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Sequel Chapter 2


Tia’s magic research institute hasn’t moved from the place where I went to show my face quite a while ago.


“Tia, you’re here, aren’t you?”


Glain knocked on the door and asked.

However, no voice returned.


“Isn’t it fine to enter already?”

“ …I suppose”


This time I stood in front of the door and opened it as is.

The inside was filled with a strong odor of some medicine mixed in the usual dusty smell.

It was Yuuhi’s first time coming here, so she’s holding down her nose out of severity.


“Tia! You’re here, aren’t you?”


I shouted while entering, but still no answer came to me.

There’s presence

It’s not that she’s not here, so she must be in a state where she can’t respond.


“Yuki-kun, over there”



When we looked for Tia inside the dim research institute, Yuuhi pulled me by the hem.

When I shifted my attention to the direction Yuuhi pointed towards, there was Tia collapsed in a heap on the floor.

I was flustered just an instant thinking something had happened, but the place around her chest was moving up and down regularly.

It looks like she’s just sleeping.


“*sigh* … To actually sleep in a place like this”


I approach Tia and held her up in my arms like you would a princess.

She’s been sleeping on the floor and yet, she’s showing a calm face.

Doesn’t look like I will be able to get others to believe me if I introduce her as the queen this way.


“What will you do? It looks like she’s fast asleep though…”

“I guess I’ll carry Tia to her room… Glain, lead the way please”



While carrying Tia in my arms, I followed after Glain to her room.

Her room, as we arrived while avoiding as much attention as possible, was not at all extravagant; instead it was a cramped room that has the same dusty smell as the research institute.


“Is the queen’s room really this cramped?”

“Yes. She insisted that she couldn’t settle down in a spacious and extravagant room, you see”

“That’s so like her, but the room’s unbearable… Heave-ho”


I put her self-indulgent(in a sense) Majesty the Queen down on the bed.

She looks like she’s sleeping well, but I confirmed faint shades around her eyes.


“ …Glain”

“What is it?”

“Are you, Tia, and if unlucky Elka too, properly sleeping?”



My question was answered by silence.


“I see”

“Usually we wouldn’t have done anything like work until we cut down bedtime, you know? But there were some various things lately”

“Huh, sounds interesting. Let me hear about it a bit”

“It’s not something for us to cause you trouble with, you know Mr Setsu?”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m asking you out of curiosity”

“ …I understand. If you insist, then there’s something I’d like to show you. But we can’t possibly leave Tia be, so after she wakes up first――”


When Glain said so, Yuuhi raised her hands for some reason.


“If you have something to talk about, then I’ll watch over Miss Tia. I myself have some business with her, so yeah”

“ … That, is so isn’t it? Alright. We will leave this place to you then, Yuuhi. If Tia wakes up, please tell her to return to the throne.”


“Thanks. Then, Mr Setsu, shall we go?”

“Sure. Behave yourself, Yuuhi”

“Geez! I’m not a kid, okay!?”


While laughing at Yuuhi, who made an angry face that’s not scary at all, Glain and I left the room behind.


“And so, did something happen?”

“ …Disappearances has been repeatedly occurring in the castle town. We’ve been pressed for time with its search and countermeasures”


“Yes. But it’s not that there were no clues at all and depending on the missing person, we’ve even confirmed signs of battle or resistance”

“At the very least there’s no doubt that it’s the work of people then”

“Yes. However, we’ve already confirmed damages that is approaching fifty cases and yet, we have yet to arrive at the offender’s specifics”

“What about traces of magic?”

“For some reason I could not confirm them. Even though they clearly have been used”


Could not confirm traces of magic…huh.


If they invoke considerable magic, then you would be able to confirm the vestiges of those in the surroundings.

It shouldn’t be possible to not have reached the offender from the vestiges if they have expert knowledge, much less Tia.

But they couldn’t do that.

In other words, it means that they did not use magic.


“Several concerning points appeared, so I’m thinking about going to see the traces in those places with you Mr Setsu”

“Oh I see. Alri――――”


That moment, when I tried to acknowledge.


Sounds of an explosion resounded that shook the entire castle from the direction we came from.


“Glain, my bad, but we’re putting off looking at the vestiges”

“Yes, so it seems”


We went back to the path we took.

When we did so, Yuuhi came out of the room completely changed in combat uniform.



“Sorry, Yuki-kun. It doesn’t look like I can keep my promise to not act violently”


Yuuhi glared outside from the hole she created with her own magic.

When I looked at the same direction as we ran to her, a man wearing a white costume was floating.

His face was deeply covered and wasn’t really visible.


“Who are you?”


Yuuhi asked.


“――I am one of the sanctuary association. I have come to receive that woman behind you”


Behind us… In other words the man said he nominated Tia.


“What business do you have with my Tia, you”

“That has no relation to you. If you obediently present the woman, then I would save only your lives――”


That time, a bullet of red flames passed right by the man.

Who released it was Yuuhi who showed an angry expression.


“You’ve picked a fight with the wrong person, you”



The man took off his hood.

Under his hood was a face with not even a single strand of hair.

Hair, beard, eyelashes, eyebrows; this guy has none of them.


“For the sake of all to find their way to God… Blood be upon the pitiable lambs”


The man pointed his murderous impulses towards us.

And then I slightly felt something from the man.

I’d like to laugh it off that it can’t be true, but it’s the truth seeing that I felt it in front of my eyes.


“Yuki-kun… Is this… ”

“Yeah. It’s turned into something strange alright”


The thing that I felt from that man was the power called divine powers that only gods could possess.

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