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Second Summon Chapter 73

What Setsu could not do



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“Setsu… are you really going?”

“Yeah, I’m already quite strong enough already, I wanna look around the world.”


At Destinea castle, inside the room that was given to us, Setsu and I were facing each other.

It seems he’s leaving this country.


“I’ll ask you again, won’t you come along with me?”


Setsu asked me that.

But… I――――――――――


“Sorry, I’m still… afraid”

“ …really”


I can’t be like Setsu.

My fighting strength is still low and I can’t control my sacred sword decently either.

I’ll end up becoming a burden to Setsu like this.


“But, if… if I become tougher… will you come meet me that time?”

“Yeah, sounds good”


Setsu held out his hand.

I grasp back that hand.


“I hope we can go on an adventure together one day”

“I hope so too”



Yeah, see you――――――――――

Having said that, Setsu jumped out from the windows.

I… remained, on my own in this Destinea――――――――





I bend my body to the side.

A shining something passed through the place where my body was at until now.

And then an explosion resounded.


“That can’t be fucking true… hey”


The top of a far, far away mountain exploded and disappeared.

Blowing away a mountain from that distance isn’t a simple feat, whichever magic you use.

And that gigantic gun pulled that off single-handedly.

No wait, it pulled that off just by pulling a trigger after all. So I guess single-fingeredly.


“This ain’t the time to be thinking about something like that!”


A shot of that scope was fired many times.

While kicking up the sky, I dedicate my mind to make him shoot upwards somehow.

At any rate, each shot was fast.


“Mh… I’m not hitting you… then… how about this?”

“Wh- why you little”


The muzzle that has been pointing at me until now, was pointed right under him.

There, those guys are――――――――――


“Fuck you!”


I kick the sky with all my strength and leap between them and the muzzle.




I put Kuromaru up as a wall and catch that shot.

I hear an unpleasant sound from my beloved sword.

The momentum of the bullet was strong and I drop down towards the ground without any resistance.


(I have to stop the momentum somehow…!)


I apply magic reinforcement on both my arms and push the bullet.

I finally kill off the momentum just before I reach the ground and then I fling it up with all my strength.




Afterwards I was struck to the ground and had trouble breathing.

This is bad, I used an absurd amount of willpower…


“Yeap.. as I thought, you did it well… Then, what about if I do rapid fire?”

“ … you serious?”


Still pointing the muzzle at me, Touma put in magic power.

This is bad, even I’ll end up having to endure it if I’m struck several dozens of times of that.


“*sigh* … No choice but to use it I guess.”

“Rush shot!”


I stretch my hand into the empty sky.

At that time, plenty of light bullets filled before me.


“Eat greedily――――――――――――<Hungry Fang>”


The story of Setsu deserting the human country spread in a flash.


“That sort of man is not a Hero…! Capture him as soon as you discover him!”


The king was in a fit of anger.

Perhaps that’s justified, because he went and took along three of this country’s future military strength.

Just losing a Hero is quite a serious blow.


“Master Touma, haven’t you heard anything where that man had gone to?”


Her Highness the princess came asking me, but I answered nothing.


“Who knows? When I noticed he was gone…”


“ … You have finally drawn it out haven’t you… Setsu”

“Tch… To think I’ll end up using it so quickly…”


I succeeded in having Gluttony eat everything at the last moment.

My body got grazed a little, but no problem.


“Gluttony… you still can eat right?”


I call out to Gluttony that’s in my hand.

Gluttony appeared to be saying he haven’t had enough yet and the tongue came out of the mouth that ran through the center of the edge.


“As ever the frightening sword isn’t it…”

“I’ve come to see it as cool lately though… First off, I’m returning the favor!”


I brandish Gluttony and pour in magic power.


“Flying blade – Eat>!”



Touma quickly leapt towards the side, but he was a little slow.

The pitch black <Flying blade> took one of Touma’s arms.


