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Chapter 57

The knight king scolds


‘What will you do!? At this height, even you milord will――’

“I know!”


Even when I tried it several times since some time ago, I only felt the flow of magic power and my magic did not activate.

As things are, I’ll be slammed against the ground and end up being broken into small fragments even with this body of mine.


“Echsdarc! Do you have any plans!?”

‘You cannot pour in magic power either can you!?’

“Yeah, I wonder why”

‘Then I will soon use my own magic powers on your body reinforcement! Because, fortunately, I have a small part of the magic power left that you had poured into me in the previous battle, milord’

“It’s the best plan among those we’ve thought now, I guess…”


With that, the likelihood of me being safe won’t even be 50% I guess.

Even if I survived, there’s no questioning the fact that I would bear damage that would render me unable to fight.

It’s just that, if there is the likelihood of me to be able to survive with this――


“Please do!”

‘ …Leave it to me’


Black magic power wrapped my body.

This black magic really may suit me.

Strange coldness ran through my whole body.

Even so, it’s true that I felt tremendous power.

Right now I’m being protected by Echsdarc.


‘Black Veil!’


This is already a black armor.

It’s just that even with this, it won’t be able to kill off the damage when falling from this height.

While I stared at the approaching ground, I prepared myself for the worst.


“――Do not be too rash, my vassal”


As soon as I could hear such voice, I crashed into the ground.

However, it didn’t hurt.

Although I felt the impact when I was bouncing on the ground several times, I did not have the damage that should’ve been brought forth by that.

Having completely stopped eventually, I looked around, dumbfounded.


“Did I fall down at the port…”

Think at least about how to deal with after defeating it, you fool”

“Hk… Silvar”


Who stood imposingly nearby was none other than Silvar, who we entrusted with the protection of the port.

I don’t know what happened.

Except I’m certain that Silvar seemed to have saved me. 


“I’m not sure what happened, but you helped me out. Thanks”

“Good. More importantly――”


I heard the sound of something heavy falling behind me as I tried to stand up.

What fell and crushed several houses was the falcon that I defeated previously.

I was at a loss for words seeing that.

It was supposed to be bisected diagonally and yet, it was still moving.


‘Kuh kuh kuh… I do not know who you are and where you are from, but you have defeated my pets didn’t you’


Furthermore, a man’s voice resounded from its mouth.

That voice was Sadore who I’ve heard at the castle town.


‘Is perhaps Eleira nearby? Well, it should be fine. However, my pet is not so naive to end it as it is’

“What… are you planning to do?”

‘Oh, now that’s a voice I don’t know of. It’s no longer relevant however. What will I do you ask? Of course, vain struggle, you see? A genuine vain struggle with the aim to take you all along with it’


From his voice that sounded like it was mocking us, it seemed like it showed the evil smile of Sadore, whose face I shouldn’t know of.

I can’t let him do something like vain struggle.


“Kuh, I have to finish it…”

“You take some rest. You are in the way”


“I do not know of the circumstances, but the current you would not be able to prevent it. I shall be its opponent”


Silvar pushed me aside and stepped forward.

Sure, it’s doubtful whether or not the current me can finish it off, but――

The falcon pointed its head this way while spouting out large volumes of blood from where it was cut.

Plenty of magic power was gathered in its beak.


“It’s Breath…!”


Did it still have enough magic power to shoot?

Even if we sidestep it, there are townspeople gathered behind us.

The townspeople too noticed the state of the monster and tried to run in all directions in a hurry.

However, even if they run now, the explosion at the time of Breath’s impact would swallow them up.

If they run away here, then no doubt several townspeople would end up falling victim to it.


“Do not lose your presence of mind! Oh citizens!”


Amidst that, Silvar’s words resounded.


“You may entrust it to me. There is no such need for attempts to flee”


Having heard Silvar’s voice, the townspeople uniformly stopped their movements.

I could not hide my surprise to this scene of demons lending ears to the voice of a human being.

Would this be what you call a king’s charisma?


‘Come, oh eagle”

‘This child is a falcon you know! You are one impolite gentleman’

“Either is fine. I am saying that I will be stopping it personally”

‘――Interesting… I understand. Then, how about I have you stop it!’


