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Chapter 79

Unseen Conclusion




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“What did you say!? They are… defeated…?”

“Yes, Your Majesty…”

“Touma… What of Touma and the others!?”

“Perhaps they were caught by the demons…”

“Ugh… It is fine, retire”

“Yes Your Majesty!”


The king of Destinea racked his brains over the worst news.

He had never thought they would be defeated.

Even he sufficiently understood the threat of Touma and co.

Naturally the demons had reasonable military strength.

However, it was a fact that he thought they could simply eradicate the demons who had not united with the beastmen.

The king reflexively hit the throne towards the naivety of his own thinking.


“Lord Father…”


Princess Margaret showed tears seeing such figures of her father.

And yet she wiped her tears and watched the king with a strong look.


“Lord Father, Ser Touma could not possibly be defeated so easily. Surely he must have some intention. For example, being caught on purpose and then counter attacking from the inside――――――――”

“He could have that in mind I guess~:

“ … ! Rume!”


Before they were aware of it, on the throne stood a boy wearing a black robe.

He was the last one among the group of black robes Touma had gathered, Rume.


“You… where have you been?”

“What are you saying? I’ve been here the whole time. In this room that is. More importantly, it’s better if I don’t move until Touma-kun begins his move again. It’ll be bad if I get in his way somehow after all”

“Ye- yes…”


Those in this place are aware. That the man called Kamishiro Touma is an out of standard monster.

That they could not possibly understand him and that he simply manage to do it.

However, they were yet to be aware of it.

That an existence had appeared who was even more out of standard than that Touma or their natural enemy Setsu.


And that currently a crisis was drawing near them――――――――――


“ ! Get down!”



Rume leaped off the throne and went on the ground while holding down the king.

Margaret responded immediately and squatted on the spot.

Immediately after, a thunderous roar resounded.

The large door to the throne room fluttered about inside the room.

Perhaps some explosion occurred, smoke broke out at the entrance to the room.

From inside it, two young man and woman slowly made their appearances.


“Why hello… Your Majesty the king of the humans, moreover Your Highness the princess too”


Showing a crooked smile, the man said in a rough tone.

They knew the two were demons from their pale skin.

The man has unkempt blond hair, black pupils in his red eyes and the woman sported a simple ashen hakama on her body and her hair was tied to the back in a single bundle. (*hakama)

They brought about a bizarre atmosphere and had a presence that would not let one blink.


“De- demons!? What happened to the guards!?”

“They are sleeping about now… Don’t know if they’ll wake up though”


“… “


The surprised king stepped back and Rume took a step forward.

The princess noticed herself being taken aback as well and began refining the magic power inside her body.


“If you’re demons, then it means you’ve come to take the king’s head right?”

“Isn’t that a given?”

“Even so… with the two of you… Although we’ve sent the majority of our military strength to the demon continent, there are still a fair number of soldiers left. Brave aren’t you?”

“Hah… No matter how many small fries you bundle up, you won’t win against the Great Me you know. Don’t talk so conceited, you small fry”

“ ! … You really are reckless aren’t you!”


Magic power gushed out from Rume.

The dense magic power filled the interior of the room.

However, the two did not even quiver.


“My name is Rume… A warrior who will now get rid of small fries like you”


Guessing from that magic power, his ability would be SSS rank.

He had far more magic power than even Kagerou.


“ …Tch, he went and gave us his name… how about the Amazing Us give them our names for once?”

“Is it necessary? Doing that”

“Oh don’t be so unfriendly, there’s what’s called “getting in the mood” right?”

“Hum, point taken”


They, even while their body was exposed by the enormous magic power, took a step forward.


“The Greatness that is Me is Jion, one of the five great demon generals”

“I’m called Ramina, one of the five great demon generals. You don’t have to remember it”


Simultaneously, magic power sprouted from the two.

That filled the room in the twinkling of an eye, repainting Rume’s magic power.


“Wha-… you…! You were of the five great demon generals!?”

“Look out eh, the Magnificent Us are… a higher rank than the other three you know”


Rume reflexively took a step back by Jion who showed a smile soaked in madness.

