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Vol 8 Idle talk 1 

A certain bulletin board resident’s story

The Second




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The second story of the bulletin board resident.

Just because it’s a NEET board, doesn’t mean it’s limited to NEETs!



The tested land.

In its large city hall.

One man was facing the PC today as well.


“Excuse me chief clerk Tanaka, it’s the usual person again. Can I leave the reception to you?”


A junior approached and requested the man in a small voice.

“Yes, that’s fine” the man stood up like it was nothing and headed to the reception.

The junior and section chief saw off that man with looks of respect.


Tanaka Ryouta, age thirty six.

A city hall staff member living in the tested land.


The man’s first attachment is the section named ‘Listen to the voices of the citizens’

Putting it simply, it’s a claim reception.

It’s a section where each sections would send consultees they could not handle to, and a section which would do nothing but listen to stories of persons who have already become regular customers.

Of course there are useful opinions. Baby salmons are mixed in the salmons after all. There is one in ten thousand.


Even when the name of the section changed, the man’s attachment did not. And so when he noticed, he was recognized as a reception interaction specialist and before he knew it, he became chief clerk.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


The time the man was dealing with the regular customer at the reception.

At the office kitchenette, there were the figures of two temporary workers. It didn’t mean they were idling. They were just making coffee for themselves for a short time. By no means were they idling.


“Ugh, isn’t that the usual troublesome customer? Chief clerk Tanaka is amazing isn’t he? He is always listening happily to him”

“It would have been impossible for me. For the most part it’s just complains that has nothing to do with the government office isn’t it? He could’ve just send him away”

“Senpai, you’re harsh aren’t you? But he looks a little overweight for a government worker, but I guess his face isn’t giving him the forever alone punishment. He looks gentle too, I wonder if I should aim for him. A job change from temporary worker to housewife!”

“Aah, it’s better if you give up on him. We had some girls like that, but all of them met an honorable defeat”

“Wow… Is he, is he gay?”

“It doesn’t look like it, but… Besides, you know, it’s the way he works, so the section chief and those above him can’t say anything to chief clerk Tanaka. Only he has extraterritorial rights you know”

“All of the girls were honorably defeated, nobody can meddle with him at work. Chief clerk Tanaka got a nickname from that you know?”

“Eh!? What is that!? Hey, please tell me, okay!”

“It’s the ‘Untouchable man,’ you know”

“So- somehow it’s pointlessly cool…”

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


The section chief, who was the superior to the man, called out to him when he safely finished the reception interaction today as well.


“Chief clerk Tanaka, thanks for your hard work. You can call it a day today once you’ve put up the report, okay?”


By the time he noticed, it has already become time to close down the reception.

The section chief said ‘today,’ but the man was only asked to interact in the time when the reception was opened and to file a written report of the time he interacted with someone in the first place. He is the trump card in the battle against the monsters in this city hall.

We will do the other tasks, so please devote yourself to the reception work. That is the consensus of the people in the section, no, of the people working in the city hall.

Going home roughly at a regular time and looking back at his co-workers working overtime was the man’s every day.


Easily putting up his report and then calling out “pardon me for leaving first,” the man got on his way back home.


A happy interaction with a troublesome consultee. A gentlemanly, but dry interaction towards the women, superiors and coworkers.

What was at the man’s root was indifference.

For that reason, he could ward it off no matter how angry the other party is, no matter how many complaints they give him.

He is not interested and neither do they move his heart, so he could just sit down as long as only his face is smoothen over. There was nothing that was painful to the man.


The tested land. The untouchable man works at the city hall of its city.

What he was interested in was just one single thing.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


The man who left the city hall rode on a green subway and went towards his home.

Where he descended was a station many students and single office workers live. Around ten minutes from here towards direction of the river was the room the man lived in.

The unmarried man distanced himself from his parents’ home and took a solitary life.

There must have been some circumstances.

The man took out the key from his briefcase, opened the room with a clank and entered it.


The man, once entered the room, took one large breath.


The time, where he mimicked the ordinary person in order to earn income, has ended.

Finally, the time of supreme bliss began for the man.


The man faced a poster that was printed greatly enlarged and pasted on the wall.

A full smile floating on his face, he greeted it.


“Alice-chan, I’m home!”


Tanaka Ryouta, age 36.

The person himself didn’t know, but his nickname at his workplace is the Untouchable Man.


And, on a certain bulletin board, he had a name he called himself as a matter of course.


‘YES Lolita NO Touch’


He certainly is an ‘Untouchable man.’

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Aah, Alice-chan is cute as ever… Damn you Yuuji, I’m so jealous!”


The man, suddenly differently from how he was at work, laid bare his emotions towards the PC in his room


What he was interested in, was nothing but a little girl.

But it did not mean he was turned on.

He just wants to protect her unique loveliness as the target of his protection. Perhaps. Surely.


It’s impossible for him to be swayed, even if the women at his workplace approached him. They were at best grannies as far as the man is concerned.

He will not be upset no matter how many claims are put on the reception. In the first place, he is not interested in anything except for little girls. Enough to think he want to put an end to net surfing at his workplace since it will be stagnate if he is on it for too long.


Once he became thirty six of age, he became experienced in mimicry.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“C-Cr-creating clothes for Alice-chan to wear you say!? OOH, OOOOOOOOOH! Alright, searching for materials right away!”


The man cheerfully put together his luggage and went out. He dashingly straddled his bicycle.

His destination was around fifteen minutes on bike from the man’s room. The time has reached 9 pm, but there are no problems. His objective, the extra-large bookstore, is open everyday and operates until 11pm. Today, the man didn’t seem to be making use of it, but there is also a doughnut shop inside.


The incredible tested land.

The incredible Hokkaido extra-large bookstore chain.

They wished to expand countrywide as soon as possible.


The man seems to have stuck until it was barely closing time.

The man, who finally returned to his room from the extra-large bookstore, was humming a song and was in a good mood.

The man immediately took out all the books from the rucksack that had entered its terms of service.

The man then took out an even bigger volume of stationeries and sketchbooks. He bought a large amount.

Though a local government employee, an unmarried man had excess money and time.


I will put the ideal clothes on Alice-chan! His eyes burned in determination.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


Fixed name, YES Lolita NO Touch.


Discovered the bulletin board while on standby for his reception interaction at his workplace. Took a fixed username after Yuuji took Alice in his care and became a permanent resident.

Liquefied his saved up paid vacation for the offline camping and participated every time as part of Yuuji’s house site group, who desired to go to the other world.

Studied design through self-study in his break from work and after work, while working in the section named ‘Listen to the voice of the citizens.’

However, he gave up creating pattern papers and requested pattern paper from a professional through purchases.

Took into account the hardships and amount of money, he started a free design/ pattern paper contribution & download site together with the other fixed names.

After users increased, the man drew back from the site management, left it to the other fixed names and devoted himself to designing.

The mysterious children’s clothing brand ‘Alice,’  attained popularity with by having high amounts of contribution to the free design/pattern paper submission & download site, but there were none who had introduced themselves as the designer.


Taking advantage of Yuuji going to another world, the man mastered mimicry more flawlessly and turned his spear of interest to clothing and accessories for little girls and the other world.

Nobody knows what he would have perpetrated had he never come across the bulletin board.

This is a trifling tale of a certain bulletin board resident.



There are no people he was modeled after!

There are no sections this was modeled after!

There is an extra-large bookstore chain this was modeled after!

Please advance countrywide!


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