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Chapter 80

Magic Sword of Diseases




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“So it’s this place…”

“Yes yes, this is quite the lackluster village don’t you think?”


A short time after meeting the merchant pops, we arrived at said village.

Seen from the outside, the village was completely gloomy and brought about an atmosphere where you would never want to approach if you just happen to pass by.


“Let’s go in and see for now I guess. Even trying to figure out the solution is outta the question if you don’t know the cause”

“That is right. I too have yet to possess any positive proof”


Stroh seems to have a rough idea on the cause of that illness, but she won’t tell me.

Just that it looks to be related to gods, but what shall we do if it’s an ordinary infectious disease?

Well, we’ll be making sure of that starting now though.


Once we enter the village, I see figures of young men sitting down and resting on the walls of houses that are all over the place.

It didn’t seem likely that those guys are attacked by an disease.

When we walked while looking around, one of the aforementioned guys came up to talk to us.


“… You a traveler?”

“! Yeah, kind of like that”

“Oh really. Then it’d be better if you leave quickly you know. This village is already finished”

“… A disease is spreading right? Can I ask you about it in detail?”

“Heh, you’ve got strange tastes. Alright, we’ll be grateful if you could at least tell outsiders about this.”


His detailed account goes like this.

Few days ago, one of the children suddenly became bedridden by a disease.

They seem to be coping with it within their ability from the fact that the symptoms resembled a common cold, but they didn’t recover at all and not only has the symptoms gotten worse, the surrounding people seemed to have started catching it as well, he said.

By the time they noticed the seriousness of that fact, nearly all of the children and elderly have become bedridden and so it seems to have spiraled out of control.

Right now they’re pressed with dealing with the sick and they’re nursing them somehow with a shift system where the guys rest at times and nurse them this way.


“… The situation is pretty bad huh”

“That I agree”


For the time being, we picked an inn.

The innkeeper’s lady and his daughter are also bedridden by disease it seems. And though the person himself is quite weakened, he forcibly accommodated us so we paid him a little more money at least.

Well… I can’t use the magic bag because I lost my magic power, so it’s money I received from the robbers back then.


“So, were your predictions right on the money?”

“Roughly… so, I suppose”

“Then tell me soon ‘kay? This disease and gods, just where is the connection between them?”



Stroh got off the bed she was sitting on and leaned outside the window.


“… As I expected, it is here

“Ah? What is?”

“Rejoice youngster, for I finally possess positive proof!”



Stroh who felt proud for some reason, took my hand and rushed out of the inn.

While I was running through the village while being dumbfounded, this girl finally stopped her feet at the center of the village.


“He-hey! What is this about!?”

“It’s here, at the center of the village”



She hasn’t explained anything to me at all since some time ago.

I began thinking about punishing her with a head grind if she ain’t snapping it out and at that moment――――――


“Come out. You are here, are you not?”

“――――――――――Oh good heavens, if it isn’t the Great God of Destruction…”


I unintentionally stepped back.

Before I was aware of it, a kid was standing there.

Possessing a poisonous dark violet hair, it was expressionless which broke their childishness in pieces.


“ … <Magic Sword of Diseases Phellibus*>, so it really was your deed” (*病魔剣フェリブス; feribusu, can’t find anything through google as reference so I pulled out a name that sounds like it. It’s could also be translated as illness magic sword.)

“I never would have thought I would be caught this quickly, Great God of Destruction. You look like I appear to be your first sacred sword isn’t it?”

“Ah? Sacred sword?”


Hearing the words I couldn’t overlook, I reflexively slipped in a word.

Speaking of sacred swords, they’re weapons that surpasses human intellect and dwell in humans summoned from another world.

Touma and I and while I’m at it Kouma; in other words, people called Heroes possess one.

Is this kid saying he has one of that?


“You’re wrong, Setsu. This person does not have a sacred sword. Your principles are wrong. This person… this person himself is a sacred sword.”

“ … Wait what?”


The hell is that, I don’t get it.

Wherever you look at this brat, he’s a human being.

I do feel a bizarre atmosphere, but I can’t consider it a sword no matter how I look at it.


“ … Great God of Destruction. It appears this man is rather slow on the uptake. If I do this, then you should be able to understand, don’t you?”

“Ugh! Cease it!”


I immediately stick out the broken Kuromaru that I carried on my back.

It made a thick sound and when I noticed, I was rolling on the ground.


“Wha- what was that!?”


My arms are feeling numb.

Not so numb that I can’t move them, but it’s difficult to put in my strength.

