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Chapter 15

The Steadfast King





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Silvar brushed away the dust on his body and stood up.


“You, why are you here?”

“Though a king, I am but a minor adventurer. It is not unnatural for me to be in a dungeon”

“No, well that’s true, but… I felt that you were quick to come here from above ground, considering what happened”

“In order to not lay waste the hunting grounds of the lower floors, A rank adventurers have been granted the privilege to transfer to the thirtieth floor”


Oh I see. It was thirty minutes when we arrived at the thirtieth floor.

It’s consistent to the travel time with the next carriage.


“Nevertheless, what is this place… Just when I thought I fell down an odd hole. Why are the likes of you here”

“ … You fell down?

“I, I did not fall! I went down! My retainers did not know what it is, so they remained in the thirtieth floor, you see”

“ …”


This man’s… a little interesting.


“This place is the seventieth floor. The woman called Vel, who kicked you away back then, pierced the floor because it was troublesome”

“What!? That woman… To think that not only did she kicked me away, she would destroy even common sense”


I can’t put it into words, but she’s a full-fledged demon lord despite everything.

You can’t possibly use something like common sense on her.

It’s just, considering about that, who could this man, who is lively even after being kicked away by a demon lord, be?


“Hey, is it okay to let me mix into this soon?”

“Ah, I forgot”

“Mh, who are you?”

“ … Getting on your high horse aren’t you”


A vein appeared on the head of the man, who seems to be called Red, after being left out.


“Well, it doesn’t matter. If witnesses increases then I can just erase them all. If you’re going to resent anything, resent your own fate, alright?”


When I noticed, large amounts of magic power gathered around Red.

They were absorbed to Red’s body and increased the amount of magic power that was contained inside himself.

He has clearly prepared some sort of black magic, but it’s strange in any ways.


“Hey you”

“Please call me Al, okay?”

“Hmph… Al, is it? What is that man trying to do?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t know. Silvar, you don’t know either?”

“Not addressing me with Lord, what a disrespectful bastard… no matter. I do not want to admit it, but I do not know either”


Yes, I experienced many battlefields and went through points between life and death over and over, but I can’t specify the black magic Red tried to cast.

I may not be an expert, but even I am by no means ignorant.

And if the A rank adventurer-like Silvar does not know either, then the black magic he is going to try casting from now on will be extremely rare――moreover, there is a possibility that it’s unprecedented black magic nobody has ever used before.


“Look and be surprised… This is the result of our research”


A gigantic magic circle spread at his feet.

Silvar and I, who were in its range, quickly scattered away, but there were no indications something will happen.


“Hum, so it was merely a bluff”

“No… I don’t think so”


That can’t possibly be the case.

The magic power Red had amassed was all collected into that magic circle.


“Be born――you damned pigs!”


Red put up his hand.

The next moment, countless war cries could be heard from out of nowhere.

I looked around, but there were no figures beside the three of us.

However, the pressure of the war cries certainly increased.

And then, while we were strongly wary from the voice of unseen enemies, they appeared.




The magic circle that expanded around Red.

From there, one, two large builds with dark red skin made their appearance.

Their outward appearance were just like an orc, but they were twice their size.

The tusks that can be seen in their mouth are more savage than an orc and the hand, which was supposed to hold a weapon like a club, was grasping a steel axe and sword.


“Hah hah hah! It’s the birthing festival of a total of thirty Arc orcs! Enjoy yourselves then!”

“ … Are you serious”


Arc Orcs――Said to be the evolved type of an orc, they’re B-rank worthy monsters.

Only orcs with long military service, where they survived long in this world and often went through struggles of death, are called Arc Orcs, so their numbers are overwhelmingly scarce

For that reason, this situation is strange.

Even I, who have fought various monsters during my several years of journey, have only met them at most once.

And now thirty of these monsters at once.

Even summoning spells cannot do something like this.


“These guys you see, are the lovely, lovely children I gave birth to. They would listen to any of their parent’s orders. For example, get rid of you… and such you see!”



The arc orcs ran while brandishing their weapons, aiming for us.

Although it’s very troublesome, it doesn’t seem like I have much choice but to accept the challenge.


“Hmph, the likes of pigs”


The moment I tried to take out my sword, Silver stood in between me and the orcs.

He was already grasping his sword.


“Deserve certain death if they raise their war cries before me, before becoming an adult”


The moment Silvar changed his expression, a silver aura gushed forth from his body.

The place’s atmosphere changed by that.

The foul animal air of the orcs that should surpass in numbers were in an instant repainted by a noble air.


As expected he had something that would just proclaim himself king.

This much power, calling him king would be apropriate――――


“There are no such beings the current me would fear, beside the woman just then!”


――or not really.


While I was being amazed as such, one arc orc approached in front of Silvar’s eyes.


“Gh! Silvar!”



Silvar did not even try to avoid it.

At this rate Silvar would be cut in half by the axe that is holding a sure destructive force.

But I immediately understood those worries were needless.




The axe hit Silvar.

That axe should have accurately captured his head.

It should have captured it and yet, what was pulverized was somehow the axe that the arc orc was holding.

Together with a high-pitched sound of cracking into pieces, its pieces was scattered about in the area.


“Whoever it may be, it is impossible for them to injure a king”


Silvar cut down the disordered arc orc in one cut with the sword he held.

From the bottom of my heart, I felt it was beautiful swordsmanship.

From that one brandish, which had cut up even the air, I can guess he possesses the most prominent of techniques, even as a swordsman.


“Al or something”

“What is it?”

“Tell that woman not to approach me ever again. For I will come to cut those down with these hands if I encounter those who have abstained from my invitation.”

“ … Aren’t you just feeling frightened from Vel?”

“What are you saying!? This me cannot possibly be fearing her from something like being injured once! Like being injured once!”

“Didn’t that just become a trauma?”


As far as I can see from the offense and defense just a while ago, Silvar seems to possess sturdiness that surpasses anyone.

Fear must have been born as a result of Isvel causing damage to that defensive power, where he had enough confidence in to call himself king, with a mere kick.

He won’t try to approach Isvel of his own accord anymore, but how should I put this… He’s a miserable man.


“Me, the king, becoming frightened will not do――Guh! We are in the middle of a conversation now, can you not see!?”


A different arc orc hit the head of Silvar who was shouting around.

Silvar faltered for an instant from the surprise attack, but he immediately turned it around and cut off that orc’s head.


“Hmph, disrespectful one”

“Gh… ! What in blazes are you?”

“What am I, you say? I shall teach the ignorant likes of you!”


Silvar shook off the blood on his sword and pointed it to Red.


“I am Silvar Aegister, king of the clan ‘Order of the Silver Wings”! You would do well to kneel! Oh fully red ignorant one!”


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