s a festival~!!


132 : Anonymous NEET



133 : Anonymous NEET

An elf… you say?


134 : YES Lolita NO Touch


So is that elf a girl?

How old is she?

These are important facts


135 : Anonymous NEET

I knew they have them elves

Well, Alice-chan also

said she had heard tales of them


136 : Anonymous NEET

Like those things matter!

Yuuji, pics quick!

The subjugation and all don’t matter I say!


137 : Anonymous NEET

Everyone’s safe right?

Pics of the elf quick!


138 : Anonymous NEET

Wait you guys, wait

He went to do the subjugation of the goblin and orc village

And found an elf

In other words…


139 : Anonymous NEET

Her panties was taken off


140 : Anonymous MEAT

Her panties disappeared


141 : Anonymous ETNE

Her panties flew out of the window


142 : Anonymous NEET

Her panties was annihilated


143 : Yuuji


She said it in her self-introduction

She’s a twelve year old Lady she said


It was just when she was kidnapped

so she was safe!

It looks like she would’ve been in danger if we were a day late


144 : NEET Unicorn




145 : Anonymous NEET


Stop it with that name!


146 : Anonymous ETNE

That was close!

The thread title was about to become a bad joke!


147 : Anonymous NEET


Why did you accidentally be in time, Yuujiii!


148 : Anonymous NEET


Go back to your cave, pervert!


149 : YES Lolita NO Touch


Twelve years old, huh…

First of all, please show me a picture!


150 : Anonymous NEET


You too, pervert!

Don’t try to judge after seeing a picture!

So, no picture yet?


151 : I love big breasts

Elves huh…

I guess they’ll be outside my strikezone

The likelihood of big breasted elves too?

No, if that’s the case, then my comrade Yuuji’s supposed 

to be much more excited about it!



152 : Yuuji

Here, the video of the subjugation battle everyone’s curious about!

Guro warning

It’s a little far so it might be a little hard to understand though



153 : Anonymous MEAT

This guy!

He actually remembered what triggers us!

Ah, the usual explanation please

Guro is impossible for me


154 : Cool NEET

I guess so

Let’s carefully ask about the elf

How about we enjoy ourselves with the large scale battle now?


155 : Anonymous NEET


I’m gonna catch a cold, you know Yuujii!


156 : Anonymous NEET


Don’t you go taking off your clothes!

I should eat my food right away


157 : Anonymous NEET


He actually dares to say enjoy ourselves…

Is this guy truly a modern day japanese person?


158 : Anonymous ETNE

Video that captures the entirety of the village(?), start!

Or more like, the village is relatively worn out ain’t it!


159 : Well-informed NEET


It must be the problem of intelligence

It’s on a different level than just using 

certain things and constructing something.

That aside Yuuji, it’s too far, it’s difficult to understand

Do commentaries please


160 : Anonymous NEET

Is the elf… not here yet… 


161 : Yuuji



Participants are about 30

Among them, 20 are from 8th to 6th rank adventurers

And they are in charge of encircling the village so that they can’t escape

I’m also here!

The guildmaster and the two former adventurers

and then 10 5th to 3rd rank adventurers are the raid party

These people are our main battle strength


162 : Anonymous NEET

There were about 250 goblins and orcs remaining right?

Ain’t 10 people too few for main battle strength?


163 : Anonymous NEET


Haven’t they gotten stronger with that rank thingy?

Well, let’s just keep watching!


164 : Anonymous ETNE

Mr Kevin’s exclusive escort is talking to Yuuji for some reason!

Err, is this one Mr Aias if I recall?

Or is he Mr Ianis instead?

They’re not even siblings and yet

Why do the two exclusive escorts have similar names…


165 : Anonymous NEET


I know

This one is Mr Aias

Mr Ianis is the balding gentleman

Losing hair is bad(iya)! You can remember it with that.


166 : Anonymous NEET



You got a rooftop eh


167 : Anonymous NEET


Be silent baldy!

I was at a good part!


