Hiki-NEET Vol 8 Idle Talk 3

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Vol 8 Idle talk 3 

[8-6] The two seamstresses, migrating to the pioneer land




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The city of Premie. The dressmaker that is popular with merchants.

At that workplace, a man and woman exchanged a conversation with each other.


“Wow, look Valleri! I knew it, Senpai’s designs are amazing…”

“It really is… How can you even make that kind of expression…”


Gazing at the just finished clothes with an entranced expression was the seamstress Yurshel. The ecstatic expression emitted sensuality unbefitting of a young eighteen year old girl.

Responding to the words of Yurshel was Valleri, similarly a seamstress. He was a twenty year old man who saw the clothes and then blushed after seeing Yurshel’s expression.


It was five years since the two left Albroe village and began studying as a seamstress. They roughly learned the art of sewing and although their evaluations from their senior and shopkeeper are high, they were sluggish in relations to design. A country bumpkin learning the senses of the city is something difficult. No, the city of premie was also a rural area though.

When we become adults, I will propose marriage to Yurshel. Carrying such thoughts, Valleri had quite a reason why he could not talk about marriage.


The designs here are creative. No, its processing is wonderful, it really is the color selection, after saying those words and admiring the clothes their senior had designed for a while, the two once again began their work. I’m sure that someday I will make these clothes too. Renewing their motivations, they worked hard in their needlework.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


An early summer event where spring has ended and the sunlight began to gradually become stronger.

The president of Kevin company, a regular customer, had come to visit the dressmaker.

For some reason the two were called by the shopkeeper and thus they turned their feet from their workplace towards the storeside. What was wished for them was a decision that would put their future lives at stake.


“So it’s these two? Mr Valleri, Ms Yurshel, I am Kevin, president of Kevin company. I have something to talk to you two about, which is why I have called you”


Speaking of Kevin company, it’s the store that’s the talk in this city after putting up new preserved food on the market. What does such company president have to talk about with us? Valleri so thought and inclined his head. The neighboring Yurshel’s eyes were sparkling for some reason. All the shopkeeper did was showing a friendly grin, even when they shifted their eyes on him.


“I would like to employ you two to Kevin Company as seamstresses”


Valleri was confused.

Their seamstress skills were recognized, but the designs of the two were simple. A little… yes, I recognize your efforts, but it’s unfashionable isn’t it… was their senior’s opinions. Not to mention, they were told gently despite how it appeared.


“Excuse me… But we can’t create any fashionable designs you know? Ah, could it be clothes for the pioneer land we heard rumors about?”


“Well, we can create them in that case, ” Valleri understood and asked Kevin.

Clothes for farm work would be his forte instead of clothes with refined taste in fashion. The two had been raised in a farm village after all, until they started their training as seamstresses at the age of thirteen. They understood the activities and they understood the parts that are easily torn. “I see, if that’s the case then we may be good with it,” Valleri agreed on his own. Yurshel showed dissatisfaction with something, seemingly wanting to say “I will become a fashionista who will create a fad, you know.” She was a woman who is overly conscious about appearing interesting. Bothersome.


“Yes I do not mind that. I have someone for that. It’s just that that person does not understand sewing at all, so… Well, it would be quicker to see it with your eyes isn’t it? Please look at this”


What Kevin took out from his pocket was a rough paper that was used even in his store. On it was drawn a never-seen-before clothes. It seems they were for children, but there plenty of frills. And the skirt was short. Valleri received a shock. Wi-with-with that skirt height, their legs would be completely visible wouldn’t it? Ho-how shameless… he began muttering so and the like.

On the other hand, Yurshel’s response was striking. “Wha- what is this, so cute! It’s dangerously cute!” she was being excited with sparkling eyes.


“Mi-mister Kevin! Will we make these clothes!? U-us!?”


Leaving the worried Valleri behind, Yurshel braced herself to talk to Kevin. It appears she was caught in Kevin’s trick. Who take up new fads in the world at any time are women.


“Yes, of course you will. I have various drafts beside this, but… I have no seamstresses who can realise them you see. When I called out to the shopkeeper, he introduced me to you two”


Really, the yet new designs are… Hehe, ehehehe, Yurshel made uncanny sounds of laughter. It seems her mind has made up. However, interrupting Yurshel who was likely to reply as soon as possible, Valleri asked a question.


