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Chapter 27

A Demon lord like Demon lord




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Lightning speed――

One of the secrets available only to those who mastered thunder attribute black magic.

It is a technique where thunder runs through one’s whole body and reinforces the nerves and body to the utmost limits.

Both reaction speed and muscle movement would reach a domain one cannot reach by training normally.

That was not something that even a demon lord would catch up easily.


“Hey! You can’t do anything if you do nothing but defend, you know!”

“ …Gh”


The thunder-clad Yellow’s fists and kicks attacked Isvel.

His attacks that rushed on Isvel with speed she could not follow with her eyes, could not be avoided even by her.

For that reason, she wore ice armor on her body just like in the beginning and managed to defend against him.


“What a robust armor. But… how about this?”


Yellow spread his hand, taking the shape of a spearhand.

Thunder concentrated on that hand and brought forth a threatening penetrating power.


“Concentration in one point――Thunder spear!”


Isvel was unable to be on time with her defence with her arms as the spearhand of godspeed reached her armor.

Not stopping just at that, it went through the armor and sunk into her stomach.


“That’s a hit there”



Isvel kicked the ground and stepped far back.

She was barely able to retreat, so the spear hand did not reach her important internal organs.

But blood continuously leaked from her wound, indicating the profundity of her wound.


“Mh… it really is troublesome, that ability!”

“They tell me that often”


Isvel’s expression warped as she looked at her wounds she ended up bearing on two locations.

On the first attack, she was not on time with the creation of her armor and bore a wound on her left flank.

That wound was quite profound and caused Isvel pain each time she moved.


(I’m at a disadvantage if I go fair and square… I suppose I have no choice but to leave for a moment)

“What’s wrong? Are you giving up?”



Isvel strongly put her hands together.

That instant, a change occurred to the surrounding scene.




The ice in her surroundings burst open and began to form steam.

Due to steam going up from under her feet, her field of vision was blocked up so much, she could hardly see anything.


“A smokescreen huh… Behaving impudently”


At that opening, Isvel hid under a nearby tree.


“haah… haah …”


While putting her breathing in order, Isvel examined Yellow’s state.

Yellow, seemingly having lost sight of Isvel, stood ready in a vigilant state.


“Haah… haah… Evaporation uses much of my magic power like I thought”


She could freely manipulate the things she froze over with black magic.

That was the characteristics of Isvel’s ice black magic, but she could eventually manipulate even their temperature.

However, she could only manipulate its ice state, so once she raised the temperature, turn it into water and evaporate it just like now, she could no longer manipulate it.

And this change in temperature consumed large amounts of magic power.


“As I thought, leaving behind the heart of the demon lord was a mistake――”

“Would you stop hiding already?”


Yellow’s voice resounded.

He must be running out of patience, his densest magic power until now has been gathered in his hand.


“If you don’t come out, then… I’ll go as far as destroying the entire forest”


Yellow swung his arm.

Upon doing so, the thunder spread like a shockwave and burned each surrounding trees.


“Muoh! What an absurd man!”


The top of Isvel’s hair made frizzly sound.

Several hairs were burned, and cold sweat ran along Isvel’s face.

As expected, she also began showing her impatience.


“Hmph, so you were crouching. In that case I’ll release it lower this time”


Once again, magic power collected in Yellow’s hand.

It seems he would try to do the same thing.


“ … It can’t be helped then. It’s not my strong point, but I have no choice but to use my head I suppose”


Isvel rushed out from under the shadows of the tree.

Coinciding with that, she held her hand out towards Yellow.


“It looks like you gave up hiding didn’t you!”

“Somewhat yes! Ice Meteor!”


A gigantic lump of ice appeared above Yellow.

It dropped straight to the ground and tried to flatten Yellow’s body.

However, such attack could not hit him.


“Too slow!”

“I’m not done yet!”


Ice meteors dropped at where Yellow was going towards.

Nevertheless, a portion did not hit what she aimed at and just formed nothing but ice objects.


“No matter how many you try to drop, it will never hit me! It’s a waste of magic power!”

“This isn’t what you should be worrying about!”


Whatever she was told, Isvel did not stop dropping ice meteors.

There was already ice objects standing in the whole region around her and they were stacked up to a height where neither of them could see each other’s figures.

Coming this far, Isvel finally gave up invoking her black magic.


“ …Are you all done?”


Neither of them could see each other, but she could hear Yellow’s voice.

Isvel persisted in silence and crouched in order to conceal herself.


