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Chapter 91

Who cares




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Who cares


“What is this…”

“You didn’t notice it did you? I’ve already finished preparing by the time I met you all”


Quake’s body would no longer move.

He had been trying to move earnestly, but he did not even twitch as if his nerves had been tied together.


“My spells are what’s called “Kill on First Sight” you see, I won’t lose first of all against those I meet for the first time. Because none of them will notice they have fallen to my tricks”



Quake could do nothing but believe his words.

Even with <Drawn Sword>, which releases his original strength, the body of the current Quake did not respond.


“My spells are illusion spells… is how people tend to think, but that’s wrong as a matter of fact. That’s not all it is to be exact”


Jion pushed out his hands and raised his finger.

Upon doing so, the unmoving body of Quake smoothly stood up.



“Suggestions or hypnotism, simple guys can even do brainwashing. What you are caught in right now is suggestion. The suggestion that you can’t move out of your own will. Interesting right?”


Jion brought down his hand.

Upon doing so, Quake collapsed to the ground like he lost power.

And once again he was unable to move.


“Guh… nuooh…”

“It’s useless even if you struggle I tell you. The suggestion is inside you, it’s over once you’re caught in it”


It surely is an unpleasant sensation.

I know I have a body below my head.

However it would not move, as if it isn’t mine.


“Now, from here on out it’s going to get even more interesting”

“Wha- what do you plan on doing…”


Jion took out a knife.

And then he sat down on Quake’s body and stabbed him with that knife.



“See, it doesn’t hurt right? I had your sense of pain sleep for a while. Well, that’s just all though”


The knife was taken out, but Quake did not feel any pain at all.

What he did feel was the feeling of an unpleasant foreign substance.


“So, from here on out is the real question… can you think of why I’m playing around without killing you?”

“Wha- what do you want to say…”

“To put it simply, I’m thinking about having you talk about anything and everything about what you will be doing after this, you see. You understand, don’t you? I want information”


Jion thrusted the knife to Quake’s head.

His expression was like the devil, combined with his appearance.


“Guh… Like who in hell would talk to the likes of you!”

“Yes, it’s fine, going like that. You will tell us everything either way. Unrelated to your will that is”


Quake instantly opened spun his talk.

However, the next instant it opened greatly.

He could no longer close it.


“You lost my patience with what you all have done. Don’t think you can die comfortably alright, tumbling doll…”



“First Iai, <Fang>!”

Are you saying you will cut me with that sort of long sword!? Insufficient!”


It was an Iai cut where she slashed vertically instead of horizontally, while bringing down her body to her side.

This attack, which was an “offensive” Iai technique rather than a “Waiting” one, was called Fang, from its offensive stance which carried gravity and its form which would set its teeth from overhead.

However, Aero easily stopped the attack with her own sword.


“You can not make me kneel with a weapon as light as that … Now, this time it is my turn”



Aero forced Ramina back and knocked off her sword.

The wind, which was her strength, blew violently in response to that.




That wind blew Ramina away and subsequently put cuts on her body.


You are sturdy it seems. Else I would have ended it with that attack now”



Blood flowed from all over her body.

Fortunately the cuts were not deep and none were fatal.

Except she could not at all ignore the blood she was continuously losing.


“Now, how much would I cut you before you die!”

“… Third Iai”


Aero swung her sword and once again released wind edges.

The moment when those struck Ramina’s body――――――――――


“<Blinking beat>”



 ――――――――Dispersing all of those, Ramina appeared before Aero’s eyes.

<Blinking beat>, this technique was a short range, ultra high speed movement technique which utilizes a rush by the quick draw of her sword.

This too was not a “Waiting” technique, but an “Offensive” one and it is to approach enemies, who are vigilant towards Iai and not getting near, within the beat of an eye blink and decapitate them.

However this time, Ramina used this only for the movement.

The reasons for doing so was that there was no time to put the katana back to its sheath, and


“<Heavy Iron Long Sword>”



it was in order to drive this heavy blow into her.

Aero was blown away sideways.

In spite of managing to be in time to protect herself with her sword.

Having reorganized her posture while rolling, she noticed her own arm was numbed.

It was as if she was struck on the side with a gigantic hammer.


<Heavy Iron Long Sword> was not Iai, but a common sword art.

It is a technique which breaks the weapon or otherwise send damage to the arm holding it by hitting the opponent’s weapon with the back of the sword.

Except that would be a longsword of a novice.