As if to substitute him, Margaret stepped forward while shivering.


“If, if you say you are of the five great demon generals, then! It is impossible for us to send you back from this place! <Flame Twin Lance>!”

“Would you look at that… quite the heroic princess”


Margaret’s magic held quite the power.

She had guidance from Touma and those around him and so her magic has clearly achieved evolution.

Setsu being surprised in the beginning was also because her growth was remarkable.

The flame lances too should outdo an S rank in power alone.





The two flame lances were split right in half at the same time.

No, they were cut.

The flames whose power was erased, extinguished as it fell down.

They stood there with their appearance unchanged.

If there was one single change, then it would be the point where Ramina has put her hand on the blade worn on her waist.


“Hey, leaving the princess to you. This Great Me will deal with that small fry kid.

“Good, leave her to me”


Ramina nodded and with a kick, moved in front of Margaret’s eyes.



“<Turning leg>


Ramina’s backwards turning kick struck the surprised Margaret.

Receiving it squarely on her abdomen, her body broke through the walls and tumbled towards the king’s bedroom next door.


“Don’t go take two minutes okay?

“I don’t need it, that kind of time”


Confirming that Ramina chased after Margaret, Jion turned towards Rume.


“Now then, shall the Great Me put an end to this as well?”

“Don’t… take me lightly!”


Rume swung his arm.

Upon doing so, the carpet spread in the room wriggled and by turning into the shape of a fist, it attacked Jion.


“Woah! What the hell is this?”

“My magic is <Room Magic>, I can freely manipulate the things in the room! Well, it’s useless outside, so I’m left here during the war though!”

“A unique, really… bloody annoying”


While revealing such complains, Jion sidestepped the countless fists.

As far as he was concerned, he could avoid attacks of that level of speed while chatting with somebody.

However, just before he slipped out from the carpet’s range his feet was entangled by the carpet’s fur.



“Hah! Caught you!”


The carpet’s fist simultaneously attacked the place he fell down after losing balance.


“Guh… Why you… bloody annoying!”


Being beaten all over his body, Jion tore off while taking damage and managed to withdraw.

When he escaped the range of the carpet, this time his instinct informed him of danger.


“Don’t get crushed!”



Jion rolled to the sides so that he avoids the chandelier.

Thinking that he would get caught if he went to the direction of the carpet, he rolled to the direction of the wall this time.

However, Rume had firmly read his thoughts.


“It’s better to be more cautious to your surrounding you know, Mister demon”

“Huh? Gah――――――――”


On the wall were set, paintings prepared by the king.

Those paintings went off the wall and now their frame struck Jion on the back of his head.

Even more paintings began attacking Jion who fainted in agony.


“Kah… this is… going from all sides…”

“Haha! Sturdy aren’t you!? But I don’t have that much free time either. I’ll settle it in one go, okay?”


<Limit Break>――――――――



“Haah… haaah…”

“It isn’t my hobby to make fun of my opponents. If you acknowledge defeat in good grace, then I won’t even take your life”


Margaret, while coughing blood, glared at Ramina.

Her internal organs were likely damaged.

However her eyes did not die yet, though she could barely stand.


“Do not make light of me please… I am the princess of the proud Destinea, I will not yield to any demon”

“Proud… is it. It isn’t my hobby to talk much of what others do, but… calling yourselves, who summoned unrelated people from another world and making them fight, proud is… somewhat laughable”

“Are you, are you insulting… us!? <Fireball Field>!”



The angry looking Margaret unleashed her magic.

No, she activated would be correct.

That magic has been there until now.


“You use interesting magic. It isn’t my hobby to expressly put my feelings into words, but I am surprised to this”

“Take this!”


Surrounding Ramina floated countless number of fire balls.

In a word it was a trap and these fireballs gathered towards the center at once.

Avoiding it was a herculean task and at this rate, Ramina would without a doubt be burned to cinders.


“ … not enough”


However, the fireballs never reached Ramina.

It was the same with the flame lances from before.

