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Chapter 14

The Hero Was Left Behind




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“Too slow!”



Having bisected an enormous praying mantis monster, including its prided sickle, Isvel wiped the body fluids off the sword and sighed.


“Adel, how far have we advanced?”

“Currently we’re around the thirtieth floor.”


I gaze at the path ahead while collecting the magic stone from the monster.

We have come up to here and yet it’s been around two hours.

Our progress speed was so fast that we skipped over and pulled ahead of those who entered the dungeon earlier than us.

That too was mostly through Isvel’s lone strength.

Isvel was raring to take the lead and because she cut the monsters standing in the way in two, I hardly ever had a turn.

And thus I came to work as the one in charge of collecting magic stones.


“But still, the presence of other humans have disappeared surprisingly. I can hardly feel anything beside the presences of monsters, you know”

“It’s because the monster’s strength leaps up at around here. It looks like the adventurers who are aiming to earn efficient income would to hunt between the twentieth and thirtieth floor”


With monsters inside the dungeon being a “infinite spring” so to speak, their numbers will become scarce for a while if they’re hunted in one go, but they return to normal before long.

Where they are being born from is still under investigation, so I don’t know any details of it.

The point is that you can continue to hunt weak monsters infinitely, so it is relatively safe to secure magic stones and exchange them for money.

It takes time, but it is plenty enough to earn your daily living expenses.


“It looks like there are many adventurers coming here to earn their current living expenses when they have no important commissions, so they won’t go out of their way to brave dangers, you see?”

“That is uninteresting. There is no competition either”

“There is no need for competition is there? We can advance at our own pace as well”

“This… will affect our fighting spirit! If it becomes monotonous, then weariness will come in the long run”

“That is――well, that is right”


I don’t hate work where you handle something easily and silently, so I don’t feel any trouble even if we merely advance and kick about monsters like this.

There are occasions where I also like making effort in swordsmanship practices and such.

However, I recalled the fact my former companions giving me advice in the case we would dive into dungeons.


“Although I say that, it’s very likely for us to be able to collect treasure and all that on the seventieth floor and so on, so… I think it’ll have this kind of feeling for a while, you know?”

“Mhh! It’s sluggish!”


Isvel put away her sword and gripped her fist.

I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.


“Hey stop th――”

“Won’t it be quicker if I do this!?”


A thunderous roar and impact that shook the whole dungeon resounded.

My body was wrapped up in a floating sensation together with sounds of crushing.

This girl, she’s really done it.


“There is a floor below either way! If I do this, then we can go in a straight line, no?”

Then we can go in a straight line, no? Like hell we can! What are you going to do if it gets exposed!”

“? What will happen if it gets exposed?”

“Well that’s, you…”


Huh? What will happen?

There were no news among what I examined regarding cases of someone destroying the dungeon.

In the first place, nobody would think of anything like destroying these massive dungeon walls and floor.

In other words, it never happened before.

Because nobody thought it can be destroyed, rules haven’t been established clearly.


“If there are no punishment for now, then we will skip the next floor too”

“No, just wai――”



Thereafter, the same thing repeated.

She broke the floor, landed and simultaneously destroyed the floor below.

When there are monsters right below, she would pierce the floor including them.

Falling down along with rubble, we descended――No, dropped down floor by floor with astounding speed.


“With this, it’s the seventieth floor!”


Isvel’s hands finally stopped and I could land steadily.

While protecting myself from the falling rubble, I looked at that terrible scene.


“This is terrible”


A hole stretched in a straight line to far above when I tried looking up.

No doubt, the shortest way has been complete.


“Isn’t it better if we just skip until the lowest floor?”

“We’ll be ignoring the treasures in that case, won’t we!? I have come here requesting for adventures and treasure!”

“*sigh*… Well, arriving at the lowest floor isn’t our purpose after all I guess”


While sighing, I decided to calmly survey the vicinity.

The landscape didn’t change from the upper floors, but the presence of monsters are clearly strong and dense.

If we advance to the lower floors from here, then even we need to be careful.


“Come! Our adventures starts here you know!”

“Yes, yes. Careful, alright?”


Just in case I speak words of reprove, but it feels like it’s useless seeing Isvel in high spirits.

I probably need to steel myself as I know the dungeons better than Isvel.


“Alright, shall we go――”


The instant when I thought so and focused my mind.

I notice presences from above us and immediately looked up to the hole opened by Isvel.

Falling down from there were two figures.

Isvel also seems to have noticed it, so we took distance from the hole.


“Heh, to think there was a shortcut in a place like this! Did you open it for us?”


What landed on the seventieth floor was a man, whose hair and robe is bright red, and a woman, who has them blue instead.

I feel an uncanny atmosphere from them.

I feel strange, unfamiliar power that’s unlike genuine magic power.


“Red, time is precious. I’m going inside.

“Aren’t you impatient, Blue. Well, whatever, see you then. I’ll clean up these guys who have sadly become witnesses.”

“Don’t fail, okay?”

“Who do you think you’re talking to, eh?”


The woman called Blue turned her back on us and ran to the inner parts of the dungeon.

The man called Red overlooked us on the rubbles while showing an eerie smile.


“Hey Ade――I mean! Al! That woman’s planning on monopolizing the treasure, you know!”

“No, I don’t think it’s like that though”

“Kuh, you think I’ll let you!? I’m leaving this place to you!”



Isvel ran off.

In a flash, she went and disappeared towards the woman called Blue with her characteristic physical strength.

I quietly bring down my hand which I stretched out to the empty air.

Even if it goes bad, she’s still the former demon lord, so it’s not like I’m worried about her.

Even if it temporarily becomes a battle, it should be more difficult for her to lose.

But still, Isvel is ignorant to dungeons.


She will probably lose her way.


“Well, I guess it’s fine if she doesn’t die”

“You can afford to look away I see. You’re going to die after this you know?”

“Hm? Aah…”


Right, I should be worried about myself.

I haven’t done any battle-like battles for a long time, so my perception seems to have dulled just a little.


“I’ve had harsh fights, but it’s not like I particularly like fights. If we’re doing it, then let’s do it quickly”

“Heh, a bluffing rascal, huh? Just as you wish, I will kill――”


Midway Red’s speech, I felt a new presence from the hole that Isvel had opened.

It seems Red felt the same, he nimbly separated himself from directly below the hole.


“Nuooooooooooh! Hebuh”


Who came down… No, fell down, was a man clad in silver armor.

I recognize this man.


“Guh… To think that I would come to perform a shameful landing like this”

“You… you were in the queue to the carriage”

“Mh! Are you not the man who was next to that woman!?”


The man who was full of dust on top of the rubble was the leader of the ‘Order of the Silver Wings,’ who Isvel had splendidly sent flying with a kick some time ago, Silvar Aegister.



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