The magic power amassed in the falcon’s beak reached its peak.

Different from the Breath with high rate of fire that was fired towards me, it was one that was emphasized in one blow.

This means that it should be powerful.


“No matter how much might you have, it will stand powerless before my ‘Absolute Protection’. Now, come to me from any direction”

‘Fuh, there wouldn’t be any reason to aim for you from right in front of you after being told that, don’t you think!’

“ …What?”

‘If I were to produce damage to the populace here, the one to be suspected would be you!’


The falcon’s beak changed its direction towards one where it could directly aim for the townspeople.

At this rate the townspeople will fall victim without us doing anything.



‘It’s too late!’


Before I was in time to come between them, Breath was fired from the falcon’s beak.

It’s hopeless, I won’t be in time from here.


“Disregarding me who is the king… deserves certain death”


Silvar scowled at the falcon and simultaneously thrust the sword he held into the ground.

Instantly, Silvar’s magic power skyrocketed suddenly and permeated all around him.


“――Limit Break”


Such words were heard from Silvar’s mouth.

The next instant, Breath made impact at the place the townspeople were at.

An explosion occurred, and I could hear the screams of the demons.

While I was in a daze, the smoke that revolved at the explosion gradually cleared away.

A gruesome scene―― did not fill that place.


‘ …What could this mean? The voices of the populace had not decrease though’

“Protecting the citizens is the duty of a king. So long I am standing, the citizens shall bear not even one wound”


The demons stood looking dumbfounded to the fact that they were safe.

Judging from appearances, there doesn’t seem to be even a single person who bore any injuries.


“I put my entire surroundings into a state similar to ‘Absolute Protection.’ That, is my ‘Absolute Protection’, Silver Castle”


Limit Break――It’s the name of a secret technique that can be used by living creatures with a will, like how Breath can be used by monsters.

By wrenching open the ‘gate’ inside the magic circuit that should originally be closed, one would be able to use abilities and magic that are much larger in magnitude than normal.

Naturally, as a result of distributing more magic power through one’s magic circuit than usual, the burden on your body and the magic power consumption is incomparable.

However, if you come to be able to handle it well, it could become a bigger strength than ever.

There are not so many people who could handle this technique.

It is because it is the most difficult technique of all humans, beastkins and demons.


‘…You are a bigger nuisance of a person than I imagined it seems. Well, that would be fine, even just understanding that there is an enemy like you is a result’

“So you are unwilling to admit defeat”

‘Yes, I am unwilling to admit defeat. If possible, I would have wanted to kill you here. But my pets will be losing their lives before long. Since this cannot be helped, I will leave quietly. In order to make the most of my pets’ sacrifice, you see’


It was a voice that did not come from the heart at all.

The giant monsters Sadore called pets, must be nothing more than sacrificial pawns to him as well.

Sacrifical pawns, for the sake of gathering even the tiniest of information about us.


“Wait for us somewhere, I too will participate in this battle… You have made light of me, who is the king. I myself shall perform the last rights over the disrespectful you.

‘Interesting, then… I will wait. The other one as well, who defeated this child’


The falcon’s head pointed towards me.


“ …Sure”

‘kuh kuh kuh… Now then, until we meet again――farewell’


The falcon’s head dropped on the ground.

The blood that came out of the falcon created a large pool of blood around it, spreading a strong smell of iron.


“You helped us there, Silvar. Was it thanks to your power that I was safe when I fell down back then?”

“Yes. If you enter the range of my ability, then Absolute Protection will activate from that moment. It has the weak point in that it would end up making even the enemies invincible however”

“Well, it’s a perfectly powerful power, you know. I mean, I was safe too… thanks… to… that”



Halfway through my words, my vision suddenly blurred.

And then I was attacked by a dizziness where I am unable to stand, and went on my knees.


“What is wrong!? Adel!”

“H… uh…?”


My body gradually becoming heavier, I fell face down on the ground.

While confirming Silvar who was shaking me and Echsdarc who was frantically shouting, my consciousness fell into the darkness.

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