Before they reached her, all of the fireballs were cut and dispersed.



“So you can’t see it. It isn’t my hobby to bear hopes of another person, but… this is, as expected, a disappointment”


This time, Margaret blinked. She accidentally blinked.

Her field of vision was blocked for an instant and then when she regained light again――――――――her upper body was waiting in the sky.


“What is…?”


Unable to recognize for a while that she died, she earnestly pondered why she could not stand.

And when she captured the figure of her own lower body, she finally recognized her death and Margaret slowly closed her eyes.

She will never again open her eyes.


“ … It isn’t my hobby to speak of the dead, but… think of your own deeds in the world of the dead, oh princess”



“Gah… haah… To think… this Amazing Me is…”

“Hahah! Aahah hah hah hah ha! You’re surprisingly weak compared to that big mouth of yours!”


Jion had a gigantic sword go through his body.

It was a sword made of steel that was not in this room.


“My <Dream Box> can produce anything depending on my imagination! Like letting the sword that’s gone through you grow even more!”

“S- stop… I beg you…”

“Too late in begging for your life! Die!”

“Ugh ――――――――――――”

“<Dark Flower>!”


From inside Jion’s body, more accurately from the center of the sword, pitch black steel thorns protruded from all directions.

That instant he quickly changed from person to a common object and turned into a black flower that dripped bright red blood, as if he was a work of art.


“You can’t possibly defeat me, can you… I’m more than Touma-kun, even that Setsu person! Because I can kill them if I feel like it you see!? Ahahahahahahahahahaha! A~hahahahahahahahahaha!”








“Aha… hahaha… aha…”

“Well aren’t you in a bloody good mood… Being able to have a good dream is best above all”


Jion softly muttered while looking down on Rume who was on his knees with hollow eyes.


“Rume! Rume! Why will you not move!?”

“Aah, save your breath. This guy won’t come back anymore. I used that kind of magic.”


Even when he kicked down Rume from the side, he only laughed.

Perhaps dreaming very well, that laughter of his appeared to be a good feeling from the bottom of his heart.


“Are you done, Jion?”

“Sure. You were fast too”

“It isn’t my hobby to talk too much about the dead, but… it was a terrible disappointment, I’ve ended it with a single attack”

“Whaa! It’s cruel! How cruel. Much more so than the Spectacular Me”


The king drew back.

They are abnormal, he dreaded the appearance of these two and the feelings of wanting to be separated from this place ruled over him.

However, there was no way for him to escape.


“*sigh*… but with this, we finally succeeded in our “hide your figure in a free for all fight, kill the enemy’s king when they’re off guard and take all achievements strategy” right?”

“ … It isn’t my hobby to complain about what you have decided, but couldn’t you change that name in one way or another?”

“It’s your bloody fault you can’t come up with anything right? Isn’t it fine, a name similar to that guy’s naming sense?”

“ … I guess, that person is stronger than anybody, but I don’t feel he will lose in regards to naming things”


Taking a sidelong glance towards the two who began idle chatter, the king began to run around to the back of the throne.

There was a secret pathway that goes to some hidden stairs and it is made for him to escape for emergencies.

He could not let go of that chance.



“Mh, don’t run away”

“Gi…Giih! Aaaah”


Being lopped off from below his knees, the king lied down on the floor.

The secret path was still distant.


“Oh hey, aren’t you glad that the carpet is red… this way you won’t mind it even if it gets dirtied with blood.”

“Hi- Hii…”

“Die, a noble death”


――――――――――The scene the king saw last was Ramina’s katana gleaming for a mere instant.


“Phew, we got a good souvenir, so shall we go home about now? Lady Desastre will be overjoyed with this”

“We may be scolded for doing something arbitrarily. If that will be the case, then I will force all responsibility to you and run away”

“About that eh, oh miss Ramina… Good company on the road is the shortest cut right?”

“ … It isn’t my hobby to deny one’s words right in their face, but I think you’re wrong”


While continuing their conversation at their own pace, they left the place.

What remained, was only a boy who still kept on laughing and the headless body of a man.


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