“And so, where would our place be? Is it the pioneer land after all? And also, about how much would our wages be…”


It seems Valleri was a pragmatic man. That may have been why his designs were unfashionable. If one gets caught with common practices, then new designs would be impossible.


The location is the pioneer land. Wages would be far higher than the current store. Furthermore, Kevin, who made good use of his connections in his peddler times, said he will guarantee supply to Albroe village.

It was a high reception.

Not only that, it seems Kevin had tried to pay the shopkeeper a considerable amount of sum as money to buy the two out of bondage. The shopkeeper accepted with a friendly grin.


“Can I ask you one last question? How is the fighting power of the pioneer land…?”


It is obvious, but pioneer lands come with danger. Of course there are dangers even if it was a village however, like Albroe village, where the two were raised in.

The answer that Kevin returned was unbelievable. The four man former third rank adventurers party ‘Dark Green Wind.’ They were celebrities that even Yurshel and Valleri knew of. It looks like there were also fighting powers who each have received a certificate from the adventurer’s guild master that they are equal to rank four in fighting power and magic respectively. And yet, their residents number twelve.

“What is that, isn’t it safer than albroe village?” Valleri muttered surprised. It seems his mind has made up.


“Alright. We look forward to working with you!”

“Of course it’s decided that we’re going! My success story has finally started hasn’t it!”


Although the spirit that came out of them were different, the two seems to have decided.

And thus, the two seamstresses who would head to the pioneer lands have been decided.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


Ever since two migrated to the pioneer land by Kevin’s guidance, theywere without rest every day.

Without the time to greet Yuuji, they were provided pattern papers of jeans and overalls.

The two prepared them with the sailcloth that Kevin had brought in.


“Yup, it sure is sturdy! I wonder if I should buy one with my wages and send them to Albroe village”


Valleri showed an expression of satisfaction after seeing the trial product. It appears he was pleased with it.


“I guess so… But this is wrong! What I want to make is not something like this! Something that provokes a more, like, startling inspiration!”


On the other hand, Yurshel was complaining. It wasn’t quite clear what she was saying there.


That evening where they completed the trial product and had Yuuji confirm it.

“Make sure to come on your own without telling anyone” was said as Valleri was called by Yuuji.


Valleri headed to the northern side of the pioneer land incognito.

What was there were the figures of two people.

Yuuji and the man with the scout role of the party. They were the bachelor duo of the pioneer land residents.


“Welcome Mr Valleri. Did you come here without telling anyone or being seen by anyone?”


With a soft voice Yuuji talked to Valleri.


“Yes… By the way, what business do you have with me? Being outside public at a place like this…”


Valleri timidly asked. He was worried, thinking “what should I do if they’re discussing something bad.”


“Please look at this.” What Yuuji quietly submitted were the mail-ordered underwear catalogue and several pattern paper that were drawn on smooth paper.


“Th- this is… Oh my…”


Valleri, who saw the catalogue, made sounds with his throat.

He completely imagined it.

His beloved Yurshel wearing the lascivious shorts and brassiere.


Seeing such figures of Valleri, the two bachelors showed a broad grin.


“It’s nice, don’t you think? I would like these, you know, made. By you Mr Valleri. Of course, I will also give you a complete set when it’s complete, you know Mr Valleri? And also, please look here”


Yuuji boasted so. As though they were the whispers of the devil.

What he presented were the pattern papers of the shorts and brassiere.

And then. The original shorts and brassiere. Of course, they were Sakura’s.


Valleri silently picked it up. He ascertained the raw material of the cloth, its elasticity, embroidery and seams and then checked the pattern paper. They were eyes of a pro.

The two bachelors held their breaths and watched over him. Before long, Valleri took a breath and opened his mouth.


“Mr Yuuji… This is impossible. We have to at least get similar cloth… No, even then may be impossible for us”


Said Valleri and pointed at the genuine Brassiere.


