STOS Sequel Chapter 4

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Sequel Chapter 4




I took a breath like I was relieved.

Bastard, making me feel freaking nervous… Although the scale of the explosion was limted as a result of me immediately covering it with divine power, it made a large crater in front of my eyes.

While it was sudden, there were not even a single trace remaining of him.


“It turned into something troublesome”


While scratching my head, I started walking back to the castle.

When doing so, I noticed that Yuuji was running towards me.


“Yuki-kun! Were you alright?”

“You thought I could lose?”

“I’m glad! But, what was that…?”

“We don’t know anything right now I guess. They said sanctuary or something, but… never heard of it”

“――We never heard of it either”


Glain appeared when we were talking.

His expression was quite serious and anxious.


“Except that I can understand why there were no traces of magic with this”

“ … Meaning that the missing cases that happened at the city is very like to be the deed of these guys then”

“Yes. And it’s a fact that it will be difficult to take countermeasures against this. We currently don’t have any means to oppose divine power after all…”

“I guess. … Can’t be helped then. We’ll help you out for a while――”


I tried to say that when the next instant, I suddenly got a call on my smartphone that I had in my pocket.

Why can I use my smartphone in another world you ask?

It’s because it’s a special smartphone that makes use of the powers of my gate.

When I looked at the screen, I saw mother there.


“Hello, what’s up mother?”

‘Hey, idiot son. Can you move right now?’

“Ah? …Well, if it’s just a bit”

‘Then, go to the celestial world. It’s gotten into some minor trouble there’

“Huh!? What is this all of a sudden!?”

‘I’m leaving it to you’

“Ah, hey! … The hell was that about?”


The call was arbitrarily cut off; I could no longer hear my mother’s voice.


“ …Sorry, but I’m going to the celestial world for abit. Yuuhi, will you stay here for me?”

“Got it! I’ll protect everyone if anything happens”

“Please do. Glain, don’t be too rash”

“ … I’ll do my best”

“That’s fine. See you then”


I swung my arm and made a gate appear in front of me.

Celestial world gate. It’s a gate that leads to the place where the gods reside.

The gate opened along with chimes, and then I stepped inside.


Confirming that the gate closed behind me, I once again took a view at the scene spreading in front of me.

A gigantic sanctuary made above the clouds.

This is the place where the gods live, the celestial world.


“ … What is this”


However, the scene in front of me was more than that.

Sounds of explosions resounded many times over, and the place around the sanctuary bursted open.

A group of people that had grown wings seems to be doing an attack at the sanctuary.


“So this is what mother’s talking about…”


I unsheathed Kuromaru and flew towards the sanctuary.

What kind of villain would do something like starting an attack at the residence of gods?


“Stop it!”


I approached one that tried to start their attack and bisected that person.

The people noticed that a hindrance appeared that instant turned their face towards me all at once.




That instance made me surprised.

I remember the faces of these people


“Why are you all in a place like this…”


Former classmates of me and Yuuhi.

No matter how and from where I look at them, those faces are all theirs.

I’ve heard they ended up missing during the war with Touma, but why――――


“――Divine power, confirmed. Commencing attack”



As soon as they noticed me, those guys started their attack on me at the same time.

I immediately used Kuromaru as a shield after attacking the enemy when they dropped down their guard, but I received an unexpected attack and was blown far away.




Although I didn’t receive any damage, I broke through the sanctuary walls and flew inside.

This power that blew me away, I really did feel divine power from it.

This isn’t good, my head’s in chaos.


“… I have to do something about this now either way――wait, huh?”


The instant I stood up and tried to jump out in the air, I felt this feeling of losing strength and ended up going on my knees.

I looked around me and it looked like this is a prison.

If this is the place where they keep gods who had commited crimes in custody, then I would agree that I would end up losing my strength.

If they were after this place, then I won’t stand a chance, no matter how much of a god I am.

I have to get out of here quickly――


“ …Who are you? The insolent one who has plunged into mine room”



In the dim room was the figure of a person.

I hadn’t noticed them due to my strength being sealed.

However, I heard this voice somewhere.

I strained my eyes to look at the face, and was shocked.


“You…! Creasyl!”

“You are… To think that we would end up meeting at a place like this”


Who was there, was the god of creation who was my fated opponent.

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