Hiki-NEET Vol 9 Chapter 3

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Vol 9 Chapter 3

Yuuji, bracing himself as Houjou village’s defense captain




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“Alright! I knew that doing it with everyone will go faster”


Yuuji looked around him as he muttered so.


Late autumn, when the foliages had fallen off.

Outside the fence south of the pioneer land, each of the pioneer citizens were doing their respective work.


Placing the wooden posts and creating a fence were the former adventurer team and Yuuji’s slave, dogkin Marcel.

They were not creating a fence that enclosed the pioneer land like they did so far, but a fence on both sides of the nearly straight animal trail as if to keep it between them. Looking from above, it had a shape where a pole was held between two hills. A pole between two hills… No, there was space between the pole and the hills. It did not have an indecent shape even if one were to look from above.

A simple gate to enter the pioneer land pieced together the space between the two hills, the bottom of the valleys. It was a plan to release magic and shooting arrows from left and right against outside invaders who would advance through the trails. It was simple, but it seems to be the so-called ‘Killing space.’


Yuuji and Alice put the trees, which were assigned to be abatises with sharpened tips, and tied a rope near their roots. They pulled one side through guidance of the hunter, the catkin Nina, and the archer of Kevin’s escort adventurers Eleine, and made sure that the rope was tightened at the height of a humanoid shin. They had simple traps, but it was sufficient when taking into consideration that they were going against monsters, was the advice of the adventurers.


Eleine began to set up clappers. People would immediately see through them, but it’s more than enough  to get the goblin and orcs caught with it. Kotarou was accompanying her. The enemy detection prowess of Kotarou, who would discover preys or enemies, had already obtained the citizen’s trust. She was an excellent dog.


Inside the forest where Yuuji’s group and the hunter team were setting up clappers, the catkin Nina and her son Mark were climbing trees. No, it did not mean they were playing around. Climbing the trees with a hatchet in hand, they pruned away the branches. It was an important duty in order to make a more unobstructed view and in order to ensure a line for archery. It is just our imagination that Mark’s tail was swaying. It seems Mark too inherited his fondness for heights from her mother.


But who were busiest in preparing the defenses of the pioneer land were the woodworker team of Thomas and his two assistants. They played an all-round active role in sharpening the tips of the trees they felled so far, processing them for the fence and abatis as well as constructing simple watchtowers behind the fence that protruded side to side with the trails.

Incidentally, it seems that they made an additional watch tower as per Yuuji’s request. “Well, it’s something the pioneer leader said, so it’s fine though-su” Thomas was constructing the watchtower while he grumbled. It was for the camera that was useless for defense. It was Yuuji’s first abuse in his authority.


Kevin and his two exclusive escorts were carrying pots with plenty of water from the watering place to the protruded fence. Making use of the shoulder rack, the three made many round trips. It was not a sisyphean labor where they repeated pointlessly carrying loads, not at all. When they watered the line that linked the top of both protruded fence and then filled all of the gathered up pots with more water, Kevin called out.


“Mr Yuuji, Alice-chan, the water preparations are finished!”

“Thank you very much, Mr Kevin! Alright Alice. Then, just like I explained it to you, the space between fence and fence. It’s until before that wet place, so be careful alright?”

“Okaay, then I’ll do it then! Hnnngh~”


Receiving Yuuji’s words, Alice raised her hands and answered energetically. She was nine years old, but she was still a child.

“Hnngh~” Alice voiced, as if she was exerting her strength. No, she was actually exerting her strength. If I go Hnngh~, then the place at my belly button would go warm, she said. The words that continued which was I then go gugu~ and it will move to my hands. She was trying to cast magic. But, the accumulation took clearly longer than usual. Around as long as the time where she ended up almost killing the adventurers guild master of the city of Premie before.


And then.

Together with a cute “Ei!” voice, she invoked a not-so-cute spell.


On the hand that Alice held above her head, a ball of fire was born.

When she swung her hand downward, that ball of fire flew to the center of the place that was planned to be the ‘Killing space.’



And then, flame spread without exploding.

It appears to be a new type of spell.


Its height reaching Yuuji’s knees, the red fire flared up in a vast range. Unlike Alice’s usual magic, the fire was maintained without disappearing immediately, and it burned the weeds beneath the tree. Three, five seconds lapsed. When the magic fire disappeared, nothing but smoldering and scorched ground spread there.

At last Alice seems to have learned an area type spell. It was the results of Yuuji training her, urged by the bulletin board residents.


“Ehe~” Wearing a smile on her face, Alice proudly looked back to Yuuji.

Yuuji, who was supposed to have trained her, stood with his mouth open agape, making a stupid face. No, it was not just Yuuji. The nearby Nina and Mark, the former adventurer party, Kevin and his two exclusive escorts as well as the woodworkers team. Every one of them opened their mouth and had a stupid look.

