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Chapter 87





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Brad saw it.

That the wall that was cut by the sword the man held in his hand had exploded.

He immediately put his thoughts in order.


(Perhaps… we won’t be a match against this man. I should at least let Elka escape. I have no other choice but to buy time and wait for Tia and Glain to come up…!)


Brad put Elka behind him and slowly, but steadily began to retreat.

Elka was even now all shaken up and so couldn’t help but not be part of their fighting force.


“Oh? Are you escaping? Oh that won’t do… How about you face me squarely for a little?”

“Unfortunately… We are not fools to challenge a match we cannot win”

“Hm… well that’s alright I suppose. Even I would like my preys to oppose me a little you see!”



Xplode kicked the floor.

Brad thrusted Elka away and leaped into a nearby room.


“So you’re letting your companion escape then!”



Brad stopped the swung down sword with his knife.


“You touched it didn’t you?”

“Gh! Don’t tell me!”



Brad, who was burned on his whole body, tumbled down the floor.

Although he jumped back immediately, his body got covered in burns.


“This is bad… I will be unable to move if I receive a single hit directly…)


The pains on his body was saying so.

He somehow got up, but he was no longer able to move as quickly.


“See! It’ll be over instantly with that state of yours!”



Brad rolled on the floor and managed to dodge his sword.

However, the sword hit the wall and exploded, blowing him away again.



“You did well avoiding that… However, even if I want to savor the fight for a long time, our Almighty Creasyl’s orders are absolute. How about we keep the playing around moderate and begin extermination soon?”

“Creasyl… I see, so you’re that one’s companion”

“Companion… Or should you rather say child? Well it won’t matter. Because you will be heading to your death here after… all!”


Once again the sword was swung.

However, its speed was unlike before and even Brad could not move so promptly.

This time it will be a direct hit, is what he thought, but――――――――――


“Hey you, did you just say Creasyl?”



There was a person seizing Xplode’s arm from his side.

That was the arm of the girl who secluded herself in her room up until now and came out when the wall was destroyed.

The girl, who bore overwhelming hatred toward the god called Creasyl, burned Xplode’s arms with black flames.


“Gh! Gyaaaaaaaah!”

“You’re noisy, stop making noises”



She gripped his head as he collapsed, and raised it.

That bizarre spectacle made Brad’s body tremble.


“Yuuhi… Why are you-”

“My mind’s made up, Brad”


Black flames rose from Yuuhi’s body.

Her eyes were gloomy and hollow.

However, only light of hatred was firmly lodged into it.


“It was Creasyl who killed Yuki-kun… then I have to give an eye for an eye… I’ll burn away all and all of her companions”

“S- stop it pl――――――――――――”

“The setting sun has sunk… It’s already――――――――――night time, you know”


<Flame Night>.

The black flames wrapped up Xplode’s whole body.

Although his screams were heard for a moment, he was rendered inaudible, perhaps due to his throat being burned immediately.

The flames destroyed his body simultaneously with the burn.

When the flames were settled before long, there were neither dust nor ashes remaining.


“I’ll kill everyone, Yuki-kun… And that totally rotten woman who hurt you, I will torment her and kill her to the end, just wait…”


The black flames flickering on her body was clear as if it were the night sky, and frightening enough so that nobody would come near her.



“Hey aunty, I want another one”

“Me too”

“I’d like to have more as well”

“I will be having another as well”

“Sure thing! You all can eat well don’t you?”


We are having our meals at a not-so-big restaurant inside the city of Lacria.

As for Gullus, we rented a room in the inn and locked him up there.

Incidentally we rented two more rooms for us.

It’s all of the money we converted from the treasures that Gullus packed into his carriage though.

I’m a devil? I can’t hear you.


“Hey Setsu… so we first have to stay in this city until tomorrow right?”

“Yeah. It’s already spread that the king is killed, so it’s chaos around here. There may or may not be one carriage a day. At worst we will stay here tomorrow too.”

“*sigh*… we’re going back quickly and then take it easy though”

“Jion, you could not just have forgotten the existence of Creasyl and such do you. After all, you have just heard of it some time ago.”

“Yes! I get it already, alright!”


Jion shouted and then forcibly threw the meat on the plate into his mouth.