“It’s pointless even if you hide yourself. The feeble electric current that I distributed over this ice surface flows even to you and is telling me of your location”


Yellow once again shaped his hand into a spear hand and poured magic power to it.

He put the highest amount of magic power until now into his arm which was discharging crackling electricity.


“Give it up”


Yellow kicked the ground.

He jumped up in the sky and crossed the ice object.

And like that, Yellow captured Isvel who was in the place just like he detected.


“This is the end!”


Jumping over the final object, he leapt towards Isvel from the air.

Seeing his state, Isvel grinned broadly.



“Gh――Oh s-”


Isvel had a bow appear in her hand with an arrow tucked in it.

The immediately fired arrow came flying towards Yellow in the sky.




However quick he moved and even if he used lightning speed, it did not mean he could kick the air.

So long he could not accelerate time, his free falling speed was fixed.


“It was your fault for jumping up in order to avoid the objects”


The arrow hit Yellow’s shoulder, as he managed to twist his body in the air.

Furthermore it did not stop at that, the arrow sewed him on the tall, piled up ice.


“Kuh… I got hit I guess”

“ …”

“But it’s not over yet, I can still move!”


Yellow grabbed the arrow that went through his shoulder.

In order to pull out the arrow, Yellow put strength his arm.

However, it did not come out.


“It’s futile”

“Yo- you’re joking! Just look now!”

“I’m telling you it’s futile. Give it up”

“Quit with your jests! Who would listen to your――”


The moment Yellow raised his voice, a cracking sound of something breaking was made.


“How about it! I’ll break this arrow right now!”


Several sounds of something breaking could be heard in addition to that.

Before long, ice fragments began to fall.

Yellow raised the corners of his mouth and put noticeably more of his strength to his arm.

It was at that time that he noticed an uncomfortable feeling.




When it made even greater sounds of cracking, large ice fragments slowly fell on the ground.

That fragment had the shape of a person’s arm.

Yellow lowered his eyes to his own arm.

The part from the elbow was not there.

The center of it was frozen, and blood did not stream out.

Not even pain.


“Wha… what… did you?”

Ice magic arrow. It’s an arrow that would freeze the creature it hits from the inside”

“Sto- stop joking around!”


At the same time he raised his voice vigorously, several sounds of cracking resounded.

Yellow timidly looked down, and noticed that his feet, that he unconsciously had been moving cautiously sometime ago, was gone from his knees.


“Please, please stop…”



Isvel turned her back and went away from Yellow.

Yellow scattered around shouts towards her retreating figure.


“Help me please! I was wrong!”

“… “

“I’ll do anything! So please help me! I still don’t want to die in a place like this!”

“ …Anything?”


Isvel turned her head.

Having thought his words reached her, Yellow’s face brightened just then.


“Ye- yes!”

“In that case, tell me your goals”

“A- alright! We, in order to create a world where demons, monsters, demi-humans and humans can coexist――

“You think you can deceive me with such lip service?”



Yellow no longer showed signs of regaining his fighting spirit.

With Isvel just glaring at him, Yellow’s face was dyed in fear.

The shamelessness of his until now disappeared somewhere, and he spat out information as he was urged.


“By repeating our research using living beings and creating monstrous beings stronger than the Hero or the Demon lord, we will rule the world…”

“ …”

“And then we grant the weak strength and remove the strong… By doing so, we can rebuild the system of the world. With the world after the revolution, us Rainbow Association will become rulers and put the new world in order”


Yellow took one breath and opened his mouth once more.


“The new era would be an era of formerly weak people like us! We would kick back the strong who had been trampling us until now as if they owned the place and――”

“It’s enough”


Listening so far, Isvel once again turned her back.


“He- hey! This is now what we agreed on! I properly talked!”


The freezing that slowly advanced, accelerated.

His skin turned white and began to crumble down.


“Please wait! You heard me out didn’t you!?”

“ … That’s true I guess. Then I’ll have you listen to one more thing”

“Wha- what is it?”


Without turning her back, Isvel said with a cold hearted voice.


“May you not meet me in the next world”

“…. N- no, I don’t want this… No――”


Yellow’s shout ceased midway.

On the large ice object clung a humanoid ice sculpture.

While walking to the forest, Isvel tightly grasped her palm.

At the same time, all of the ice broke in pieces.

Including the ice sculpture.


“It seems that I still haven’t become soft enough to give pity to my foes”


Isvel opened her tightly grasped fist, while showing a somewhat lonely expression.

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