If it was Ramina doing it, then she would transmit her magic power well to maximum efficiency, making it possible to have its heaviness raise several dozens of times.

She began to strike her katana with a might extraordinary enough to create the illusion as if it was a greatsword used by a giant.


“How was it, it was heavier than you imagined wasn’t it?”

“Kuh… But, it seems even you could not end it safely I see”

“ …”


However, Ramina increased her injuries just in order to produce this attack.

She did go through Aero’s gale.

No longer were there woundless places on her body.


“With that body of yours, what can you do? If you receive a wind edge once more, you may definitely die this time”

“ .. If I would die from that…”


Ramina sheathed her katana and lowered her posture in advance.


“And I’m able to take your head, then that would be fine. Because I’ve been entrusted to do so”

“ … That spirit of yours is praiseworthy. But, it is impossible even for me to hand over my head”


The wind swirled around Aero.

That was a premonition that pushed her to an even higher stage,


“I will bury you with all my strength. ――――――――<Drawn Sword>”



Mirage’s figure changed.

Her body wrapped in a silver foil dress, countless gigantic mirrors are floating around her.

What are those mirrors…?

I have a bad feeling about this for some reason.


“What is wrong, are you not coming here?”

“Heh… Shut up, I’m about to go!”


It can’t be helped that I’m hesitating.

In order to search for her natural shape, I’ll challenge her from here.



“Your proactive attitude is good, but this is a bad move you know”


A mirror thrusted itself between the fist I stuck out and Mirage.

I won’t reach her like this, but if I blow away each of these mirrors――――――――――


“A mirror… reflects all”



Reflected on the mirror was me.

No, that’s natural, but… what is it, this uncomfortable feeling I have.

It’s as if… the me inside the mirror is also coming hit――――――――


“Gh! Guah!”


The next instant, I was blown away far to the back along with pain on my fist.

What was that just now?

The sensation wasn’t that of hitting a mirror.

A fist hitting a fist, it’s closest to that kind of feeling… wait, don’t tell me.


“Hey what the hell… it exist? That kind of ability?”

“So you noticed. Yes, my ability is to reproduce all who is reflected on the mirror. If you strike the mirror, a fist of similar power will be released and if you release some magic power, then it would be offset. This is the absolute shield that protects me”


I knew that she is someone who uses mirrors based on her name, but it’s a more troublesome ability than I thought.

Or rather the mirror’s reaction speed is probably the biggest threat.

Even if I thrust at the openings, it probably would be defended right away.

It’s still incomplete, but… should I use that already?


“What are you being in a daze for. If you do not come, then I will”

“Tch! Let me think about it at least a little dammit!”


The mirrors lined up to enclose me.

I’m being on guard and <me>, who was reflected there, began to move by himself.

No, wait wait… why can the me in the mirrors move on his own!?


“They’re partial bodies that perfectly copied your abilities. Fight to your heart’s content”

“Damn it… Doing something annoying like that!”


Countless me’s rushed at me.

They’re fast. Saying it myself is kind of there, but they’re fast.

I somehow manage to deal with the two who came from the front and stop the fist of the me who came hitting me from behind.

But, I was put in nelson hold by another one who went behind me again.


“You fucker! Let go of me!”


Probably because his power rivals mine, I couldn’t slip away at all.

Damn it, like this――――――――




Another me struck me while I was restricted.

It fuckin’ hurts.

Well of course it hurts, since his physical ability is the same as mine.


“Now, it’s dull, but let yourself be beaten to death like that. I cannot continue to mind you after all”


I could hear Mirage’s voice from far away.

This is bad, I’ll retire instantly like this.


“Heh… That’s right isn’t it. This ain’t the time to be stingy”


I put strength into my stomach.

I have to show it soon, the fruits of my training and all.

I recall one of Stroh’s words.


‘Do you understand? If we are talking about the way to use divine power, then it is not so much different from using magic power’


First I refine divine power.


‘Your divine powers are still insufficient. That is why, circulate only what is necessary on the necessary parts. If perchance… there is an enemy you cannot defeat even with that――――――――’


Divine power… to my whole body.


‘Clad your whole body in divine power and for one hour… become a god’


My emotions are disappearing.

Before it disappeared… I set up my goal… to defeat Mirage.

Right now it’s fine if I just keep that.

As long as she’s defeated, then that’s fine.


“You… why can you use divine power!?”


Mirage was surprised.

What is she so surprised about?


“Who cares, something like that”



By the time she noticed, I have struck Mirage’s stomach.

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