“Dang it…”


While grasping the arm that’s flowing with blood, Touma groaned in pain.


“It looks like that giant gun is absurdly heavy. Your movement is slow.”

“ … So you saw through it.”


While smiling bitterly, Touma filled his eaten arm with magic.

Light particles gathered there and in the blink of an eye his arm regenerated.


“A lost limb really has intense magic power consumption”


Touma said while confirming the sensation of using his arm.

<Sword Thrill> will regenerate your body, but at the same time it would take a lot of magic power too.

All the more for something like a lost limb.

It’ll cause you to be out of magic power and you’ll become unable to combat if you weren’t us.


“Now then… it looks like you’re about to become serious about this so… shall we go to the final scene?”

“Heyhey… already?”

“Well, if I’m to be frank about it, the consumption of this sacred cannon and what I’m trying to do is intense altogether. That’s why I want it settled in a short, decisive battle.”


… If it’s like that then I have no reason to go against it either.

If we could reach the end with a swift attack, then that way it’s not bothersome and better too.


“Now that I think about it… you still haven’t seen this do you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s one more territory I’ve reached in the five years you weren’t here you know”


I didn’t know about <Form Change> either.

How much power has he created in these five years?


“Let’s go――――――――――――――<Limit Break>”

“――――――――――――Wait what?”


Touma’s magic power was amplified like an explosion.

What did he say? Did he say <Limit Break>?


“Why… can you use it?”


All of his magic power concentrated to the sacred cannon or something and it swelled its large build even more.

Before long it transformed like it was covering the guy’s body and muzzle like things were installed on his whole body.

Another gigantic muzzle was installed to one of his arms, sure enough calling that appearance a <Fortress> would be appropriate.


“<Sacred Fortress> ―――――――― it’s unexpected is it? Me learning <Limit Break>”

“Yeah… like really”


I could feel an absurdly strong power.

My instinct told me of the danger of each of those muzzles.

This guy is… bad news.


“Well, try to eat it, okay?”



One of the muzzles spouted fire.

The bullet sucked into my stomach and opened up a hole.

I couldn’t see it.

I could even say completely nothing was reflected in my eyes




Blood flowed from my mouth.

I regenerated with <Sword Thrill>, but it took quite some magic power.


“The shot’s power and speed isn’t something to be trifled with right? Conversely that’s just all, but… it’s simple therefore strong――――――――is what I think”



It’s really strong.

An attack of a speed even I can’t see, words can’t describe the threat of this.

My situation dropped rock bottom in one go.


“Now, shall I go rapidly then!”


All of the muzzles pointed at me.


“Oh for fuck’s sake!”


To make sure the others aren’t hit, I separated myself from that place.


“Yuki-kun… it’s turning into him being on the defense.”

“If he’s attacked with that high firepower, then even Master Setsu will become like that.”


Elka looked worriedly at Setsu who was earnestly avoiding the bullets.


“Bu- but Yuki-kun would win right!?”


“It may be a little hard for him.”


The one taking over the word was Glain.


“That <Limit Break> is simple and consequently powerful. Even if he approaches, there would be too many muzzles for him to approach and separating himself from him will make his aim more accurate and so he would be avoiding with all his might… He can’t break through if he doesn’t have some plan to overcome it.”

“No way… The- then if Yuki-kun also go <Limit Break> then――――――――”

“ … He can’t use it.”

“ …Eh?”


Glain looked bitter.

All of those who knew Setsu from before, looked down.


“Mr Setsu… can’t use <Limit Break> for some reason”

“No- no way…”

“The cause is unknown. He practiced many times over, but only Setsu could not use it no matter what he did”


Yuuhi received a shock from Tia’s words.

Then he won’t have any means to break the deadlock――――――――――


“Even so… Setsu will be fine”


Said Desastre.


“I have never seen a moment where that man was defeated. That is why, it will be all right.”


Words without any basis at all.

However, it held absolute faith in Setsu.

