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Vol 8 Chapter 3

Yuuji, baring himself to multiple people



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A.N. It’s a sudden service chapter?



In a dim, small room, heat was confined.

*fuuh* Naked Yuuji grandly exhaled in order to set free the heat inside his body


Next to the sitting Yuuji was a figure of a person sitting, similarly naked.

At Yuuji’s back, was a figure of another person lying down while sweating.


“Aah, I am sweating, but it feels refreshing isn’t it?”


Yuuji’s cheertful voice resounded in the dim space.


“That is right isn’t it? I can say with confidence that this is a luxury unique in the city of Premie. Other cities have this as well, but reserving it like this is quite expensive you know”


A tender voice could be heard from the figure sitting beside Yuuji.


“Eh? Is that true!? That would make it quite a big deal if you get addicted to it right? It even feels this good…”


Yuuji showed his surprise hearing the surprising fact.

It was relatively common if he were to be in the Japan he had lived until now. Although, it generally cannot be done unless one goes to a particular facility. No, it would be possible for a rich person to put it in their house as some sort of status however.


“Haah. Well then Mr Yuuji, I will be going out for a moment. It feels better to go out and back in than staying for a long time you know.”

“Ah, then I should also go out soon I guess.”


Together with such words, naked Yuuji headed towards the entrance.

Yuuji opened the door and went out.

The summer wind blew against his heated body.


While shouting “Yahoo”, Yuuji headed towards the river. He was naked. With unchanging momentum, he jumped into the river as the water made splashing sounds.

Alice who went out ahead and was playing in the river found something amusing and went *kya kya* when seeing the appearance of such Yuuji and frolicked. She was naked, but she was still a child.

Swimming nearby in order to watch over Alice, naked Kotarou looked coldly at Yuuji. As if saying “Geez, water got on my face now you know”. It was as if she was a woman who was worried about her makeup coming off despite coming to play in a pool.


While watching the high spirited Yuuji and Alice, the naked two who were with Yuuji slowly entered the river.

Yuuji took a fleeting glimpse towards their figures.


A beautiful waistline that maintains uniformity, perhaps the fruits of daily effort. Beautiful enough to be unintentionally fascinated by it. After submerging themselves in the river until their waist in order to cool off their heated body, they started to splash the water onto their upper body. Their wet limbs reflected the sunshine and had a smooth shine.

Another person was smiling gently and had a well fleshed body. The silhouette that had a hint of roundness gave a gentle impression. They slowly submerged until their shoulders and went near Yuuji.


“Aah, cold water does feel good on your heated body doesn’t it, Mr Yuuji?”


They were Kevin and his escort.


Kevin’s escort had splendid physical beauty. Stern looks and a bodybuilder’s body. There were scars remaining on the body, but they express his long military service. “Wow, amazing” Yuuji watched his body in fascination.

Kevin had a figure that was like a big bellied sumo wrestler so to speak. Yuuji saw that figure and carefreely thought Mr Kevin is becoming a little fat isn’t he and so forth. But, he was a man holding the nickname of  ‘Fighting Peddler’. It would seem that under the fat was an armor of muscles. What kind of battle style Kevin had, who usually doesn’t hold a weapon, is unknown as of yet.


City of Premie, riverside.

Through company president Kevin’s guidance, his escort, Yuuji and Alice were enjoying themselves in a sauna. In the nude.


“A sauna needs fuel after all. Premie city may be a frontier, but because of that it’s wealthy in wood. You can make use of it relatively cheaply.”

“Oh that’s why… But this kind of riverside, won’t you get attacked here by monsters living in the water?”

“That rarely happens you know. There’s a stone bridge crossing the downstream side of the river in this city, but there are soldiers stationed there. They would repel the aquatic monsters there in the case they go upstream. There’s also a watch tower on both the downstream and the upstream side where the river comes in contact with the city of Premie. It’s basically safe.”


“Ooh, is that so” Yuuji looked impressed.

The group was once again in the sauna. This time Alice also entered together. Alice was naked, but Kotarou didn’t seem to be among the group. After all, Yuuji was a huge breast supremacist.


“Come to think of it, Mr Yuuji, during the next autumn the tax collector should be coming to the pioneer land. Since it’s the first year of the pioneering, there won’t be any tax, but please start thinking about the name of the village soon, okay? Agricultural land and housing have been made, so they’re expected to be having you register it as a village after all.”

“The name of the village… right. I understand.”


Yuuji showed a pondering attitude after hearing Kevin’s words. But there is no need to worry. During the time of Yuuji’s absence, the bulletin board residents had already begun thinking of the village’s name.

Perhaps an imitation of Yuuji, Alice went “uuhm~, uuhm~”, being worried. It appears Alice was also thinking about the name of the village.


“Oh, that’s right, Mr Kevin. It’s about Mr Master smith migrating to the pioneer land after the cart passable road is made, but are we leaving the making of that road to those two people? It looks like it will take quite a long time you know…”


Yuuji asked a question to Kevin as if he suddenly remembered. The sauna was reserved. It was possible for him to have a conversation without hesitation. It was certainly a naked conversation.


“I have received support from the feudal lords wife for the can production project on the pioneer land you see. I’m planning on putting out a commission and employing people from around the adventurers’ guild. They seem to be earnestly working, but as you would have expected, it would take ten-odd years if it’s just the two of them after all…”


“I know right” Yuuji muttered.

In the first place, road construction should be taken care of if one were to employ construction workers instead of a commission towards the adventurer’s guild. Why Kevin selected the adventurers’ guild was because he expected that the guild master would feel indebted and select excellent men of talent for him. Of course, being connected to a pioneer group that takes up retired adventurers and commissions increasing were delicious as well as far as the guild master was concerned.


“Yuuji-nii, Alice is going to the river again, okay!?”

“Ah, okay. Alice, don’t get separated from Kotarou, got it!?”


Perhaps thinking that the conversation between fellow adults was boring, naked Alice stood up straight, shouted “Kotarou!” after calling out to Yuuji and started running outside. Though she had grown a little taller, Alice’s bottom was still squishy like that of a little girl. It had nothing to do with Yuuji the huge breast fundamentalist however.

Nevertheless, this man is naturally leaving the care of an 8 year old to a dog. What does he think a dog is?


In any case.

The visit to the smithing workshop and introduction, a tour through the marketplace and a new source of business Kevin discovered.

Yuuji’s second visit to another world’s city has ended successfully like this.


With a pointless summation of a naked conversation between three middle aged men.


TL: The actual chapter title was actually “Yuuji, having a naked conversation with multiple people.” With the naked conversation which could mean open and honest conversation or a conversation in the nude. Tried to incorporate both that as well as some baiting like the author may have intended.




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  3. I’m questioning the morality and preferences of the author regarding his description about the naked little girl. Is this enough proof that he’s a lolicon?

  4. Anyone else annoyed that they keep getting Alice”s age wrong? She was 6 when she got there his first year. They are now heading into the 4th Autumn, where she should be turning 10… but they keep telling us she’s 8 for the last 2 years, she was also 6 for forever…

    1. Yuuji found her at the end of the first autumn though, meaning she already had her birthday on Yuuji’s first year. So it’s almost three years since Alice lived with Yuuji. Nothing wrong about her age here.

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