STOS Chapter 81 (Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu)

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Chapter 81

<Drawn Sword>




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“Now then, next will be you then, Great God of Destruction”

“ …”


Even when pointed with the sword that was spilling a violet miasma, Destroia ignored Phellibus.

Her eyes were just directed towards the house Setsu had disappeared in.


“So you can afford to look away I see. If it is the current you, then even I can defeat you――――――――”



“A mere likeness of a sword… can even gain victory against me?”


Phellibus reflexively took distance.

The god of destruction he knew of was a symbol of power so overwhelming one would completely crumble away by merely approaching her.

Now she does not even look like what she used to be.

She was supposed to not even look like what she used to be, but…


(What am I being afraid of, me… If it is the current Great God of Destruction, then there is even the possibility of her having less divine power than I do. And yet… No visions of me being able to win is coming to me…)

“You certainly do not have to be so frightened of me. The one who will bring you down will not be me”

“Excuse me?”

“Hey, come out now”


From the house a hole was opened in, Setsu appeared while kicking away blocks of wood.

His clothes were torn everywhere and he seems to have received some damage, but his way of walking was steady.


“Haah… It’s my turn next right?”



“You look full of energy”

“Of course I do”


What the hell are you grinning about. I’m gonna sentence you to a tickling punishment, you know Stroh.


“Oh, what’s wrong? Herbivore face. Is it that unexpected that I’m all fine?”

“ … I am surprised. Never did I think you would look so healthy you see. But, what do you mean to do with that broken sword? With that dull a blade you won’t cut me even if you were to hit me”


To call this boy dull… Well, he at least called himself a sacred sword, he should at least have the strength to talk big.

Or rather, I actually experienced his strength.


“Well yeah, I can’t kill you with Kuromaru. But you know, this ain’t my only weapon you know.”

“ …?”


I hold out my hand to the empty sky and call its name.


“Feed yourself, <Hungry Fang>!”


The airspace broke and from the center, a sword grip appeared.

When I grasp it tightly and pulled it out, miasma flowing out from the crack gathered and became an edge with a large mouth.


“Wha… what is… that”

“A sacred sword thing like you”


I thrust Gluttony towards Phellibus.

Right now it’s quite hungry.

It should be able to consume him if he’s like this.


“Are you saying… A thing like that is a sacred sword…?”



For some reason he’s saying something I don’t really get.

They’re fellow sacred swords, so shouldn’t he remember at least its name?


“Well, got nothing to do with me. You better be on guard for me aight? … Here I go”



I grandly swing Gluttony.

I bit off one of Phellibus’ arms from the base when he immediately tried to dodge.


“What a fiendish…!”

“Come on, come on!”


While scattering blood from his shoulder, Phellibus dodged my continuous attacks.

Blood actually comes out, I don’t really get this.





I once attacked with Kuromaru as a feint, but he defended against it.

And then with the opportunity I created I stab him with Gluttony.

Phellibus, who got the side of his stomach perfectly bit off, couldn’t endure it and leaped back.


“ … I see, you’re strong”

“Nothing’s gonna happen even if you praise me you know. I’d rather you just submit your life”

“ …”


Phellibus silently glared at me.

Those eyes were eyes aiming for something.

It pretty much felt like an sign that he would overturn the battle in an instant so long I give him that chance.

“In that case” the instant I decided on the opposite――――――――――


“What was that, what was that!?”

“What was that sound just then!”

“It came from here!”


Something happened what I didn’t consider at all.

Several of the village guys are running from the other side.

This is bad, even I won’t be able to protect them.


“You guys! Don’t come!”

“Ah, you’re from back then――――――


I shouted, but the guys who didn’t know the situation just kept running up to me.

I had a bad feeling about this, so I moved in front of them.


“A good opportunity! You’ve caught your attention to something unnecessary!”



I can protect these guys if they’re here.

But this wasn’t a good plan.

I ought to have buried him with one attack.


“――――――――<Drawn Sword>”


He chanted some phrase.

Upon doing so, his figure transformed very fast and both feet swelled in an elliptical shape.

His lower body that soon transformed, became a gigantic cluster of countless things sticking out like an octopus pot.


“<Drawn Sword>… The sacred sword’s appearance when it is drawn out of their scabbard. Its meaning is as it is, but it is their completely released state so to speak, where they expose their true figure. This person’s ability has become even more fiendish”

“Hey what the hell…”


So you’re saying the monster that spreads diseases has evolved?

No, until now he was restrained I guess.

The feelings I’ve got about this is the worst of all up until now.


“Before he becomes troublesome… One attack!”

“It’s too late. <Sick Mist>”



A thick fog spouted out from the hole on Phellibus’ octopus pot.

I swing Gluttony and erase what’s falling onto me… but.



“Wha- what is… this…”

“Cough… cough”


The guys, probably from completely basking into the fog, squatted and coughed up blood.

What the hell is this… isn’t this pretty much poison now?


“My <Sick Mist> makes every disease inside those who inhale it several times more brutal and make them attack them. Hereditary types, infectious types, all of them are equally possible. It is just that, they are all nothing but of lethal nature.”

“How savage are you…!”

“Do you have a way to escape from this?”



I suddenly lost my strength and went on my knees.

And at the same time, I vomited blood without being able to endure the nausea that filled in me.

I look at the back of my hand that’s on the ground and saw countless red rashes rising up and my whole body felt itchy.

My body feels so hot like I’m being roasted and finally I fell on the ground and I could no longer put any strength in my body.


“Even if you don’t inhale the fog, viruses and germs drift about in the air. Your defeat was decided the moment I turned into this state”

“God… dammit…”


This is bad, I’m actually starting to lose my consciousness.

Those guys…aren’t moving either.

Did they die? Have they all died?


Stop it, it’s annoying.

Who do you think has to deal with this afterwards?

Stop freaking dying one by one.


(What is this… What am I thinking right now?)


If I destroy that low quality bastard, then those guys might be saved.

It’s faster to kill the guy if it means not having my work increase.


(What is… going on now, these thoughts)

“Wh… why can you stand up?”


When I noticed I was standing on two legs.

My body feels so light it feels frightening, what the hell’s going on?


No, whatever. Doesn’t matter anymore.

Nothing matters anymore.

First, how about we erase that guy… he’s in the way.


“You… what in the world…”

“ …”


One step, I advance in front of him.

Nobody could even respond.

Even though I should be approaching in front of his eyes, Phellibus could not even capture me in his field of vision.

I slowly thrust Gluttony in his chest.


“Gah… wha…? This cannot…”

“――――――――――――――――Good bye”


The sound that could be heard was only the sound of chewing.

Gluttony relentlessly ate about everything, the guy’s hardened expression, his crooked face.


By the time Gluttony ate his fill, there was no longer anything there.



“ … Much appreciated for your work, I suppose”

“Right… ”


Stroh struck my back and the heaviness of my body slowly returned.

By some mystery, my body is in extremely good shape.

As if that much pain were all a lie…”


“ …”

“ …? What would be the matter?”

“No … It’s nothing”


That feeling of not caring about anything… I felt like I’ve experienced it somewhere.

If I remember correctly, it was the time I was summoned in that airspace I’m not sure about by mother――――――――


“Heey! Are you truly alright!?”

“Gh! Ye- yeah… don’t worry about it alright?”


After properly dealing with Stroh who directed a doubtful glance, I head towards the collapsed guys.

The looks of the guys lying on their back is painful, but I’m right now more worried about the physical condition of the guys in the village.

It would be nice if it’s resolved by killing Phellibus though…


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