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Chapter 19

The Demon Lord Opens a Treasure Chest




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“ …I was certain I ended your life though”

“My name is Red Phoenix. The Great Phoenix Red. Remember that”


The injuries I put on him gradually closed.

In just several seconds, his body completely returned to one without wounds.

The proof that there had been injuries there were only his clothes already.


“The experiment is a failure――No, it looks like that Blue woman died, so “it was hindered” would be correct I guess. Can’t be helped then, I’ll pull back for today”


Flaming wings appeared on Red’s back.

When those flapped twice, thrice, Red’s body slowly floated.


“The next time we meet, I will win. I will make you grovel on bare earth, ordinary person”

“ … I will look forward to it”


Red laughed nihilistically and flew towards the hole in the ceiling like how Silvar went up just a while ago.


“Think I will let you go!?”


Isvel invoked a black magic and released enormous spears of ice.

Although most of them missed, one went through Red’s body.

But the spear came out immediately and Red continued to fly up just like that.

In the moment I blinked, the wound, which was supposed to be opened in his stomach, got closed.


“I won’t forget your face, you hear me?”


Red took a glance at Isvel and then his figure disappeared from the open hole in the ceiling just like that.

What remained around here were just silence and gloom.


“… Who are they?”

“I don’t know. But I’m certain they are scheming something”


“Experiment” is what Red said.

They failed this time, but what would have happened had they succeeded――


“Hum. Well, if you don’t know, Adel, then there is no use even if we think about it”


Isvel’s serious face suddenly made a complete change into a bright face and then looked back my way.


“Now then, we’re exploring the dungeon once again!”

“I figured it’s going to be like that”

“We finally don’t have anyone being a nuisance to us after all! It would be a loss if we don’t enjoy even if it is from now on, wouldn’t it?”

“You’re talking about losses and gains? Well… we did come this far”


I don’t think we’re likely to have an opportunity to get as far as the seventieth floor so easily either.

Silvar is taking command and will be closing up the currently open hole and they should be making “No damaging the dungeon” a rule from now on.

Considering the time to come this far, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it our last chance.


“Let’s search for treasure, Adel!”

“Where do you get all that energy from…”


A battle should have occurred on Isvel’s side as well.

The woman who was with Red called Blue, her presence wasn’t weak.

I’m not one to say, but not experiencing fatigue at all despite that is something to be feared.

Her face is giving off great stupidity, but she’s a demon lord despite all that.

I’m glad she’s really an ally.


“First we will look for a way to the lower floor like we did until now right?”

“Yeah. You’ve chased that woman, but was there anything like a staircase that way?”

“No, no staircases. It was a dead end”

“Is that so. Then it’s this way I guess”


I point to the opposite side of the direction where Isvel chased her towards some time ago.

However much we’re Heroes and Demon lord, we are no different from ordinary adventurers inside the dungeon.

If we want to go to the lower floors, then we have no other options but to locate the path to it on foot.


“Okay then, shall we go!?”

“Don’t relax your guard, alright?”

“Hmph, who do you think you are telling to do the natural?


While looking at the over-eagerly advancing Isvel’s back, I was driven by anxiety.


“Hm? Look! It’s a treasure chest!”


In the middle of our search for the path to seventy first floor, Isvel raised her voice.

When I look ahead, I certainly see a treasure chest where she is rushing over to.

All the treasure chests on the way here have become empty by our colleagues who have come first.

Although they are making progress in capturing the seventieth floor, it doesn’t seem like they have explored everything yet.


“Can I open it?”

“Wait just a minute… Yeah, it’s fine. Try opening it, please”



There are occasionally times when traps are set on the treasure chests.

They’re treasure chests that are said to have been installed by someone who created that dungeon, but if they’re really created by someone, then it’s in quite a bad taste.

There is also a theory that dungeons are spontaneously generated, but if that is the case, then it’s a mystery that they have treasure chests like this.

By the way I’m pushing the theory that dungeons are created by a god’s desire to play.

That’s because the facility looks like it would be liked by this world’s god, who do whatever they please with the fates of other people.

If that damn goddess created it, then I can understand.


“What’s wrong? Something you’re thinking about?”

“Aah, no. Don’t mind me. And, what’s in it?”

“There weren’t anything significant inside. It’s at best this magic stone I guess?”


What was on Isvel’s hand was a magic stone of moderate size.

It’s a magic stone which, though it didn’t go up to an armful, will sell at quite a high price if we sell them.


“Other things are a gauntlet and a helmet. They’re of fine quality, but unnecessary to us, I suppose”

“Aah… I guess so. They’re fine quality, so it will sell if we return with it”

“Hm, really. So there are people who desire even things like these”


I don’t think she meant any ill will, but that’s a line that would stir animosity from adventurers you don’t know of if they were to hear her.

Certainly, it wouldn’t change whether we wear them or not. There’s even the possibility of making it harder for us to move instead.

But only we don’t have any demands for them. There should be people who want them so much, they could almost taste them when you speak of equipments that appear from seventieth floor treasure chests.


The problem is only the point where we would end up being ridiculously conspicuous if we sell seventieth floor equipments.

No, we don’t have a point of issue with that anymore at this stage.


“If we return, let’s hand them over to Silvar. It will be fine if he would buy them from us and if you like, we can buy and sell via Silvar”

“Mh! Are you relying on that man!?”

“He’s not a bad person after all”



Isvel seems to be thinking that he is hard to deal with, but my impression of Silvar has gone to endlessly good.

Silvar’s actions had no ill will at all.

He is simply a bothersome person, but his strength is genuine and he has the personality of someone who is standing at the top.

He’s a man who appeared to honestly want to maintain a relationship with us.


“He’s an A rank clan leader, so he should be well known in this city after all. At worst he would introduce us to a tight-lipped armor shop or blacksmith”

“ … Would it be fine if I don’t come along?”

“Do you dislike him that much…”


So the impression you once get isn’t wiped so easily is it?

I thought so completely while looking at Isvel, who unabashedly averted her eyes.


“You don’t have to come along with me per say, but it will be after we first capture a certain amount of the dungeon, right?”

“Will you not display a spirit strong enough to try capturing the whole dungeon!?”

“How many days do you think that will take…”


I put in the magic stone and armor inside the magic powered bag and once again start walking.

Were we lucky or unlucky after that?

Although we didn’t come across a new treasure chest, we finally arrived in front of the staircase continuing to the seventy first floor.


TL: He did die, technically. He just revived himself like a phoenix. I made no lies.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I still call shenanigans. When a phoenix revives not only does it lose all injuries and scars but reverts back to a baby. Don’t remember if it turns back into an egg or a chick but gets a hell of a lot younger. If this guy’s ability to revive is like a phoenix’s he should have turned into a little kid or baby. Wonder if Blue will be fine too once she thaws out in a couple years.

    1. I think it’s the other way. He didn’t get this skill because he’s a phoenix, he’s called a phoenix because he has a skill that resembles it. (Plus he’s red)

  2. I find the floor numbering somewhat confusing. They were fighting on the seventeenth floor, but the next floor down is the seventy first floor? It’s not just on the chapter, but on a few of the preceding ones as well. Might wana go back to make sure the floor numbers are all consistent, because it’s confusing as it stands..

    1. Eh, I’ve never mentioned seventeenth floor. I’ve only been mentioning seventieth floor though. 70th, seventieth. You might have read it too quickly and read it as seventeenth.

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