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Chapter 88

Inaudible screams




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“Bartender! Another cup! Fetch me more alcohol!”

“Hey now, demon lad, you sure can hold your liquor”

“I’m absurdly strong against alcohol, you know”


Evening, Jion dropped by a bar that was greatly crowded even for this city.

If one were to say his criteria for choosing this store, that would first be the fact that there were a large variety of alcohol and also because he fancied the broad-mindedness of their customers where they accept anyone, even demons and beastmen.


“Or actually, easygoing bunch of guys aren’t you humans here, even though your king has been attacked…”

“Well, not like we can do anything about it you know, let nature take its course”

“That’s right, not to mention there are lots of adventurers in the bar here after all. They make a living by hunting monsters, so it ain’t got much to do with them”

“Oh that’s how it is…”


While the marketplace and means of transportation were moving busily, only this place was like the usual. And who were annoyed with the bizarre situation in this place should be the sort of humans who are involved with it, is what Jion thought from the conversations with the customers who have been drinking together with him before he was aware of it.


“More importantly lad, you got to this city today right? That case, be careful for the streets at night eh. Maybe you would suddenly end up dying you know”

“Ah? Are even Ghostmen appearing here?”

“If it was that then it would’ve been exterminated ages ago. Even we’re said to be more able than our colleagues in other cities, we ain’t getting our ass kicked. Problem is, there’s a cutthroat of completely unknown ability and character in this city”


The man took nearby coins into his hands and put them separately on the table.


“A few days here, corpses of townspeople kept getting found in the early morning. It seems there were famous fellow adventurers among them too. There were two patterns, the guys were either crushed or chopped up. What didn’t change seems to be that every last one of them died instantly”

“Huh… so there’s a guy here who’s been doing something violent”

“Even an acquaintance of one of my acquaintances was done in ya know!? What’s happening, dammit!”


Another man drank up his alcohol.

The man who spoke about the incident did not look well either.


“Hey hey, don’t go say something in a drinking place that’ll make it a drag”

“Ah, right, sorry. It ain’t like I was trying to intimidate you. It’s just that it’s vexing that guys who drinks plenty like you lad would get into a dangerous situation ya see…”

“Heh, me in a dangerous situation eh…”


In one gulp, Jion drank the overflowing alcohol in his hands.

The surrounding customers made a stir from the quite strong alcohol.


“A guy who would let me feel a sense of danger? I’d like to try and see that! If there is such a guy that is!”


While basked in the cheers of the customers, Jion worked through another tankard.



“Hm, a random attacker”

“Yes. That’s why, please don’t walk in the city late at night, alright? The bar and this guild’s vicinity are bustling even during the night, so it will be relatively safe there, but they can leave behind an incident at places that has not even a few signs of life after all.”

“Thank you for your warning. I do not have a hobby of taking a stroll in the dead of night in the first place after all, allow me to go back about now.”

“Alright, take care!”


Having been shown out by the guild receptionist, Ramina left the guild.

Today she easily handled the subjugation quest of a large monster, who made its nest near the city, and obtained money that would let her enjoy life for around a week.

Perhaps as a result of the quest being originally one that ought to be accepted together by a group of ten or more, a certain level of tired feeling wrapped Ramina’s body.


(With this, I would be likely able to sleep comfortably today…)


With the evening sun partially sunk, she walked through a moderately dim street towards the inn.

She thought about taking the head of the random attacker from the rumors she heard in the guild on the occasion he were to appear, but fortunately or unfortunately, he did not appear in front of her.



“Good, everybody seems to have fallen asleep”

“We don’t have to do this midnight in particular, do we?”

“This operation needs considerable ability of concentration, you see… If we do it during this period of time, nobody would hinder us”

“Well… that’s true”

“Come, we are doing this quickly! The more time we have, the better”

“Of course that’s true”


Around the time the town was asleep, Stroh and I was facing each other on top of the bed in our room.

Jion still hasn’t come back.

Must still be drinking probably, that guy.

I mean, I’ve never seen him drunk…

Ramina is sound asleep next room around this time.

She seems to have accepted a job in her own way.

I wonder what she’s warming up for.

Gullus should be in the same room, but… well, it got nothing to do with me.


“Let us begin then. Come, show me your hand”



I obediently held out one of my hands.


“ …Excuse me, both hands”

“Say that earlier”


I eventually held out the other hand too.

Stroh grabbed them with her own hands and closed her eyes.


“You too close your eyes. From now on until I say it is fine, never lose your concentration, alright?”


“First I will circulate my divine powers inside you. Just feel that for now”

“ …”


I feel something flowing into my body that lost all magic power.

