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Chapter 84





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“So, what do you think? Is that man our target?”

“Yeah… No doubt about it. That he had an escort was beyond what I expected, but we find the proper time and kill him, ‘aight?”


Inside the carriage, the two demons were having a dangerous conversation.


“Don’t use dangerous words too much. The kid will be afraid of us, you know?”

“I think she is already scared though…”

“Hmm! Hmm!”


Destroia, who was also on the carriage, was bound and her mouth plugged by Ramina.

This way, she would be unable to let the two outside know of the current situation.


(What rude people… That they would cover my mouth, I will let them receive retribution for that… Setsu will, that is)


Having lost most of her powers, she had nobody to rely on beside her companion.



“Mr Setsu… can I leave this carriage to you for a bit?”

“Ah? What’s wrong?”


Gullus was having cold sweat.

I can only see him as having bad physical condition, no matter how I look at him.


“Got something bad somewhere? In that case, you should rest in the carriage…”

“No… I, I wanna calm down! I’m gonna go all out to the other side for a bit!”

“O- oh, okay…”


I was taken aback by the excessive angry look.

While thinking that he could’ve just said so earlier in that case, I take the reins and let the carriage on standby.

But unfortunately, there were no thickets around here where one could seem to hide in.

When I saw Gullus running until he was quite far away, the demon guys went off of the carriage from the back.


“Ah, sorry. The coachman have some stomach pain, so the carriage will be resting for a bit――――――――”

“Tch! He bloody suspected us! We’re going Ramina!”


“ … What?”


The demons started to chase after Gullus with astounding speed.

The lady called Ramina put her hand on her katana.

… Don’t tell me, they’re aiming for Gullus?


“Don’t really know what’s going on, but… like I’m gonna let you do that!”


I kick the ground and chase them as well.

It’s fine, they’re not really running seriously.

Even the current me can catch up with them quickly enough.


“Uwah! Stay away!”

“Don’t get away, you bloody bastard!”

“Bravely pass away in peace”


Good, I’m on time.

I wedge myself in between Gullus and them and stop Ramina’s Iai cut with Kuromaru. (TL. in case nobody knows, Iai is a sword fighting style where you cut by drawing your sword from the sheath and immediately putting it back in its sheath in a single smooth action, like you never drew your weapon in the first place.)



“You can’t have you ignore his escort you know…!”

“Wow… So you can stop Ramina’s blade huh?”


I forcibly swing away my arm and take distance from Ramina and Jion.

My arm became fucking numb.

I can’t stop it that easily after all, that sword of hers.


“Hey Jion, this man isn’t an ordinary person”

“He doesn’t have any magic power when I look at him and I didn’t think he had such power, but… don’t get careless, okay”

“Of course I don’t”


These guys… their self-conceit disappeared in the blink of an eye.

I give up, this is difficult to handle.

Worst case, I won’t be able to drive them away if I don’t draw out Gluttony.


“Hey, what did you do?”

“I, I didn’t do anything! I’m unrelated to them!”


Gullus is feeling completely frightened and didn’t even try to run away.

It’s too difficult to handle them like this…


“It’s not you didn’t do anything, right? You’re Destinea’s first prince after all”

“――――――――――Wait, what?”


This guy’s… a royalty?


“I’ve dealt with your father, the king, and your younger sister Margaret. What’s left,  Prince Gullus, is only the likes of you”

“Ple- please stop…”


Wait a minute… when the hell did you do something like that…

These guys really don’t do anything decent.

That the war had ended is a good thing, but what are they trying to do, making the human country fall into chaos.

It’s going to get rough if we don’t get away from this country quickly if it’s like this.


“By killing you, we will seize flawless victory for the demons!”

“Hih, wait――――――――”

“Damn it!”


I once again stop it with Kuromaru and force it back.

Like usual, what a sword speed she got… I just barely made it, you know?


“This man! Even if you do it again…”

“Don’t heat up. This escort certainly seems to be doing well, but… the points is, we just have to settle it with our likely winner”


The hand of the man called Jion pointed our way.

This guy’s magic is bad news, the current me can’t resist it.


“This is our only way huh!?”


I take out two knives from under my jacket.




Jion recited his magic.

I immediately pierce my foot and Gullus’ shoulder with a knife




“This guy…! He just, my magic on first sight…”


Jion’s specialty magic is a bewitching magic that would imprison people in an eternal nightmare.

Those who receive them will never again return to the real world as long as there aren’t any interference of some sort from the outside.

You can resist it with magic power, but it won’t even become a contest with average amount of magic power.

That’s where these knives come into play.

Bewitching magic are things that puts the enemy into sleep when I investigated thoroughly into it.

That’s why you will keep your consciousness awake by receiving pain.

