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Vol 8 Chapter 10

Yuuji, submitting a goblin and orc settlement subjugation commission to the adventurer’s guild





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“It looks like we managed to be on time before the snow is falling, doesn’t it?”

“Yes we did. If we enter the winter after crushing their nest, it will be more likely for those monsters to die without their nest”


City of Premie, Yuuji, Kevin and Alice were waiting for the feudal lord’s wife in the parlor.

The magistrate, who had traveled together until here, said “I will see you later” and left, after he guided the two to the parlor.

Kotarou was, as usual, waiting in the guardroom before the gates to the feudal lord’s house. It seems she was made welcome with a VIP treatment by the siberian husky-faced beastkins like usual.


Perhaps the nervousness would fade when it is the second time, Yuuji talked to Kevin. It was a calm atmosphere. But then again, Kevin’s words towards monsters were sharp.

They were offered tea by a genuine maid and their wait was for a brief period. Finally, the feudal lord’s wife appeared in the parlor.


“Thank you for waiting”


The feudal lord’s wife entered with a knight escort. As usual, her breasts were greatly exposed.

The test seems to have once again begun for Yuuji, whose worldly desire and reasoning were violently competing with each other. Well, the feudal lord’s wife made the choice of clothing knowing that however.


“I understand. Then, as we have agreed upon, we will be take out a grant for the goblin and orc settlement subjugation commission. Would that alone be satisfactory, I wonder?”

“I suppose. Next, we can’t be sure that survivors will not appear, so how about dispatching several inspectors?”


“I can see that,’ the feudal lord’s wife said, agreeing to Kevin’s suggestion. Nevertheless, Kevin did not show mercy against the monsters. He was brimming with the intention to cut them by the roots.


I wonder if she put on a corset like I thought. I wonder if her estimated H cup will increase its destructive force even more if she were to wear the brassiere that was created with modern day technology. I can’t take off stockings, but I wonder if we can create them with this world’s technology. No, there should be a custom of garter toss. Meaning it’ll work out? Wait a minute, wouldn’t it it work with fishnet stockings? Come to think of it, Mr Kevin said there’s this silk like fabric, didn’t he? In, in other words, the possibility that silken, kind of see-through negligee would work is…?


Inside the head of Yuuji, who intended to wear a poker face, his worldly desires had complete victory. The commercialization of the clothes of his former world seems to have become a switch for him. It was something he was eager to study about. It was for the sake of business.


Alice pouted as she chased the expression and the occasionally moving gazes of Yuuji, who was under the impression he had a poker face. Alice looked towards the estimated H-cup of the feudal lord’s wife. She then secretly put both her hands on her own chest. What was there was nothing. It does not resemble anything. It was philosophical.

But, Alice still had just become nine years old. I’ll get more and more from now on, Alice thought, gritting her teeth for a while. They were childish feelings of envy.


“Aah, which reminds me, Mr Yuuji”


Like she suddenly recalled, the feudal lord’s wife sent a sidelong glance to Yuuji. Yuuji reacted with a start. “Wha- whawha- what could it be?” He responded. It was clearly suspicious behavior.

The feudal lord’s wife hid her mouth and giggled, as if she saw through what was inside Yuuji’s mind. It seems where he looked and what things he was thinking about was found out. The two were of different orders.


“Well, have you decided on the name of the pioneer village? I have heard from magistrate Raymond that the pioneering seems to be proceeding without any problems, so how about you decide the name soon?”

“Eh, ah, eeh, yes. I’m thinking about Houjou village for the pioneer village’s name”


Yuuji answered while shaken. The result after consulting with the bulletin board residents, there was also her younger sister Sakura’s support, he seems to have decided on the name, which is Houjou Village. As for the many ideas that came out, he seems to be making the best use of them by adopting them as names for plaza’s or streets, in the event that the pioneer village gets expanded.


“Is that so. Then Mr Yuuji, you will be the head of Houjou village. I will let it be recorded that way in advance”


Being stared at by the sweetly smiling wife of the feudal lord, Yuuji face went red.

It appears that even if Yuuji had grown, it is unlikely for him to oppose her.


In any case.

Just as the magistrate had approved first, the feudal lord’s wife too had decided to take out a grant for the subjugation commission of the monster settlement. Being handed a letter to the adventurers’ guild, it marks the end of the second discussion for Yuuji.

Increasing his titles with Houjou village head Yuuji.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Sir Yuuji, Sir Kevin, I have been waiting for you. A subjugation commission of the goblin and orc settlement, right?”


Yuuji, Alice and Kevin finally arrived at the adventurers’ guild. Kotarou, who was relaxing in the guardroom of the feudal lord’s mansion, joined up and is currently sitting with them in one of the rooms of the adventurers’ guild.


This time they quickly lead them to a private room.

Right when Yuuji and co stepped foot on the adventurer’s guild, the old madam staff who was speaking with some adventurer at the counter, responded to them. She nimbly jumped over the counter, stepped on the shoulder of the adventurer she was speaking with and landed right in front of the eyes of Yuuji and co. She hurried on with her greetings and immediately lead them to a private room. We will not repeat the same mistake again. It was quick work that grasped such thoughts.


“Yes, that’s right. We want to exterminate them before the snow piles up after all”

“Yes, I agree. We should crush them early then shouldn’t we? Seeing that females are confirmed there”


Kevin spoke back dangerous words with a smiling face to the guildmaster’s confirmation. But the guildmaster too agreed with a friendly smiling face. Saying that their numbers would increase in the blink of a time if they do not crush them ahead of time, as a result of having females in the settlement.

Kotarou responded “Gaugau” as if she agreed to the words of the two. We sterilise the dirt, is what she seems to be saying. She was a merciless woman towards enemies.

For some reason, Alice too nodded moment by moment beside her. This world’s primary schoolgirls don’t seem to have any mercy towards monsters either.


“Sir Yuuji and the rest of you, what will you be doing? You can wait in the pioneer land or in this city, you can accompany us as commissioners or you can also participate as adventurers. Either way I will serve as an escort, you see?”


The guildmaster confirmed with Yuuji as he was working out the details of the subjugation commission with Kevin. Although Yuuji was registered as an adventurer, he was also a commissioner and pioneer leader. There was no need to participate in the subjugation.

Right, what should I do, Yuuji pondered.

Kotarou approached such Yuuji and with a clop, she struck Yuuji’s leg with her foreleg. When Yuuji shifted his eyes to Kotarou, he saw her baring teeth and slightly growling. She had a facial expression that was saying what are you being afraid of, we have already decided to do it, haven’t we? And beside her, Alice too was staring at Yuuji with eyes brimming with determination for some reason. The girls were relentless.


And thus, Yuuji and Alice took a commission in the adventurer’s guild for the very first time.

Incidentally, Kotarou’s participation was decided as her ability was recognized by the guildmaster, but she could not seem to accept a commission. Since she is a dog.


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