168 : Yuuji


Mr Ianis just shaves himself you know…

He told me that the signal came up.

The first attack is Alice’s magic after all


169 : Anonymous NEET

I understood that even when the sound turned strange

Alice-chan must be groaning “Hnngh” here, right? 

Alice-chan swings her hands and hurls a ball of flame!

Confirmed impact at the center of the village!



170 : Anonymous NEET

This is kinda…

Alice-chan’s magic… has become stronger again hasn’t it?


171 : Anonymous ETNE

The village is swallowed by the flames!

It’s a big disaster!

Seriously? Isn’t about half the village burning?


172 : YES Lolita NO Touch

Her movements when casting magic

Her triumphant face.

Alice-chan is so adorable…


173 : Anonymous NEET

This ain’t at the level of a pyromaniac!

Ah, the enemies have appeared



174 : Anonymous NEET

What is this

The goblins and orcs that appeared

spurted out blood out of nowhere

Yuuji, you edited the videos? 


175 : Camera Ossan


You guys

Watch the video from that scene by slow motion or frame-by-frame

It’s giving me goosebumps


176 : In charge of verification thread video

This can’t be possible can it…

If it took time and money then I couldn’t have not done it, but

how many months did it take to do just this scene…


177 : Anonymous NEET

UOOOOOOOH, are you serious!?


179 : Clothes group member A



179 : Anonymous NEET

Ain’t this guy the old man scout!?

… So he wasn’t just all perverted I guess

And I thought he was a comrade


180 : Anonymous NEET


Ivonne-chan too is def gon get him!


181 : Anonymous NEET


Stop that

The duped person himself is happy about it after all

Please stop…


182 : Infra worker


Don’t take damage from that, you sucker!

But really, adventurers are too strong aren’t they…


183 : Anonymous MEAT


What is it, what is it?

Commentaries, quick!


184 : Anonymous NEET


You subjugate the guro already, why don’t you…

The old man scout living in the pioneer land and

two other? Adventurers plunged in and slain the monsters

Those movements of theirs can’t be seen decently if not in slow or frame-by-frame


185 : Well-informed NEET

Apart from the video being genuine without any processing

Humans can’t possibly move this fast

Does the world differ from the laws of physics?

The other world ought to be feared…


186 : Yuuji

I was at the actual spot and I didn’t know what happened…

After this, the enthusiastic guildmaster and

the remaining raid party plunged in


187 : Anonymous NEET



188 : Cool NEET

It’s really a trampling down


189 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji ain’t doing anything!


190 : Overwhelmingly dog person

Is it not yet Kotarou’s active role!?


191 : Anonymous NEET

Ah, an escaping goblin was shown at a glance

… but, he got killed by the encircling group


192 : Anonymous NEET


They’ve become a little pitiful


193 : Anonymous ETNE

The goblins and orcs decreased in numbers in the blink of an eye!

And then a random large orc appeared there!

Is that the boss I wonder?

It’s large, so it looks strong!


194 : Anonymous NEET

Finally there’s a good ma…


195 : Anonymous NEET



196 : Anonymous NEET

Both the scout and the guilmas

It’s just an old man theater


197 : Anonymous NEET


The otherworld’s old men be monsters ey!


198 : Anonymous NEET

It’s already a throwaway match


199 : Anonymous NEET

I wonder why

Even though I know they should be killed

It’s pretty intense if it’s real


200 : Anonymous NEET


Hey, open your eyes!

It’s not real!

It’s either processed or it’s at least about a different world!


201 : Anonymous NEET


Yuuji is heading off somewhere

What are you going there for Yuuji?


202 : Yuuji

I was called by the guildmaster

Please deal the finishing blow to the orc chief he said

Because if the pioneer leader raises in ranks and becomes stronger, it’ll lead to safety of the pioneer land


203 : Anonymous NEET


204 : Anonymous NEET

Ain’t that just business entertainment!