If I was late even a little bit, then we would be inside a neverending dream.


“Why you… You do get what it means when you’re defying us, two of the five great demon generals, don’t you?”

“ … Who doesn’t get it is you guys I’d say…”


I stand up while taking out the knives.

I kick up the dropped Kuromaru, grabbed him and thrusted him to the two.


“You’ve been acting selfishly didn’t you? You’ll be scolded again by Desas if it’s like that you know”

“Gh! You human! Calling Lady Desastre in such way, you――――――――――”

“I’ll let you check my sword, so just notice it already”


I toss Kuromaru.

The two were cautious and didn’t receive it, but a surprised expression floated on their face after seeing Kuromaru, which was fallen on the ground.


“This is… Schwartz…!?”

“It’s broken, but… isn’t this definitely that sword…”


So they finally noticed

This sword is what I got from demon king Desastre and Desas herself had once used it.

Naturally, they should be aware of its existence and should be aware that this sword had gone to me.


“No, but… by the hands of the humans five years ago, Mr Setsu was…”

“Don’t tell me… You”


So they finally noticed… With this we can somehow get out of this――――――――――


“You snatched it away from Setsu didn’t you!? This sword that is!”

“Wha- hey wait!”


Jion leaped with an angry expression.

So he took it that way. No, my appearance changed and right now I can’t prove it with magic power either, so it can’t be helped though…

Or rather, that I was thought to be defeated was wholly unexpected.


“Oh fuck you! Like hell I would be defeated so easily!”



Before Jion’s arm could touch me, I elbowed his chin.

And then two fists to his body which was bent back.

When he is about to blown off to the back, I grab his arm and then pull him down to the ground.

I put both arms behind his back, hold his head and press it to the ground.

With this I completely sealed Jion’s movement.


“Bloody-! Release me!”

“Stupid idiot, you’re a magic expert despite appearances, so can’t you see you can’t possibly win against me with hand to hand combat?”


The field Jion is weak in is close combat.

It’s the result of making light of training, thinking because the enemy will end up inside a dream either way.

Well, he’s plenty strong even with just his bewitching magic, so it’s problematic though.


“That speech and conduct and those movements just now… Are you truly sir Setsu…?”

“Yeah, I can’t really explain the big picture myself, but you can bet I’m Setsu. I already met Desas and the others. If you can’t believe me, then you can ask away at them.”

“ … No hints of lies I can see. Jion, it seems this man is the genuine sir Setsu”

“ … First, get off of me, I won’t act violently anymore”


Do they really believe me? These two.

Even if they can’t believe me, it’ll be more than a conversation at this rate I guess.

I slowly get off of Jion and take just some distance.


“You have no proof after all, that’s why answer a few of my questions. It will depend on those answers”


What the hell, that’s so annoying.

But I guess the conversation won’t continue if I don’t do it…

I urge him ahead with silence.


“First question, your best cooking is?”

“Anything deep fried”

“ …Second one, Lady Desastre’s favorite food”


“ … Last one, Setsu and Desastre were engaged, when?”

“I don’t remember doing something like that face to face”


When I finish answering all the questions, Jion turned to Ramina after thinking for a bit.


“Can we believe him with this?”

“Don’t ask me. But… at least I believe him”

“Huumm… Well, even if you were to deceive us, I can still go and give you some injuries in this place… Alright, we’ll recognize you as Setsu.”

“Phew… Finally”


Honestly, if we’re going to fight like this then I could have lost, so that saved me.

But still, having no magic power is quite inconvenient.

Maybe it’s better to restrain myself for a while from meeting people who hasn’t seen this appearance of mine.


“Alright then. And so, hand over that guy to us please”

“ …Ah?”

“Not “Ah?” Didn’t I just tell you that one’s one of the royalties of the humans? In that case, you, who is Setsu, don’t need to protect him right?”


… That’s true.

As an escort, I have to protect this guy who’s scared behind me, but I’d like to avoid turning this into a fight with Jion and Ramina.

Excuse me for having to turn this into a fight against comrades.

Even so I don’t think it’s a good idea to frankly let them kill him here.

Speaking of which, these guys killed the king and all them right?

In that case, isn’t it it fine to capture Gullus and take him to the demon continent?


“I don’t mind giving him to you, but――――――――――――”


When I told them those things, they obediently approved.

We immediately tied him with rope on the carriage and then Jion and Ramina watched over him.

As for movement, I drive the carriage and Stroh, in perfect air state, kept riding the carriage with those guys.

If we continue like this, then we should get to Lacria without problems.

Would be nice if we don’t get involved into some trouble though…


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  2. When they arrive in town, have some cargo check they can even pass saying that the tied prince was a thief they captured, but with the goddess loli tied up it will be difficult to convince the guards, right?
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