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Chapter 45

The Vice Captain Pays a Visit


“If we start moving around this time, then even monsters would not be so active. Shall we go?”

“Sure. My clothes are also――alright, it’s properly dried”


After getting out of bed, I picked up and wore the clothes I’ve put near the fire.

It’s a little stiff, but it’s no problem if I can fit into it.


“So we’ll continue heading for the port, wasn’t it?”

“Yes. First we go to the port and from there we head to the demon lord castle. It will be a detour, but all are Lady Isvel and Sir Phantom’s instructions, so forgive me”

“ …Alright”


It would’ve been different if we’re ordinary merchants, but it’s obvious that it’s quicker to go straight to the demon lord castle.

But choosing a route that won’t allow that must mean that there’s some sort of circumstance.

This time especially, it’s the demon’s problems.

I’m after all a collaborator; it would be safer to follow the demon’s side right now.


“Also, it would be bad if you, a human, would appear in front of others. So basically, please wear this”


Eleira took out a slightly largish robe and handed it to me.

It has a hood and if you wear it fully, it would become difficult for others to see one’s facial features.


“If we are able to go to the demon lord castle, then I believe that Sir Phantom would be able to apply illusion black magic to make you appear as a demon, but… please be patient until then”

“That would be helpful. Isvel had practiced humanization black magic, but I hadn’t picked that up after all”


The difference between humans and demons is only, if we only limit to appearances, whether or not one has a horn.

That’s why if one is a demon, they would appear human if they can hide their horns and if one is a human, they would appear a demon just by growing horns.

Except, that is surprisingly difficult.

Especially humans would appear obvious when taking the form of a demon.

Even if humans were to attach things in the shape of horns on their heads, demons would seem to be able to know right away that it is a counterfeit.

It was said that one seemed to be able to feel the presence of the demon from their horns as well.

If one would want to become a demon completely, then they would have no choice but to alter the structure of their human body and grow horns.

In Phantom’s case, he could just manipulate as far as that presence.


“Let us go. The port is this way”


We arrived at the port at around three hours of walking.

Just like in the human continent, the demon’s port was quite crowded.

The pedestrian traffic was intense; it will become a disaster if my hood were to come off here――


“Would it be acceptable for you to accompany me in shopping here for a while ?”


“Yes. A certain somebody had completely broken my sword, you see”


Eleira said, and pulled out the sword from the scabbard a bit and showed me the sword which had nothing beyond its base.

I was reflexively at a loss for words, seeing that sword.

No matter what anyone says, it was the sword that I had broken when I fought with Eleira near the village.


“ …Sorry”

“Don’t be, this is what my inexperience had caused. I have no intentions to blame you. Yes”

“You’re definitely blaming me here, don’t you think?”

“In any case, I need a new sword immediately. You will accept to accompany me, won’t you?”

“ …Alright”


This feeling of not letting me say yes or no forwardly… for some reason I can’t oppose her.

It was very oppressive, more so than Isvel who is supposed to be the demon lord.


“There is a blacksmith nearby which I have made use of often. Let us go there”

“Eh, you don’t have a demon lord army employed blacksmith or something?”

“We do. It’s just that I myself took a liking to it and so I just make use of it. I would like to be quite particular with swords, you see”

“So that’s how it is”


An excellent swordsman would not compromise in their partner.

A famous sword master who I met during my journey said so.

Eleira would still be placed above me as a “swordsman”.

I don’t think I’ve even thought about something like compromising on that part.


“Is there anything you need?”

“Uhm… Not in particular. I have this one after all”


I tapped on Echsdarc’s grip.

I heard Echsdarc’s good humored voice, saying “huhum!” when I did so.

Once I looked after her yesterday, she regained her fairly good humor.


“――It’s been on my mind, but that sword is quite the quality article isn’t it? How in the world did you obtain it?”

“Oh, you don’t know anything about it? About this sword I mean”


I thought every demon knew about Echsdarc, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case.

――Ah, wait. Isvel didn’t realize it either until she heard her name.

What to do. It’s quite difficult to explain.


“ … I discovered her at a high difficulty dungeon. She’s something I picked up there, but I haven’t come across any swords that are of higher quality than this one, so”

‘Hey, milord. You have abandoned my exposition have you not? Ah! Wait, do not grasp me so tightly, I understand! I will be silent!’


Echsdarc interrupted me, so I grasp her grip tightly to silence her.

It’s not like there’s any need to tell her about about Echsdarc right away, so I’ll explain when she recognize it someday.


‘Saying something like that! It only made it more troublesome, did it not!’


Heyhey, don’t provoke your owner too much.

You’re not supposed to find your favorite sword bothersome.


“? In any case, I understand the circumstances. So, please accompany me in my shopping for the time being. If you come up with something you need on the way, then we will stop by whenever that happens”

“Sure, sounds good”


Being taken along by Eleira, we walked through the port town.

Looking at it, it was complete from restaurants to item shops, armor and weapon shops for adventurers, and shops ranging from entertainment goods like books to jewels.

Sure, this would make it possible to gather all of the basic things.


“We have arrived. This here is the blacksmith I always make use of”

“ … Wow”


The blacksmith that we arrived at like that was a one story store made of stone.

A constant metallic sound resounded from inside, and I understood that he was hitting iron and creating a weapon at that moment.


“The shopkeeper is one that’s hard to please, but his skills are trustworthy”

“Well… those sorts of people are very committed after all”


They would advance the road that he ought to aim for single-mindedly, without being preoccupied by other things.

The result of that is the inevitable story that they appear difficult to approach by those around them.


“It would be nice if he has a sword that suits me this time too though――”


Eleira opened the door and went in.

I went in after her and took in the hot air and the peculiar smell of iron.

Overflowing weapons were lined up in the store and it gave the impression of being cramped.

As far as I can see from the swords and the like being thrust in suitable casks, and the maces for blunt damage lining up on the wall, he doesn’t seem to be concerned with interior design.

It’s just that, still――


“ … I’m surprised. Even though they’re placed this disorderly, they’re all quality goods”

“So you do get it. Yes, I was surprised when I visited it for the first time as well. Everything that’s here are weapons of ‘Three stars’ and higher”

“Three stars…?”

“You’re not aware of that? It’s the sword quality that the blacksmiths have decided. The more stars it gets from one to five, the higher its quality. Basically, one and two stars are treated as low quality, three and four stars high quality and five stars the highest”

“In other words, it means that the things here are all high quality…”

“Yes. You would be unable to purchase it if you do not have more than fifty gold coins at least”


What an unexpected store.

Low rank adventurers couldn’t possibly pay something like fifty gold coins.

I wonder if it means that half-baked customers would not be allowed at this point in time.


“Shopkeeper, I would like to purchase a weapon”


Eleira called out to the interior of the store.

When she did, the resounding metallic sounds stopped, and a large built man sluggishly appeared from inside the store.


“What… a customer?”

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