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Chapter 23

Adventurers in preparatory phase




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“Ooh! You’ve come for us haven’t you!”

“You could say that”

“Be grateful, you lion woman!”

“Sure sure! Aren’t you lively!”


Four days after we sent our spoils of the dungeon to Silvar, we carried our feet towards the guild.

It is to receive explanations for the large scale quest of which Leona came proposing to us.

When we try going there, a larger number of adventurers has gathered there than usual.

Most of them are members of Greed Tiger that’s led by Leona, but I can see quite a number of people of other clans.


“The briefing will start very soon. Well, please feel yourself at home anywhere, you two”

“Let us do so then”


I drag away the intimidating Isvel and sit on a seat at a suitable table.

We waited for a while, and then the voices of the noisy adventurers stopped.

The next instant, a lion’s roar resounded in the guild.




Everyone’s eyes were captivated by Leona.

She’s the strong charismatic type.

As I thought, when it comes to A rank Clan leaders, they would have the appeal to be in that high a position.


“From here, we start the briefing of the large scale quest! Toragule!”

“Yus, Sis!”


The ordered Toragule diligently distributed the documents to us.

On those documents were written the plans for destroying several orc nests that have appeared.


“The content of this time’s quest is, you must have at least heard it through rumors, but it’s to destroy the nests of the orcs that have sprung forth in large numbers! It is impossible to annihilate them, but with our hands, we shall decrease the orc numbers to the usual”


Since I’ve heard a little of it from Silvar, the speech quickly entered my head.

Isvel is tilting her head, but well, there shouldn’t be any problems if I understand it.

We’ll be together during the quest again either way.


“Hey wait a minute!  It’s just orcs!? Doesn’t look like we can expect rewards if it’s like that I guess!”


An adventurer jeered somewhere.

And towards that, Leona’s face instantly turned even more serious.


“Don’t you go taking them lightly just because they’re orcs, you hear me? Even just pig monsters are a threat if they have numbers. Besides, this time we’ve confirmed Arch Orcs and even General Orcs in addition to regular orcs”

“Ge- General Orcs!?”


General Orcs huh?

Another troublesome type is mixed in them.


General Orcs are existences which you could even call bosses of orcs.

Any group of orcs have to obey when a General Orc enters their territory, and they always take along several Arch Orcs.

Their abilities are authentic too and they should rival even A rank adventurers if one is unlucky, though it’s based on the affinity of the weapon they could carry.


“I still only have eyewitness testimony, but if you come across them, let me deal with them please. We are requesting your cooperation. Us bearing the largest risk is reasonable after all”



The adventurer who jeered went silent to Leona’s response.

It was an answer with no way to express complaints towards, so the adventurers beside him also kept silent.


“Who I have gathered here are powerful people of C-rank and higher, who can hardly be called newcomers. But even so, the likelihood for all of us to be safe should be exceedingly low. In exchange, we prepared quite a lot of rewards”


Leona put up two fingers.


“Two hundred gold coins each.  On top of that, we plan to pay an additional hundred coins to the ones who achieved definite results. This is not a bad offer is it?”


Two hundred gold coins, with an orc subjugation quest.

This is an unbelievably good term――or should be.

It’s a little strange for me to say since I don’t know the marketplace well, but I remember the amount is about equal to an A rank request reward.

It must be looking quite appealing, mainly among the C and B rank members, if each individual receive two hundred gold coins and not each clan.


“The departure is two hours from now. I have no problems even if you decline to avoid the risk after hearing me out. I won’t even think of you as a coward. We are serious too. We don’t need those with hesitation in our quest”


The interior of the guild began to become noisy.

The only one drinking fruit juice with an unconcerned face is Isvel.

Well, the risk is unrelated to Isvel, so I guess it’s unnatural to not be disturbed from the speech just then.


“Those who will be participating with us, gather outside the city in two hours. Steadily put your preparations in order until then. That’s all”


Finished speaking there, Leona stepped back.


“Aren’t you glad? We can gather the cost for the house and land with this”

“Well, the charity from the silver colored one comprising more than half of it does not sit well with me, but… it can’t be helped”


She pouting a little and looking dissatisfied, but “needs must when the devil drives” seems to be her stance.

I’m thankful that the talk is seemingly proceeding smoothly even for me.


“It will also be your first battle isn’t it, Echsdarc?”

‘Fu fu fu, well, you may swing me to your heart’s content! I may end up cutting up even your allies from my excessive sharpness, though!’

“I’ll break you immediately if you do it intentionally, alright?”

‘I’m sorry’


This one’s easy to get carried away, but she’s charming if you learn how to handle her.

This should get her to let me use her obediently.


“Ade――I mean, Al. What will we do for preparations?”

“Hmm… Well, we don’t need it, particularly. Let’s kill time with whatever works and go to the meeting place”



We left our seat and went out of the guild.

We tried going towards the meeting place and on the way we observed the scene of an adventurer, who was in the guild, purchasing weapons.

That adventurer is likely participating in the quest I guess.


“I wonder how many will participate”

“It has nothing to do with us right?”

“Well, that’s true though”


To be clear, it’s a fact that a small number of people would be safer.

If there’s too many of them, then it’ll be too much for us to protect.

Seeing that there’s presence of the Rainbow Association, a threat must be hiding there that is big enough to make General orcs not a big deal after all.


“Brace yourself thoroughly alright? Because this quest is not going to be so straightforward”

“ … If you say so”


With this, Isvel should not be off guard.

If Red really were to come attacking us, then we will defeat him at that time.


“It looks like the adventurers have begun their move”

“So they come…”


Inside a dense forest, a red robed man and green robed woman was conversing.

Around them were orcs standing in line with numbers that could be called a military force.

Each one of them pledged loyalty to the two and stood there without any stir.


“Now now. This time I say, leave it to us, Red. You haven’t recovered your magic power yet have you?”

“ …Tch”


When the two were conversing, a yellow robed man showed up weaving his way between the orcs.

The yellow man glared at Red with a sharp glint in the eye.


“Hey hey, Yellow. You’re being unusually ill-humored aren’t you?”

“Why is the loser here?”


Without even hiding his discomfort, the man called Yellow asked a question to the purple woman.


“That is of course, because Red is holding the Orc’s crown, you see. We still don’t hold the crown, so it can’t be helped”

“This is annoying…”

“Now now, until you’re finished recovering your magic power, Red, you will be operating the orcs from here, alright? Because Yellow and I, Green, will be dealing with the lots who killed you and Blue”

“You can silently watch it there”


Green and Yellow took along the orc army and vanished inside the forest.

The sole remaining Red saw them off with an expression like he had eaten a bitter bug.

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  1. It should be Arch Orcs and Orc Generals from the context. General orcs would just be average orcs, and arc orcs would be orcs launched from a catapult.

    1. Well, I just went with what the author wrote and if she writes ジェネラルオーク, then who am I to just change that? Though I guess if people have problems differentiating between an orc and a general orc, I’ll change it. Though noted on the arch orc, didn’t know there was a difference in meaning. Will change that one at least.

  2. “Leona put up two fingers.
    Doesn’t want the quotation mark at the beginning of that line.

    Seeing that there’s presence of the Rainbow Association, a threat must be hiding there that is big enough to make general orcs not a big deal after all.
    General needs to be capitalized here to make it clear that it’s Orc Generals being discussed; I agree with the prior post that Orc General is the standard term, but so long as General is capitalized it should be clear that it’s a title.

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