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Vol 9

Pioneer Leader Yuuji doubles as Houjou Village Head and Defense Captain.





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“Alright! This completes the first stage of reinforcing the south fence”

“Yuuji-nii! Then we press down what’s outside the fence again?”


Late autumn, when the red leaves of the forest were falling.

Yuuji and Alice were working on the southern side of the pioneer land in order to reinforce the wooden fence and dry moat.

Yuuji strengthened the fence by driving in diagonally the stakes that the woodworker Thomas had cut.

Alice deepened and expanded the dry moat outside the fence.

The lookout in the meantime was as usual Kotarou’s work.


“This is good then. It’ll be the west side starting tomorrow I guess”


Autumn of the fourth year since Yuuji had come to this world.

As a pioneer group leader and as an adventurer, he was waiting for his very first large scale battle, and earnestly strove to prepare himself for it.


“Welcome back Master Yuuji, Alice-chan”


Who called out to Yuuji on his way home from the fence, which separated the pioneer land and the forest, was the dogkin Marcel. They had already finished harvesting the little area of agricultural land. Now they seemed to be starting to deal with stones and tree roots on the land that will be planned to be cultivated anew and turned into a field. At any rate, the pioneer land will pile up snow once it becomes winter. It is possible to fell trees during winter, but tampering with the soil that will be under the snow would be unrealistic. For that reason, they seem to be putting their hands on it while they can.


Yuuji’s slave, the dogkin Marcel and his son Mark were lined up and were digging out stones. The two were on all fours and barehanded for some reason. Is it instinct?

When Yuuji looked at his feet, he saw Kotarou aimlessly walking around without any calmness. Her tail, which was swinging grandly, seemingly spoke “I- I want to do it too!” for her.

Even Alice’s eyes were shining for some reason. Why was she charmed by the act of a kid digging the ground? This was neither a sand pit nor a beach.

But, faster than Alice an Kotarou, Yuuji went “Aaalright then, shall we all help out then!” and broke into a run. He was thirty three.


“Yuuji-nii, we got lots of dirt on us don’t we… Alice will do the laundry afterwards then!”


After having helped with Marcel and Mark’s work, I mean, having played for a while, Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou definitely went to their house this time. As Alice had said, everyone was stained with dirt. By the way, Alice took off her Corsage and muffler before starting making things out of dirt.


Yuuji witnessed the meeting place/residential complex that was finished just a few days ago as he returned home from the agricultural land.

The building, completed by woodworker Thomas’s direction, was wooden. The pioneer residents, except for Yuuji’s group and the beastkin household, had planned to spend the winter in this building. “Because the human race passing the winter in tents would be tough,” was Marcel’s advice.

But then, the male scout, the sole bachelor of the former adventurers party, seemed to insist “I will spend the winter in a tent” however. That would be natural. Among the pioneer residents who planned to live in the residential complex were the former adventurers party leader and the archer spouses, the two seamstresses husband and wife and the man with a fiancee on top of it. The woodworker Thomas and his two apprentices were still young. It was a tough environment for an unmarried middle aged man.


Every one of those former third rank adventurers party seems to be tending to their respective arms. Their eyes were dazzling for some reason. Although they were working busily so far with pioneering, assisting the construction, hunting and patrolling, the giving and taking lives had been their occupation for a long time. They seemed to be spirited before their large scale fight in a long time. In spite of being veterans.

No, to begin with, there was also the pioneer land’s defense. Or rather, the subjugation was originally the job of the adventurers who had accepted the commission in the guild. It is not an act they will appear in. But, it didn’t seem like Yuuji could say anything to the dazzling former adventurers party. He was postponing the problem.


The two seamstresses seems to be moving the work tools from the work tent to the residential complex. Even if snow falls and piles up, their work will not change. Day after day they will be creating ‘Jeans’, ‘Overalls’ and ‘cloth flowers,’ in which Kevin had showed them the GO, and repeating the prototyping of the underwear. It is obvious, but due to the commodities being given priority, the underwear prototype did not seem to be making any good progress. Sometimes late at night, one could only hear eccentric shouts saying “Aah, geeze, what is going on with this!”

By the advice from the bulletin board residents, Yuuji had taught them an old type brassiere, but the two seamstresses ended up seeing the modern day brassiere that gathered the best in technology. Though they began prototyping with an old type, they still seem to be devoting themselves in studying it. The future is far.

And, no matter how they thought about it, the number of seamstresses were insufficient. The shadows under the eyes of the two were becoming greater day by day. Sometimes Yuuji called out to such two. Saying “Excuse me, I made another design and pattern paper, but.” Where the appetite of the bulletin board residents will stop at was unknown. Each time that happens, they would accept it while being very joyful with sunken cheeks and bloodshot eyes. They’re falling ill. It’s where they awaited anxiously for Kevin’s arrival.


In any case.

The fourth year since Yuuji came to this world.

Currently, its residents were seven households, fourteen people, one dog and six feathered chickens.

The pioneer land was doing well and the sales of preserved foods and the commercialization of the clothing and accessories, which will become a source of funds, were also advancing.


There is only one large challenge for the current Yuuji.

For the sake of their own safety and for the sake of the pioneer land’s future.

It is the subjugation of the goblin and orc settlement.


Yuuji’s first large scale battle is drawing close at hand.

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