Hiki-NEET Vol 8 Epilogue

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Vol 8 





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“And so, the subjugation party of the adventurer’s guild will arrive to take down the goblin and orc settlement. Once the messenger and guide comes, Kotarou, Alice and I will go to the subjugation, so there”


Yuuji, having returned to the pioneer land from the city of Premie, had gathered the residents and so explained. Kevin and his exclusive escorts, the adventurer trio, seems to be remaining in the city.


“And considering the worst case from then on, I think I want the pioneer land emphasize vigilance. We have a fence and dry moat so I’m thinking of setting a night lookout in shifts and refraining from working outside the fence for the time being”


Yuuji explained the plans for the future, overlooking Alice, Kotarou, the beastkin family, the former adventurer party, the woodworker team and the two seamstresses. He was confident in front of the thirteen people and a dog. Though imperfect, Yuuji was the pioneer leader.


“Yeah, that should be better. It depends on the situation, but if it looks like it’s going well, then we will also travel along with you in the subjugation, alright?”


The former third rank adventurer party ‘Dark green wind.’ Their leader announced so to Yuuji with a sharp glint in his eyes. Although they retired, the reason for it was not due to injuries, but due to marriage and engagement. Their bodies were aching, being drawn in the large scale battle in front of their eyes. That said,they seem to have enough composure to judge that they could not possibly separate themselves from the pioneer land if there is a monster attack there, so it depends on the situation. Furthermore, they have a newlywed and a fiancee. It is dangerous, no matter how one looks at it.


“Master Yuuji… My field in the village I lived in before had been destroyed by monsters. I cannot wish to fight together with you, but please! Please! Exterminate them without fail!”


Yuuji’s slave, the dogkin Marcel. Originally, his field became a battlefield at the time when the village he lived in, received monster attacks and his crops were destroyed. Although he had compensation from the village, he became a slave due to not having enough for his part of the taxes.

Although he is on the invading side this time, he seems to have recalled such past of his. Marcel was usually calm, but now he was baring his teeth and revealing hostility towards the unseen monsters. He was told by Yuuji that he would want him to protect the pioneer land and he regretted that he was unable to participate in the subjugation. In the first place, Marcel’s fighting strength is currently below Yuuji. Keeping him in was for Yuuji the right decision.

Marcel’s wife, the catkin Nina was beside him, with her fur standing on end. It seems Nina too could not help but have equal hostility towards monsters.

But, Mark, who withdrew behind the married couple, was downhearted. It appears he heard that Alice would head to the subjugation and so he blamed himself for not being useful for combat. “I will protect mom, dad and Alice-chan,” he said and took effort in his practice everyday. He is steadily increasing in ability, but it seems he wasn’t in time this time. That must have been vexing. He is a diligent boy.


The woodworkers, Thomas and his two assistants, listened to Yuuji and began a discussion. Saying things like “Shall we create a large amount of wooden stakes? They can be used for strengthening the fence and traps too, right?”


Even though he explained the number of goblins and orcs being three hundred, the pioneer residents were warlike at random. Yuuji didn’t know how to respond to their ‘Enemy Instant Kill’(敵即斬) thoughts. Suddenly, his eyes turned to the two seamstresses. That’s right, these two don’t even have any fighting strength, so there are also calm people even in the other world, was the hope included in his eyes.


Having Yuuji’s eyes pointed at them, the two looked at Yuuji and announced “We will prepare pretty needlework, yarn and clothes, Mr Yuuji. Please leave it to us if there are any cuts.” They were brimming with motivation to sew. No, that may be correct because they are seamstresses though.


“Ah, okay,” Yuuji answered feebly.

He looked at Alice beside him.

Alice was already breathing roughly through her nose. It looks obvious that she intends to use her spells with all her power.

Kotarou was at his feet. Just like the dogkin Marcel, she was baring her teeth and growling softly. As if to say cutting them is important right?


It appears the residents of this world are a battle race.

For some reason Kotarou, who was supposed to be raised in modern day Japan, adapted to them.


It was the fourth year since Yuuji came to another world and the autumn of the first year for the pioneer group.


The pioneer land has safely finished their first harvest.

The fence and dry moat surrounding the whole perimeter has been complete and their defensive battle power was arranged.

Currently, the residents are seven houses, fourteen people, one dog and then six feather chickens.

There are plans to increase in residents even more, once it turns spring.

They have also discovered business types; preserved food, clothing and accessories.

They have been doing well so far.


But, goblins and orc settlement subjugation campaign was planned to be carried out before winter comes.

The future of the pioneer land would change, depending on the outcome.


As the pioneer leader.

As head of Houjou village.

And as the eighth rank adventurer who received his very first commission.


Yuuji approached the time of his trials.


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