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Chapter 8

The Hero hits




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‘Wait a minute… they’re the Rank A clan Greed Tiger guys’

‘It’s over for those two… if they’re marked by those guys’

‘Only the man should die’


I catch the words of the lots who are looking at us and talking in whispers.


Clan――As I recall are upwardly compatible to parties that are formed by adventurers and approved by the guild.

One can enroll any number of people, create peculiar rules and cleverly divide the remunerations the clan members receive as salary… I think.

The greatest advantage is the point where you are pulled up to the clan master’s rank and you can accept higher rank commissions together with lower rank adventurers and clan members.


An A rank clan… these three might be strong themselves.


More importantly, the last one was just being rude.


“Judging from your appearance, you’re newcomers right? You’ve got some nerve to block my way of all people”

“Hm? Who the hell are you?”

“You don’t know me…? What an inconceivable bumpkin aren’t you!”


The gang of three raised a dirty laughter.

Isvel noticed she’s been made fun of and showed an unpleasant expression.

Those guys too, do they actually know who they’re laughing at?


Well, men who take a king of the castle-like attitude in a place like this simply won’t know.

It doesn’t seem like they even comprehend the difference in their strength.


Honestly I don’t care what happens with these people, but it’ll be troubling if we cause trouble here.

I will deal with this appropriately and leave this place for a while.


“Sorry. We really just came from the countryside, so we don’t know this town’s situation that well. I don’t know you eith――!”


While I was speaking, I was hit in the face by the leader-like man.

It doesn’t hurt at all, but it was abrupt so I staggered a little.


“You, the hell are you doing using casual speech on me? I am the top brass of clan ‘Greed Tiger’, Sir Toragule you know? I ain’t someone a newcomer like you guys could use a speech on that makes light of others”



Isvel prepared herself to leap at him, probably because she felt angry towards the act of violence towards me, her companion.

But, I seem to have said this many times over, it will be bad to cause trouble here.

I don’t know what kind of effect it will have to the village if we stand out at a place like this.

It’s been arranged that we will lose our important residence if there will be any damage to the village in anyway because of us.

Fortunately, I’m the only one who received damage directly.

It isn’t that I don’t feel anger, but it is simple to endure it as well.

I will struggle through this peacefully.


“ ‘Scuse me sir”


I restrain Isvel and lightly bow my head.

Isvel looked dissatisfied, but she saw my behavior and drew back her intent to kill.


“So long you understand. Right, now get out of my sight. Got no business with you cowards!”


The gang of three raised laughter.

Well, it means we obtained their forgiveness.

Let’s accept a commission after the lot is gone.


“Woah, not so fast”


When we tried to go through the sides, the man called Toragule called out to us.

Does he still have some business with us?


“Let’s have you leave that woman behind as punishment for getting in our way. She ain’t a woman a scrap like you could bring along don’t you think? We’ll be affectionate with her alright, so hand her over to us now”


Toragule’s vulgar eyes was pointed towards Isvel.

If it’s appearance only, then Isvel is surely seen as a first-rate ‘human’ woman, but that doesn’t apply to what’s inside.


“Gh! Who would go along with the likes of you bastard!?”

“Shut up! You bugs don’t have any choices here!”


Toragule forcibly grabbed Isvel’s arm.


That instant, I beat the face of Toragule.

Because of my fist whose power is by far different from the one I received, Toragule was greatly blown away to the back and mowed down a table and chair.



“M- Mr Toragule!”


The henchmen rushed up towards Toragule who was groaning.

They won’t be coming to pick any fights for a while with this.

I hit him with power that won’t kill him, but it should take quite a while until he recovers.


I disregard those guys and tear off a suitable commission from the questboard.

The contents is the extermination of a group of orcs who have created a nest in a nearby forest.

The representation of group is a little vague, but no matter how many orcs bundle up, they won’t win against us in any way.


“I’d like to accept this one”

“Ye- yes sir! Allow me to accept this for you!”


I push the commission paper to the receptionist who was overcome with surprise and put her in a state where she can handle the quest.

This means that it’ll become our quest achievement if we exterminate the orcs and report it.


“We’re going, Vel”

“ … Mhm”


I then go outside of the guild which had fallen silent.

Isvel silently followed me.


The actual adventurers would prepare for the quest hereafter, but we don’t particularly have any need for it.

It’s plenty for me and Isvel with just the sword we borrowed from the village.

When I try to go out of the town like that and head to the forest, Isvel who was behind me went to line up beside me.


“I’m sorry for that a while ago”

“ … It’s not something to apologize for. I understand your feelings after all. But from now on don’t try to kill people in public. We will stand out more in a bad way than a bad fight”


That time I hit Toragule, it didn’t particularly mean that I happen to take that action because I took offense to him.

――No, I was a little irritated, but that wasn’t my only big reason for it.

That time, when Isvel had her hand caught, she tried to hit Toragule with the intent to kill him.

Fights are everyday occurrence to adventurers, but if one were to go as far as killing another, then at worst you will be deprived of the qualifications of an adventurer.

In order to protect Isvel’s situation, I had not choice but to do something like that in that place.


“We were involved with him because we were standing in the way in front of the questboard in the first place. Our position is weak too.”

“Human society is a difficult place to live in isn’t it…”

“It’s a society that again differs from demons who rule with strength. On the other hand, there are also good natured people who help others even if there is no benefit to themselves though”

“Come to think of it… you were also that sort of human aren’t you”


Am I?

True, in my Hero time I tried to extend my hands to any human and help them out.

But that wasn’t because I was a good natured person.

It’s because I was the Hero.

If I were to be tied to the position of Hero even now, then I wouldn’t have done something like sending Toragule flying.


“I’m no longer a good natured person you know. In the end, I at least let my stress out by hitting the face of that bastard after all”

“Fuh… That much is more to my liking you know”

“You too don’t strain your nerve too much. It’ll be troubling from then on if you’re immediately looking to swing your hands alright?”

“Ugh, I will be careful…”


While thinking Isvel suddenly turning meek is charming, we head towards the forest.


Alright then, from here on out it’s time to work.



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  1. I didn’t think the MC acted meekly there. He wants to retire, he doesn’t want eyeballs on him but he acted with conviction, imo.

    Thanks for the translation!

  2. I feel bad for the hero, he just wants a retired life, but the author throws a cliche his way forcing him to act like a coward in order to protect it, I pity him.

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