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Chapter 16

The Hero is tested




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“I get the fact you’re no ordinary man. But you know, you really think it’ll be over after handling this number of arc orcs?”


Although Red made a surprised face for a little while, he seems to have seen the fighting power of those around him in a new light and has now regained his composed facial expression he had just a while ago.


“Hmph, you still haven’t realized?”


“That you cannot put a single injury on me with the pigs who you said have brought to this world”

“Kh! Talk about nonsense! I wonder how long you will carry that bluff of yours!”


The arc orcs surrounded Silvar, who readied his sword.

The orcs wielded their axes and spears in order to kill Silvar.

Being surrounded, it was impossible for Silvar to dodge them.

Naturally, it ended with his body receiving all of them.


“It’s futile”


However, what broke like I thought were the orc’s weapons instead.

The ironmade weapons were all smashed up and was scattered on the ground.


“Wh, what is happening…!”


It seems Red was unable to comprehend the true identity of this phenomenon.

It’s understandable.

I didn’t believe it either in the beginning and I’m actually still having doubts.


Concept black magic――black magics that haven’t been clearly defined and does not appear on the market as anything but intelligence at the level of hearsay.


They are also black magics that has no possibility to research even the uncertainty of the reason of its manifestation or even its training method and I was told the amount of users can be counted with just a single hand.

Furthermore, in exchange of being unable to use any other black magics beside that one, people who can use concept black magic will become powerful people who will be peerless in a certain field.


“It seems you have noticed, Al”

“… That way of saying, looks like it fits the concept black magic after all”

“Yes. That you saw through it on your first time,  I see you aren’t an ordinary person either”


Silvar slayed the orcs around him in the blink of an eye and continued his conversation.


“My concept black magic is ‘Absolute Protection.’ When I cast this, you can absolutely not perform any acts of injuring me”

“Oh… OOooh!”


The shaken orcs desperately swung down their axes.

Silvar dared to tilt his head.

And then Silvar’s hair, which stayed in air for a little time, touched the axe.

With just that much, the swung down axes were smashed together with sounds of crushing.

They were unable to slice even a single hair.

It seems the name Absolute Protection wasn’t just for show.


“Nobody could best this me here. Therefore I call myself king”


Silvar cut down each rushing orc squarely without ever avoiding them.

That majestic-worthy attitude is certainly appropriate for call oneself king.

At the very least he seems much more king-like than the usual Isvel.


“Tch, looks like I got myself some troublesome guy”

“So you finally noticed, oh red one. So what will you do? Those orcs here have been annihilated”


When I noticed, it is just me, Silvar and Red who are standing in this place.

The arc orcs were like they struck a calamity from their perspective.

That’s because their remaining companions, which should have counted twenty, have been killed within seconds.


“Useless bastards… Can’t be helped then”


Red spit out at the ground under his feet.

And then he glared at Silvar.


“It can’t be helped, so the amazing me will personally become your opponent”

“Something that you should have done from the beginning…don’t take away my time”

“Shut up! You don’t understand? I understand all I need to know what’s in your power!”


Deep crimson flames gushed out from Red’s whole body.

This feeling, he’s a considerable user of fire attribute black magics.


“I’ll be burning away your composed face right now after all!”


Red flew up and pointed his hand to Silvar.


“Flame Bullet!”


What were released were countless human-sized flame bullets.

It should’ve been black magic that would only release a size that can be carried under the arms, but it is gigantic and yet he is rapid-firing it.

He is definitely a powerful person.

At the level where you can easily be hunted if you don’t take it seriously――


“Hmph. Unrefined”


However, it has nothing to do with Silvar.

Slowly, he advanced while receiving flame bullets on his body.

The impacted bullets dispersed and left behind embers.


“Then, how about this!?”


Live coals rose on Red’s hand.

… From my predictions on the magic power he’s clad in, it’s not an ordinary offensive black magic.


“Flame Prison Yard!”


He threw that live coal towards Silvar.


“I told you it is futile”


Naturally Silvar received it with his body without dodging it.

As usual, the live coal was repelled by Absolute Protection, but an accident occured when it fell on the ground.


“Hm, what is this?”

“The flames that will kill you!”


The moment the live coal fell on the ground, it instantly spread flames to its surroundings.

It didn’t spread as far as where I am, but Silvar’s surroundings, with him standing in the middle, was blazing up enough that there are no places for him to stand on.

Those flames still increased in power and in the blink of an eye it concealed Silvar’s figure.


“You think you can bring me down with just this?”

“It shouldn’t bring you down I guess… But, this is plenty enough”

“What are you say――


Certainly, flames of this vast range would end up dispersing its power and he would be dealt even less damage.

Essentially, this sort of black magics are aimed to deal continuous damage against high stamina opponents… Continuous damage?


“No! Silvar! Get away from there immediately!”


“Hah! Too late in noticing that!”


I could see Silvar on his knees inside the flames.

Not good, I was too late.


“I cannot… breathe…!”

“That’s right! It’s impossible for you to breathe inside the air that’s wrapped in flames like these! I got other ways to kill you if I can’t put any wounds on you, you know!”


He wouldn’t have come up with such a means of capturing him if it was the first time seeing him.

Silvar ended up showing the extent of his abilities during the battle with the orcs.

Users of concept black magic are extraordinarily strong against opponents they met for the first time, but becomes extremely weak against opponents who was shown their skills once.

They only have one way of fighting, so they’ll become helpless if they counter that one way.


“Oops, this isn’t the time to  calmly look at him”


I draw out my sword.

First I have to rescue Silvar.


“Oh, what is it? You want to meet the same fate?”

“Spare me from that, even if I were to die. I’m not as sturdy like Silvar after all”


I point my hand towards Red.

The black magic I release is Wind Bullet.

It’s black magic that shoots out a lump of wind.


“You think black magic like that is effective on me!?”

“I wasn’t thinking that”


Just before I release it, I change the direction of my hand towards Silvar inside the flames and release it.

The wind bullet hit Silvar without a doubt and greatly blew away his body.

Towards outside the flames.


“*Cough cough*… *exhales* You didn’t have a different way of doing this?”

“You don’t have any damage either way, right?”

“Disrespectful scoundrel. I had to decide to cancel it in order to be blown away, do you not know?”

“But still, you’re almost unhurt aren’t you…”


My goal was to separate Silvar from the flames.

Witnessing that intention, Red’s hand trembled all over.


“You little…”

“In truth I should have left him alone though”


Honestly, Silvar wouldn’t have escaped from those flames.

He could run inside the flames while holding his breath, so anybody would have been able to as long as they have their legs.

However, Silvar didn’t do so, he just looked at me.

Silvar tried to test me with that situation.

He tried to find out what kind of person I am.


“It doesn’t suit my nature to push each problem to someone. I just decided to make my moves a little”

“You small fry…! Don’t you get carried away!”


The output of flames gushing out of Red raised remarkably.

But still, I was dejected.

That that was all of him.


“I’ll teach you how dangerous he is, the one you call a small fry”


I ready my sword and silently put my eyes on Red.


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