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Chapter 55

The vice captain of the sword


“Woah. It’s unstable as I expected”


The place Eleira was transferred to was on top of the gigantic dragon.

The dragon was said to be monsters originally in legends.

It was said that that they lived in unexplored regions and rarely appeared, and there were anecdotes that one of the towns of people would be destroyed when they rarely appeared.

Those anecdotes were not entirely mistaken, and as a result of a town actually being destroyed by a dragon, A rank adventurers would sometimes come since its subjugation.


“However――It’s tough isn’t it”


Said Eleira, tapping the dragon’s back with the soles of her feet, while wrinkling her brows.

Dragon scales excel in strength enough to be made into the highest grade material for armor. and are highly resistant to magic on top of it.

One could not injure them with average swords nor would shallow magic make them flinch.

Therefore, dragons were called the strongest species.


“It’s not lacking as an opponent for Ryuurinmaru’s first battle”


Eleira unsheathed her new sword, Ryuurinmaru, and thrusted towards below her feet.

That instant the dragon greatly twisted its body, rampaging in the air.




The dragon’s roar resounded in the skies.

Not surprisingly, Eleira lost her footing due to being in a state of flux.


(So he has judged me to be an enemy…)


Eleira who was dropping straight to the ocean calmly analysed the movements of the dragon.

When it appeared like she would fall into the ocean at this rate, she turned around her body in mid-air and landed on the air.


“Air Walk――――Magic power consumption is intense so I can’t use it every day, but not using it now is out of the question”


Air walk is a type of wind-attribute magic.

One would harden the air at one’s feet and step on it.

One would have to constantly mind the soles of their feet and continuously use magic power.

Due to that having great cost, there are an extremely scarce amount of people who fights mainly with magic among its users. 

Eleira mainly practices sword art, so she could only afford circulating magic power for air walk.




The dragon’s warcry resounded in the air.

Glaring at Eleira who was right below it, the dragon turned its face towards her.


“ …Come”


Baring its fangs, the dragon rushed at Eleira.

Just before collision, Eleira slipped under its jaws and put in strength in order to ward off the dragon from below.



“Gh! Too heavy…”


She tried to ward it off, but naturally the dragon’s charge was not something a lone person could manage, as its mass was directly connected to its power.

It was a relief that her sword was still sheathed, but Eleira, unable to ward it off in the end, was blown away mid-air.


“Air walk!”


The flying Eleira once again made use of air walk and created a foothold.

Barely dodging the sea surface, the dragon rose up to a height similar to Eleira.

To dragons, humans and monsters are equally inferior species.

It must have become highly offended for having its own attack warded off by that inferior species.

With a look of anger, it pointed a clear intent of murder towards Eleira.


“This is my first time confronting a dragon, but… what an outrageous force”


Eleira held down her arm that got goosebumps from the fear, and resolutely glared at the dragon without averting her eyes.


“Let’s go, Ryuurinmaru”


Kicking the air, Eleira leaped straight at towards the dragon.

Her first aim was its eyes.

If Eleira would be able to destroy its vision, it would become a mere target to her.

She would have no trouble if that was easily done, but――




While raising a war cry containing vigor, Eleira leaped at the dragon.

In order to intercept her, the dragon swung its strong arm.


(This is fine. Its blows are mighty, but it is not like they cannot be dod――)


Eleira continued her usage of air walk and leapt in mid-air.

In doing so, she succeeded in swerving above its trajectory.

However, the dragon’s attack did not settle with just that.




What broke out was a gust of wind, strong enough to blow away everything.

Eleira, who only created footholds, was easily blown away.


“So all of this just by swinging its claws!”


Successfully correcting her posture by twisting her body, Eleira managed to use air walk and land on it.


(I can’t fight for too long I guess…)


Cold sweat went along Eleira’s cheeks.

With the situation being that she would be broken into pieces if she were to receive even a single attack as well as having unstable footing on top of that, her prided and refined body would be useless. 