“Huh?” Alice tilted her head somewhat. She was the type of girl who wanted to be praised.


“O- oh! You’re amazing little missy! Hey you all, don’t just stand in a daze, sprinkle the water!”


The one who recovered first was the former adventurers party leader. As expected, their experiences were different. He was firmly stiffened though. Following those words, Yuuji and co sprinkled the water. But the fire had disappeared and hardly spread. It is possible to control the fires of magic, so only some fire remained on the trees, leaves and grass that have yet to burn.


“A- Alice, you really are amazing”


Yuuji praised Alice and stroked her head.

On the other hand.

“Uhm,  do we even need these… defense preparations we made so far? It’s been quite difficult for us though-su,” Woodworker Thomas muttered in a tiny voice. It was actually the first time this man had seen Alice’s fire magic. The former third rank adventurers party and Alice’s magic. Thomas, who had been continuing to do his best with his all-nighters in order to protect the pioneer land, did not seem to be able to not complain towards the battle power that appeared to be excessive.

Hearing Thomas’ complains by chance, Yuuji asserted “Nono, it’s safety first after all!” “Well, that is true I guess” the woodworkers team said as they pointed their cold eyes towards such Yuuji. But that could not be helped. They had working hours that would shame black enterprises. Those work of theirs may have been excessive. If that would become excessive, then they would think bitterly.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □



Having finished this day’s work, Yuuji, Kevin and the former adventurers party leader gathered in the completed residential complex.


“It has taken quite the shape hasn’t it?”


Yuuji talked with a smile. He was a carefree person.


“Yes it has. If we have us and little missy’s magic, then we should be safe as long as no dragon comes here. I really want to build a house and live with the two of us. Not only us, that guy wants to invite his fiancee quickly too”


Who declared so was the former adventurers party leader. It was his certification. He even had the composure to worry about the tall taciturn man who had a fiancee. “Eh, no wait, that’s a flag, or rather there really are dragons, huh,” Yuuji muttered such.


“Nono, there are no dragons around here. Sometimes wyverns would seem to appear during spring, but well, Mr Thomas’s master said he will take his apprentices and come see the situation here once we exterminated the village and the snow melts, so genuine construction should start from spring”


Kevin said, breaking the flag the party leader raised. “Alright, flag is broken I guess- geh, another new flag…” Yuuji again muttered so.


“More importantly, I’ve brought common use armaments, and the traps and fence have taken shape. Let’s decide on the defense captain of this pioneer village”


Kevin said and looked at Yuuji. Although he shouldered a nearly sponsor-like role, it did not mean that Kevin will live and open a shop in the pioneer village yet. His eyes clearly captured Yuuji.


“Mr Yuuji, I’m asking you. We are either going to fight as a party unit or come out as a raid when we’re invaded. It should go smoother if somebody else gives out instructions in general”


Said the leader of the former adventurers party, and he looked at Yuuji. Standing at the forefront when there is a battle at the pioneer land was their plan. It certainly should be a difficult place to see the entirety and give out instructions.


“Eh…? You mean me? But I don’t have experience nor do I know anything, you know?”

“Mr Yuuji… Today we have created the fence and traps for defense under your instructions haven’t we? We gave some suggestions, but everyone acted because they understood you. If you know the way to protect a position this much, Mr Yuuji, then everyone will follow your instructions”


Kevin asserted with a surprised expression. It was a performance. No, what Kevin said was what he truthfully thought, but the expression he raised was a performance. For a trained merchant, a poker face should be their forte.


“Well, we will help too and we’ll tell you if you make any mistakes. Besides, it’s an easy victory even if you make some mistakes, if we’re not attacked by an army that is. You can just plan with a whomp”


Said the party leader as he clapped Yuuji’s shoulders. Eh, wai- that flag can’t even become a joke,” Yuuji muttered. It was the third time.

“Nono, the feudal lord’s wife and the magistrate are keeping an eye on us, so something like an army won’t come,” Kevin followed up.

Receiving Kevin’s words, finally Yuuji said.


“Alright. I’m the pioneer leader and also the village head, so I’m already this far in the game I guess. I’ll try being a defense captain too!”


Solidifying his clenched fist, Yuuji spoke of his decision.

Come to think of it, I never had the option to refuse being a pioneer leader and village head either.

This was the first time undertaking a post he could have refused.


A little more than three years since Yuuji came to this world.

It appears that Yuuji was growing mentally, even by a little.



A.N. I’ve written it several times in the story, but the setting is that you can invoke magic even arialess.

The reason why Yuuji is chanting an aria? It’s the author’s preference!

No, it’s because he will end up blinding his allies if he go arialess, surely.

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