Hiki-NEET Vol 8 Idle talk 7

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Vol 8 Idle talk 7

[8-10] The feudal lord’s wife, sending a letter to her husband, the feudal lord




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[8-10] means this happened around vol 8 chapter 10



Crunching sounds of writing letters with a feather pen resounded.


Feudal lord’s mansion, City of Premie.

In the office, the feudal lord’s wife seems to be doing work in front of a large desk.

She had seemingly first-class garments, but her breasts was not exposed. It seems displaying her captivating ravine was to disturb the men she is negotiating with, she did not seem to have a hobby in exposure play. Currently, where there was only a female servant in the same room, she was concentrating in her official duties in a relaxed state. Incidentally, her breasts were on the table. Since they were heavy.


After knocking, magistrate Raymond showed up in that office. Several sheets of paper were in his hand.

He seems to have put in order the documents of his results in visiting the pioneer land in its first year as the tax collector.


“So, Raymond. I have heard it by mouth before I took out a subjugation grant, but… how is the pioneer land?”

“It is doing favorable Ma’am. They are already enclosed in a wooden fence and have a watering place. Currently they seem to be in the middle of lumbering and construction, but they should be extending the agricultural land after spring. They have no shortcomings in defensive battle power either. It seems possible for us to collect tax on the fourth year without problems”


The feudal lord’s wife, while continuing her writing, asked the magistrate without looking up. There was not even a fragment of the coquettish smiling face she displayed during Yuuji and Kevin’s negotiations. However, magistrate Raymond answered without being perturbed at all. It appears this was the feudal lord’s wife’s unadulterated self.


“Really. And so… Could he be a visitor from afar like we had thought?”


Here, the feudal lord’s wife finally raised her face and answered while staring at the magistrate. Just as merchant Kevin had read, the feudal lord’s wife and magistrate seems to have noticed the fact Yuuji was a visitor from afar after all.


“There should be no doubts about that. There was a house in the pioneer land that I have never seen before. And they seem to be developing new ornaments and clothing in addition to preserved food”


“Really,” was all the feudal lord’s wife said to the magistrate’s words and then she pondered. Her behavior was pointlessly erotic, but the magistrate was not disturbed at all. This was ordinary for him. He was an enviable man.


“How has Kevin Company’s canned goods and the head chef’s prototypes gone I wonder?”

“The prototypes have been complete. However, it is better for them to be sold after spring, in order to confirm whether it will maintain their quality or not. I believe that since there are no problems with the original cans from Kevin Company, these will have no problems either however…”

“I suppose so, it will be a hassle if they find faults with them. Just, please begin with creating the cans of snow rabbit dishes during the winter for me. If there are no problems with the prototypes, then we will let Kevin Company sell them first”


The sales contract of the high class canned goods intended for aristocrats that the feudal lord’s wife exchanged with Kevin. For the experience and best before dates, they seem to doing the testing through the commoners by letting Kevin Company sell them. Although they were similarly aristocrats, it would be a troubling matter if something were to happen to them. Serving as a topic maker, it seems that the part they would produce this winter would be put on sale to the commoner class who could afford them.


“Moreover ornaments and clothing, is it… They should be things the visitor from afar has thought up, isn’t it? I wonder what sort of things they are. Get a messenger and tell Kevin to bring me a sample if they are made, would you”

“Certainly Ma’am. It’s just that from hereon, they should be dealing with the subjugation of the goblin and orc village. It may become winter, or otherwise spring, would that be fine with you?”

“Ah, that’s right. Pioneering will not advance until the subjugation ends, I see… Raymond, send in criminal slaves in addition to the soldiers we will be sending out to confirm their extermination. I hope you will affix the survivors to road construction once extermination is confirmed. They will be able to construct a blacksmith workshop for the canned goods once we do so, don’t you think? I will leave their numbers to you”


It was a reprehensible manner of speaking, but by no means was the feudal lord’s wife a cruel woman.

People who had committed larceny, robbery, sexual assault, murder or trespassing the city without proof of residency and such would be indentured by the details of their crime and turned into criminal slaves. Naturally, some were executed depending on the crimes they committed however. Criminal slaves are offered minimum life necessities, but they are simultaneously assigned labor. Moreover those labor were rigorous and it was unusual for them to lose their lives before their indentureship would end. There was a large difference between criminal slaves and slaves like the dogkin Marcel.


“Then, allow me to select the criminal slaves who are in excess”

“If you please. And then once I finish writing this letter, please instruct them to transport it to our royal capital mansion together with the prototype canned goods, alright? *giggle* It is unfortunate that I won’t be able to see his surprised face”


The feudal lord’s wife said and dropped her eyes to the letter at hand. Her face dyed red, she showed an entranced expression. It is very clear whoever looked at her. That facial expression was that of a maiden in love. She had passed her prime to be called a maiden however. No, she was still around her thirties. She was plenty a maiden and… a fine woman with plenty of adult sex appeal drifting about her.


“Certainly Ma’am. Then, we shall send a body of troops as well as maintain public order on the main road as usual”


It appears that the magistrate possessed a heart of steel. Is he a sage?

… Or perhaps he was someone who was full on homosexuality.


In any case, thus the news regarding the present conditions of the pioneer land and the new business that will bring forth money, was forwarded to the feudal lord who was in the royal capital.

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