Furthermore, she had to continue using the magic Air walk so that she would not fall.

Such situation made her consume more of her stamina than usual.


“First, I have to make my blade reach it…”


When Eleira shifted her attention to the dragon, the dragon flew around above her as if to ridicule her.

And the second time it faced Eleira, it opened its mouth.

Magic power gathered at the center of its mouth and changed into a large energy.

It was Breath, a technique that was only usable by monsters.


“So it uses Breath here”


Breath is a light ray made of magic power that is fired from the mouth of high ranked monsters.

Monsters have split the land and blown away large ships with a single blow.

It is not an exaggeration to call Breath the most powerful weapon in the world.

As a matter of fact, the tortoise, who was the opponent of Leona who was fighting at the same moment, too utilized Breath by gushing them forth from its shell.

Each monster has their own way of firing them.


(I won’t be able to get close like this!)


After bending back once, the dragon released Breath while riding on the momentum of pushing out its head.

Its Breath headed straight towards Eleira, but she used air walk to avoid it.

Its Breath certainly had unimaginable might, but it could basically only fly straight.

If it was a dragon this gigantic, then it would be easy to see everything from its preliminary action.

Except, its might was not different from its appearance, powerful.


“ … This isn’t a laughing matter, is it”


The portion of sea surface where the Breath impacted instantly evaporated.

Steam rose, and the emptied part was creating a gigantic whirlpool from the seawater flowing into it.

If that were to directly hit Eleira, she would have been instantly evaporated.



“Gh, you intend to do it again?”


The dragon began to amass magic power in its mouth to fire Breath again.

And then it once again bend its body backwards as preliminary action for firing it.


(A chance!)


At the same time, that lead to a chance to attack for Eleira.

She kicked the foothold from Air walk and instantly closed in.

However, before she could get within range for her blade to reach, the dragon’s breath was unleashed.


“Demon style sword art – Cutting step――”



With its head thrust out, its Breath was unleashed.

Eleira avoided that with minimum movements and leaped up straight towards the dragon’s head like she was aligning with the Breath.

The dragon, who was in the middle of releasing its Breath, could not respond to her movements.


“――Rising dragon”


While passing the dragon’s head, Eleira swung her sword.

The blade cut off its scales and put in a long cut in its eye. 


‘GAAaaaaah Aaaaaaah!’

“What, I was unexpectedly able to cut it… No, it’s just that Ryuurinmaru is superior”


The dragon, who lost an eye, raged and unleashed its claws towards Eleira.

However, an attack that could not determine its aim sufficiently was powerless in front of her skill.


“Demon style sword art – Defensive step――Water dragon”


Immediately after her body swayed, she slipped through the dragon’s arm, like water avoiding it when putting an arm in the river.

A technique where one relaxes their own body and flow through all attacks like a liquid, that is the Demon style sword art – Defensive step ‘Water Dragon’.

Originally, the demon style sword art was a sword art made with ‘Dragon’ as its foundation.

Hundreds of years ago, a sword master who was referred to as a legend was said to have built it up using the dragon’s movements as a reference.

That was handed down even now and had become a mainstream sword art for demon swordsmen.


“To think I could swing this sword towards Mother dragon… As expected, it’s a worthy partner!”


Dancing about in the air once again from the wind pressure when its claws were swung, Eleira turned its body, put her feet on the ceiling and approached the dragon adding gravity to her leg strength.


“Demon style sword art hidden art――”


The dragon tried to swing its claws, but it was too late


“Dragon Star!”


Closing in on the dragon with a speed like a falling star, Eleira struck the dragon with an attack with her body weight and speed.

Ryuurinmaru, while its blade shined suspiciously, easily cut apart the dragon’s scales.

The dragon, having its important blood vessels cut apart, was falling on the ground while scattering large quantities of blood.


“I suppose I can be somewhat proud, as a woman who cut down a dragon”


Having landed in mid-air with air walk, Eleira saw off the dropping dragon like that.

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