Yuuhi became ashamed that she was worried about Setsu.

Right now what he needs isn’t worry, but faith in him.

It was because the people here including Yuuhi could not even take a step into that battle.


“Yuki-kun… do your best…”


“Damn it!”

“Aren’t you getting exhausted soon?”


A bullet grazed my cheek.

It’s hot, I can feel burning pain.

While running up the sky, I’m shedding cold sweat.

At this rate it’ll be painful.

If I miss my footing even a little, if he breaks my composure even a little, I’ll be instantly filled with holes.


(What to do… something to break through…”


My right hand grasping Gluttony and my left hand Kuromaru, I think about it.

First of all, I can’t do anything with Kuromaru.

I can use it as a wall when push comes to shove, but I judged I can’t have expectations for its offensive abilities.

Gluttony, I can no longer rely on anything but this.

As long as I can settle that, then I should be able to take down that guy.

However, if there’s no clear opportunity, then I can’t use that.


“Somehow… I have to create the chance…!”

“Hey you! You’re continuously avoiding too much, you know!”


Kuh… amount of bullets increased…


“There! Impact!”



My right shoulder was blown off.

That which was my arm and also Gluttony was dropping to the ground.

Gluttony is the one thing I absolutely can’t lose.




I kicked the air with all my strength and take a nosedive.

I forcibly regenerate my arms on the way and catch Gluttony.




However, Touma’s not one to let that go.

He immediately decided his aim and the muzzles were turned towards it.


“<Lock on>!”


It was not one muzzle, all of the muzzles was aimed this way.




What was fired was an ultra-dense beam.


(This isn’t the situation to economize Gluttony!”


Gluttony has a concept of a full stomach.

If he ends up eating an absurd amount of magic power, then he’ll end up unable to eat anymore.

In other words if he eats a beam of this scope, then half of his stomach should be satisfied.

He still hasn’t used his <Cursed Magic> and I don’t want to use it as much as possible.

In this case… it’ll be gone.


“Open it up big!”


The mouth that was on the edge of Gluttony was opened very large.

I put in magic power into the sinister miasma breathing sword and swing it.

Gluttony who was struck at the beam began preying upon that.


“Gh! His eating ain’t keeping up!”


The mass of the beam is too big.

It doesn’t fit the size of Gluttony’s mouth.

At this rate…

“Fucking bullshiiiiiiiiiit!”


My body was simply swallowed, by the stream of excessive energy――――――――――



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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I wonder why Setsu can’t use limit break. Is it a mental block? Or is he just unable to physically? Or maybe he has another ability that replaced it?

    1. I’ve been looking back a little bit since I was a little suspicious of a part I translated and didn’t really quite get at first. I once translated that Limit Break was the ultimate weapon approved only by humans, but I think the “approved” is wrong. Better word could be “allowed”. So: ――――――――the ultimate weapon that would allow only humans to destroy one’s own limits. I think. Still need to read further ahead to see if that’s true, but considering none of the other races have made use of limit break, I think that may be what the author is intended to be. I’ll revise if I find something that contradicts this.
      Ie. I think the author is strongly hinting here that Setsu may not entirely be human.

      1. Could be that humans from earth are different than humans from this world, and that Touma might be from this world originally/descended from someone from this world. Either way, it’s interesting.

  3. Thanks for the chapter

    As for why Setsu cant use Limit Break, i thinks it is because there is a something inside Setsu which not human as i check in previous chapter about Limit Break that it can be used by Human.
    My hyphotesis that Setsu is actually have a part of divine being inside his soul. This is based from when he meets his mother

  4. Two theories on the limit break issue-
    One: The ‘carving’ on his soul prevents it
    Two: He’s not entirely human

    Then again, it could be due to the fact that he lacks the will to kill. Either way, I still hate this ‘won’t kill’ garbage. If he was solely focused on Yuuhi and not out to have multiple wives, I’d drop this LN. Setsu is terminally stupid.

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