205 : Well informed NEET

Stability of the pioneer land = guarantee of a place of re-employment for adventurers I see

The other world has it tough too


206 : Anonymous NEET

It’s a simple job of merely filming and dealing the final blow


207 : Yuuji

Up until now you see

Up until now it was easy

The cleanup was intense…


208 : Anonymous NEET

What about the elf?

Say, elf-chan’s not there yet?


209 : Cool NEET


Clean up of the battle huh

It won’t end with just hiring the nearby farmers I guess


210 : Anonymous NEET


Eh, this guy’s an army commander of a warring country?


211 : Anonymous NEET


Don’t touch on that subject already!

There ain’t any decent residents in this thread here!


212 : Yuuji

It’s while we were moving, so

there could be an attack by the remnants so I wasn’t able to film it

If I were to report it in words…

First we went to smash the place to see if there are any remnants hiding

The area we were in charge of had a female orc and orc children

The female orc was covering for her children

I… couldn’t move you know…

Ah, the female orc had double breasts


213 : Anonymous NEEt

Apologize to me for almost sympathizing with you!


214 : Anonymous NEET

Orc having double breasts is meaningless information you know…


215 : Kemona Lv.MAX

As one would expect, orcs are a little…

But double breasts I see!

I’m getting more and more curious about the beastkins!


216 : Well informed NEET

So monsters have parent and child emotions too

Or it may be a trait for groups though

So what happened with that?


217 : Yuuji


Mr Aias and Kotarou exterminated them

When I heard about it afterwards

They would kidnap girls of other races and get them pregnant

and it seems that they would eat children or men

and seeing the human bones in the house made me unbound to it though!


218 : Anonymous NEET


Are the goblins and orcs designed by eroges!?

Ain’t the thread title fitting them to a T!?


219 : Overwhelmingly dog person


No mercy for enemies right?

I expected no less of her!


220 : Anonymous NEET

And the Elf has yet to make her entrance


221 : Cool NEET


So a struggle for existence between humans and monsters

Even if you know that damage will build up if you don’t kill them

you wouldn’t be able to quickly set aside your emotions I guess

It’s difficult


222 : Anonymous MEAT


Says the guy who look like would adapt to it quickly! 


223 : Yuuji


But you know

If we let them escape, then someday weak people like

Alice or other children may suffer

is what I was told by Mr Aias

I think I can kill them the next time


After this a group of goblins and orcs

came back carrying the kidnapped elf

Mr Aias, Kotarou and I defeated them and

successfully rescued the young elven girl!


224 : Anonymous NEET


About the passage where a dog is nonchalantly put in


225 : Anonymous NEET


Don’t touch that subject already

Kotarou went to the other world

and became something different from a dog surely, yup


226 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji, you played an active role… you say?


227 : Anonymous NEET

Not bad Yuuji!

So, how about the video of that?


228 : Yuuji

Ah, it was so sudden, so there’s no video


229 : Anonymous NEET


You’re so useless, Yuuji!


230 : Anonymous NEET

I don’t dislike your style of 

casting away your own great efforts, Yuuji!


231 : Anonymous NEET

GJ saving her!

Now take a video!


232 : Anonymous NEET

Aw yeah!

Finally the subjugation part is over!

Now it’s the elf right?

You have a picture of her right? Right?

Say that you have one, Yuujii!


233 : Well informed NEET

There are various points I’m bothered about, but…

let’s do it after listening to everything for starters


234 : Anonymous NEET


It’s a festival~!

That was cold…


235 : Anonymous NEET


That’s why I told you to forget taking off yer clothes!


236 : YES Lolita NO Touch

I have been waiting, Yuuji-san

A picture of the 12 yo elf quickly, if you please


237 : Infra worker

It’s that eh

It’s unnecessarily gross when saying it in polite words

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    2. They’re not as sensitive as Americans. It’s another world, people are curious. Even being less sensitive people are still creeped out by the lolicon even though they tolerate/accept it. At least he’s a likely harmless version who realized he’d hurt Alice (that’s why his handle says “no touch”).

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