“The number of parts is impossible. On top of that, the sizes are different for each person right? Where would we change its shape… At the very least it’s impossible at this rate I think. Where were these created? Aren’t there any more simple ones? And also…”


The two men turned crestfallen towards Valleri’s words. He continued further his words that attacked them while they’re down.


“I have no way in creating a trial product. At the very least I need a female collaborator who would go with me many times in deciding on the size measurement, sewing and trying it on, you see”


What showed in the faces of Yuuji and the male scout was despair. Of course they would show that. They are single because they don’t have such a woman. They don’t have the financial leeway.

It was Valleri who gave the two despair, but the one who gave them relief was also Valleri.


“I will persuade Yurshel to cooperate with us. Mr Yuuji, do you have anything that can become bait?”


However much they have associated with each other, it doesn’t seem like he had ever had Yurshel try his clothes on until now. Cooperating is equal to a young woman exposing her skin.


At last, Valleri had decided.

To propose to her.

To propose marriage to Yurshel.

The man Valleri hardened his determination to face his once in a lifetime victory or defeat.


For the sake of underwear.


Men are very sinful animals.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Yurshel, I have something to talk with you, do you have time?”


At the workshop that was created for the two seamstresses, Valleri called out to Yurshel. He was feigning composure, but his voice was shaken.


Ignoring Yurshel’s words “What, what’s wrong all of a sudden?” Valleri took out the wooden box he concealed. The wooden box is an article created by the woodworker Thomas. Though it’s a trial product for Alice’s birthday present, that is a woodworker. Due to not having any difficult elements in particular, its finish was flawless.


Valleri gently removed the cover and took out the present inside it.

It was a rose corsage created with cloth.

This was the first corsage created in this world.


“Wai-wait a little, I’m at a good point now,” Valleri restrained Yurshel who, with shining eyes, extended her hands because she could not snatch it away at any time. The precious mood was spoiled.

In front of the finally calm Yurshel, Valleri kneeled and offered her the corsage.

The performance coaching was Yuuji. Yuuji didn’t have enough experience to be able to coach him, but he had information stored in books and the net. This would blow her away, Yuuji confirmed. His basis was knowledge obtained from fiction.


“Le- let’s weave the threads of mine and yours and turn them into cloth. I would like to marry you”


His meaning was not clear to her.

The concept of red string of fate did not exist in this world.

Such poetry did not come into fashion either.

It was a cardinal mistake for Valleri, who consulted with Yuuji.


“Wow, so this flower really is made of cloth! What is this, it’s amazing! Hey Valleri, how is this made? The idea is from Mr Yuuji? Hey, teach me how to make this! Ah, marriage right, of course! Or rather, you’re late in saying that! They already thought we were married long ago in Albroe village you know? It looks like our families there are already getting along with each other too”


Valleri received various shocks.

Valleri’s proposal with all his might seems to have been defeated by the corsage.

And it was this late in the game.

Valleri could only raise a dry “Aha, ahaha,” voice.


In any case.

Like this, the underwear project was added to the two seamstresses and had begun to move more specifically.


This is digressing, but the corsage created for Alice’s birthday present was the second creation.

And the big bags showing under the eyes of the seamstresses at the time Mark was consulting them about the present was not due to the production of the corsage, but due to the trial manufacture of the underwear.


Again, Yuuji having taken out Sakura’s underwear seems to have been easily leaked to the person herself.

Yuuji moved with preparedness to that.

“I- if you don’t properly care for it and it becomes he- heavy and s-sagging, it’ll be terrible right? Also, it’s better for girls to have options! I- I don’t have any sort of guilty feelings!” By those explanations, he seems to have taken some circumstances into consideration however.


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    1. Apparently tailors are more about making suits, coats and fancy clothing as well as altering clothes to fit customers while seamstresses sews clothes, fabrics and apparel for a living. That’s pretty much the difference from what I read.

      1. Wouldn’t a male be a “seamster” instead of seamstress. The ending -ess is only used for females. Thus mistress, empress, stewardess, or hostess, as opposed to mister, emperor, steward, or host.

        I know “seamster” isn’t used nearly as much as “seamstress”, but that’s because sewing fabrics together is traditionally considered a woman’s job, which is why there are more seamstresses than seamsters.

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