It’s not that he is angry, this is how he usually acts.


“Maybe there is some sacred sword hiding somewhere in this city. But if we go and meddle with all of them, then no matter how many lives we have, it won’t be enough, right? So here we can do nothing but wish we pass through this place without them being in this place”

“That’s right. I’m worried about Lady Desastre too. I want to request a bout with the sacred swords by any means though…”

“Give me a break. Right now none of us can fix any wounds you know”


Jion’s quite right about that.

We don’t have any healers, seeing that I don’t have any magic powers.

I’ll manage somehow if I use Gluttony, but this boy’s my trump card.

I can’t possibly use him so easily.


“I do not quite understand, but you do not have anything to do in this city, do you? In that case, can we not return to the inn already? Setsu, I want to go to bed already”

“You oversleeper… Well, whatever. ‘N so, we’re going back, how about you two?”

“I’ll be loitering around the city. We finally got money we can use freely, might as well do some wild merrymaking, eh”

“I’m thinking of going to see the guild for a while. There may be some gossip there and if there are delicious commissions, I’ll take one as a warming up”

“That so, got it then. Then, see ya at night in the inn alright?”



We pay the price of the meal and Stroh and I walk on the road to the inn.


“Saay, is it really possible? Carrying divine power that is”

“I do not know. I can only say there is merit in just doing it”


Hearing that answer, I scratch my head.

How should I say this, it’s uh… lackluster.

It can’t be helped since she doesn’t know the result either, but vague things really do feel itchy.


“That aside, you go to bed properly from today on alright? You have trained throughout the night and it will trouble me if you collapse”

“Ah… I get it”


It was five minutes later when we arrived at the inn.

When we pass through the large double door on the front, a lively girl greeted us from inside.


“Welcome! Oh, it’s the people from room twelveーwelcome back then!”

“Hey! Show some proper respect, Mira!”

“Aah, it’s fine. Having at least this much energy would give you more relief too, missus innlady”

“Is that, is that so? Well if you say so, Mr customer…”


“So reasonable!” The girl who said that and thrusted a thumbs up to me is Mira, the daughter of the husband and wife managing this inn.

Brown pigtails and a petite body.

From what I hear, she seems to be around thirteen years old.

And yet she’s frivolous and would actively speak with customers like us.

She seems to be the popular figure of this inn and contributing to their earnings at this age fills me with awe.


“What about the other two? They are in a different room, but they’re your companions right?”

“Yeah, said he was going to loiter around the city. It’s bothersome for me, so I’m going to sleep in my room.”

“Oh, I know those people! You call them useless people!”

“Shut up, leave me alone”


That right now was relatively effective you know, to my heart.

I lightly poke Mira in the head and go up the stairs to our room.

Looks like she went “boo-boo” behind me, but I ignore it.


“You look like you were enjoying the time which involves that girl do you not, my boy… Don’t tell me my boy… You prefer young girls?”

“Sorry, but I ain’t a lolicon. It’s just… Her atmosphere resemble hers a bit you know, that of my childhood friend”


Brunette, plenty of energy and yet sociable.

Just that much could be nothing but a coincidence, but they resemble each other for some reason.


“Or rather, don’t you go showing your figure until you enter the room alright? They’re gonna charge us don’t you think?”

“ …Stingy are you not?”


It’s fine as long as we have money, so naturally to reduce the hotel charge, I had Stroh go in a state where she won’t be recognized by people.


“… I guess I should look just in case”


Changing my mind before I enter my room, I open the door to the neighboring room.


“Hey, how you feeling?”

“ … It’s the worst”


Who was inside was the bound Gullus.

He’s tied to the room’s support, he shouldn’t be able to go out of this room as long as he doesn’t have any sharp tools.


“Well, when we hand over you to the demon king, I’ll ask her not to do anything bad to you alright? If you’re cooperative that is”

“ …”

“See ya then, I’ll come again”


He shut his mouth, so I leave the room and this time enter my room.

Now then, how about I do what she told me and sleep until the night――――――――――――

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    1. Destroia was invisible to human beings, so that Setsu and co don’t have to pay for her stay. So she should stay that way until she’s in the room where nobody would look at them. I’ll see if I can change things to make that clearer.

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