No, wait. This is――――――――――――


“Hey Stroh”

“ …”

“I ain’t feeling anything, it’s like I ended up losing my heart”


I feel my heart, my emotions rapidly dying off.

I’m already no longer caring about anything.

This is… I’ve experienced this a few times until now didn’t I?


“That is fine. Divine powers can only be handled by gods. In other words, the current you have artificially become a god. Gods do not possess emotions and such at all. After all, such things are unnecessary for ruling a world”

“ …”

“So you can no longer even think, I will temporarily separate from you”


Stroh separate her hands from mine.

I gradually regained my consciousness at the same time her divine powers left my body.

No, I was conscious, but that’s the closest way of saying it.


“How is it? The feeling that you lost your emotions”

“It didn’t feel good. That aside, you said gods don’t possess emotions, but you and Creasyl possess them don’t you? What is that about?”

“Yes, it is because we had mind-boggling amount of time. If we live long, then emotions would sprout”

“ … It can really sprout?”

“What is it? Are you saying you have been living longer than many thousands, many hundred millions of years?”


Stroh came asking that while grinning.

It’s irritating, but I can’t do much if I end up being told that.

But if I go as is, then I will end up losing my emotions even if I luckily get my hands on divine powers.

I hate it, even if there’s no helping that.


“Be relieved, you are living with emotions, so you will immediately return to normal even if you lose them… I have no conclusive proof however”

“ …”

“Su- such things can be done afterwards! In any case, for now we repeat this and awaken the divine powers within you, alright!”

“O- Okay…”


With my hands being held and being filled with divine powers, I once again had my emotions erased and continued to receive divine powers, literally free from obstructive thoughts.



“Haah…haah… Serves you right, you idiots”


While Setsu and Stroh were training, Gullus had cut the rope with the knife he carried undercover and escaped.

The knife he used was something that was handed down for generations in the royal family and can change its shape by responding to the magic power of one of the royal family.

It was inevitable for Setsu and co to not have noticed it, since he made it miniscule, hid it inside his body and took it out as necessary.

Underestimating him because they used a magic filled rope was their mistake.

It is impossible for an edged tool, that was at the level of being handed down in the royal family, to not cut a commercial rope.


“I have to do something as is and return all the way to the royal capital… I’ve gone through the trouble to escape without being killed, I cannot let my blood be eradicated…!”


This town is vast.

If I go through this path that’s a little separated from the main street, then it should take them some time.

If I go through the main street, it will be a straight line until outside, but seeing that the risk of being seen by someone is high, I have no choice but to take this path.


“I will escape the city before morning! Until then――――――――”

“Target discovered, I will kill”



Gullus reflexively caught his breath.

What suddenly appeared before his eyes was a large man who easily crossed over two meters.

The moonlight illuminating Gullus was covered by the excessively well built body.


“Understood, we approach yet another one of our Great Creasyl’s ambitions”



Before he was aware of it, a woman was standing right behind him.

She was the exact opposite of the man in front of him, but her sense of intimidation was not different at all.

He ended up being held between such bizarre existences.


“I shall bring God’s judgment to the detested per――――――――”

“S- stop! I am a royalty you know!? From the beginning, you cannot even-”

“Noisy, Human nature

“-approach m――――――――――”


The hammer of the giant man went down.

Gullus, who was struck by the strong fist, was struck to the ground and died, scattering just about everything.

A considerable sound should have resounded, but not a single resident of the city noticed.

The wind whirling around them did not let that sound leak out at all.


However, that did not work for one’s line of sight.


“What the hell are you doing!”

“Hey, aren’t these guys the rumored attackers!?”


What appeared in that place, was a pair of adventurers who were drinking with Jion at the bar.

In order to protect the important city, they prepared themselves and began patrolling late at night from today on.

This time, there were adventurers patrolling other places, but there is no other way but to describe them coming to this place as unlucky.


“Another hateful person appeared”

“Let me pass judgment next. Judgment to the hateful mankind…”

“What are you grumbling about! Raising terrible havoc to the city…I’ll kill you!”

“Let’s go!”


The two drew out their swords and started running towards the source of the random attacker incidents.


“You’re an eyesore”


However, their feet were suddenly cut off and were dancing in midair.

Their bodies which lost their support collapsed onto the ground.


“H- huh?”

“H- hii!”


Blood gushed out from their legs.

And then, the next instant their head was flying.

They opened their eyes and did not even notice they died.

However, the woman was just standing.


“Pitiful… is mankind this brittle?”

“This much would not be enough to cause trouble for that person would it? For the one currently closest to the <Seven Sacred Swords> … for the even more hateful person, let us continue to hide ourselves in this city today”


The two people, no, swords disappeared into the city of night.

And then, inaudible screams resounded somewhere else again――――――――――

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