When I immediately stand up and look in front of me, that guy stood with one arm turned into a single edged sword.


“Oh dear, you’ve defended well against that”

“Setsu! Don’t be negligent!”

“Ugh! What’s up with this guy!?”


I’ve never seen a guy who could transform his arm into a blade.

Or rather, he actually blew me away, though I don’t have magic power.

If it’s power then he might compare with Touma even.


“Existences the Great God of Creation Creasyl had produced in order to exterminate “mankind”, us sacred swords are those existences. We are in a sword state by nature, but when there is no owner like this, we can exist by acquiring the body of a person. Well, as expected our strength will drop however”


Sacred sword? Creasyl? This is bad… was I this dimwitted?

As a matter of fact, I try to sort out the words of the guy I can’t understand in my own special way.

But it’s no good. Is it fine that a sword can talk?


“Setsu, what you should be thinking about is how to take down that person. As long as you don’t destroy this person, rest will not visit this village”

“Aah!? I’m telling you it’s going too fast I can’t follow! Put it in an easy to understand way!”

“This person in front of your eyes is the cause of the illness! If you defeat it, everyone will be HAPPY! OK!?”

“Oh, Ooh… That’s easier to understand…”


I got the jitters from her tone turning plain so suddenly, but my head has caught up to the state of affairs for the time being.

Let’s get the detailed information later from Stroh. Right now I should just take down this guy.

Or actually I don’t care! First I’ll knock down this guy for starting a fight with us!


“It appears you intend to fight. The Great God of Destruction being my opponent makes it quite hopeless for me, but I am still in the middle of a mission. Allow me to cut you off, gentleman”

“Just like I want it then!”


I strongly step on the ground and leap towards that Phellibus guy.

When I strike him with Kuromaru from overhead, Phellibus took a swing of his sword from his own body and stopped it.

That sword was distorted, this is also poisonous.

… Or rather, he could stop it normally? I’m kind of shocked though.


“What a heavy blow for one with mankind’s body. How about I proceed without being negligent as well?”



I’m being forced back.

When I stepped back while keeping my posture, Phellibus softly placed his hand on that sword of his.


“Invade, <Phellibus>!”


I have an intense bad feeling about this.

A violent miasma began to pour out from that guy’s sword.

My instinct is telling me not to touch that.


“You cannot! Setsu! The current you cannot resist it! Step back this instant!”

“I already… know!”


I blow away the approaching miasma by using Kuromaru as a fan and then take a backstep.

When I did so, I saw Phellibus kicking the ground.


“I cannot say simply stepping back is a good plan, now can I!”



I use Kuromaru as a shield.

And then that guy’s lunge hit the center.

Heavy, and it’s just an ordinary lunge.

Receiving an intense driving force, my body was blown off right towards the back.

I broke through a house before long and my body struck the floor inside.


“Gah … Hey, what the hell… and this ain’t his full strength…?”


My whole body hurts.

There aren’t any outstanding wounds, but I’m covered in scratches.

Well, if it’s just this much then it’s nothing to be shocked about. The problem is whether I can receive a blow of that guy’s full strength.

It should frankly be impossible. Even now my arms became quite numb.

Probably, those guys have divine power, though miniscule.

That must’ve caused them having the same atmosphere as Creasyl.

So, what was it again? If you have divine power you’d move to a different dimension level or something?

If only I had at least magic power is what I ended up thinking.

But there’s no helping it then. As long as I can move, I’ll try going against the guy.


“*cough* … *cough*…”


“Huh… Mister… who are you?”


My feet stopped at an unexpected place.

It must be the daughter of this house, there’s a kid in the bed with hollow eyes.

Face is red, she got quite the fever from the looks of it.

… Right, so this is a kid who is affected by the disease.


“My bad, did I wake you up?”


I softly stroke the head of the kid who tried to get up and put her back to bed again.

This is awkward, I completely broke the wall. Let’s fix it later.

And then, I have to cure the disease of these people of course.


“Does it hurt?”

“Yup… a little”

“Really――――――――Just you wait, I’ll be making you all healthy again soon”


These kids so small are suffering.

If that’s the work of that Phellibus then…he can’t complain about it.


“Thank you… mister…”

“Don’t mention it”


… seems like she’s asleep.

She’s probably not quite conscious from the high fever I guess.

I’m almost sure she was talking deliriously.

But still, this kid made a face like she wanted to be saved.


I’ll just give it a try.

No need to be afraid of him, even I have a sacred sword so ――――――――――――――hm?


“ … I have it too don’t I, my sacred sword”



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